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Re: 5th Annual Summer Sci-Fi/Fantasy Challenge List Thread

# Name Episodes Genre Year Director Country Media Color/B&W Comments
1 The Monolith Monsters sci-fi 1957 John Sherwood USA DVD B&W Ultimately it's all about chemistry
2 Doctor Who:
Resurrection of the Daleks
1-4 sci-fi 1984 Matthew Robinson Britain Theater Color Pretty good body count for classic Who
3 The Lost Room "The Key and the Clock" sci-fi 2006 Craig R. Baxley USA DVD Color First time viewing
4 The Lost Room "The Comb and the Box" sci-fi 2006 Michael W. Watkins USA DVD Color First time viewing
5 The Lost Room "The Eye and the Prime Object" sci-fi 2006 Craig R. Baxley USA DVD Color First time viewing
6 The Avengers "The Cybernauts"
"Return of the Cybernauts"
sci-fi 1965
Sidney Hayers
Robert Day
Britain DVD B&W
Cybernauts appeared roughly a year before Cybermen
7 Space Precinct
Buck Rogers in the 25th Century
"Space Vampire"
sci-fi 1995
John Glen
Larry Stewart
DVD Color Adequate Space Precinct episode.
Surprisingly atmospheric episode of Buck Rogers.
8 The Raiders of Atlantis sci-fi 1983 Ruggero Deodato Italy DVD Color Finely aged cheese; reminded me a bit of Ghosts of Mars, among others
9 The Day Time Ended sci-fi 1980 John 'Bud' Cardos USA DVD Color Sincere low budget head-trip
10 Batman: The Brave and The Bold "Deep Cover for Batman!(Part 1)" "Game Over for Owlman!(Part 2)"
"Four Star Spectacular!" "Mitefall!"
fantasy 2009, 2011 Michael Chang, Ben Jones, Lauren Montgomery USA DVD Color Four great episodes, including the meta-rific, heartfelt series finale
11 Meatball Machine sci-fi 2005 Yûdai Yamaguchi, Jun'ichi Yamamoto Japan DVD Color A love story serenaded with blood *First Time Viewing*
12 Frankenstein Meets the Space Monster sci-fi 1965 Robert Gaffney USA DVD B&W Woof
13 The Crow fantasy 1994 Alex Proyas USA DVD Color Bittersweet
14 The Crow: City of Angels fantasy 1996 Tim Pope USA DVD Color meh sequel suffering from more of the same X 2 *First Time Viewing*
15 The Crow: Salvation fantasyi 2000 Bharat Nalluri USA DVD Color Still not up to the first, but an improvement over the second *First Time Viewing*
16 Space Precinct
The Wild Wild West
"Divided We Stand"
"The Night of the Raven"
Alan Birkinshaw
Irving J. Moore
USA DVD Color More of the same
A Dr Loveless episode and those are always fun
17 The Warrior fantasy 1981 Sisworo Gautama Putra Indonesia DVD Color What it lacks in finesse it makes up with enthusiasm *First Time Viewing*
18 La Belle et la Bête (Beauty and the Beast) fantasy 1946 Jean Cocteau France DVD Color (Criterion edition) A classic
19 Fiend Without a Face sci-fi 1958 Arthur Crabtree Britain DVD B&W (Criterion) listened to commentary (really a feature length interview)
20 Topper fantasy 1937 Norman Z. McLeod USA DVD B&W Great ghostly screwball comedy
21 Terror Beneath the Sea sci-fi 1966 Hajime Sato Japan DVD Color Chiba versus cyborg sea monsters
22 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea sci-fi 1916 Stuart Paton USA Internet Archive B&W (silent) Epic version of the story *First Time Viewing*
23 Le Voyage de Gulliver fantasy 1902 Georges Méliès France Internet Archive Tinted Charming Gulliver short. Amazing what Méliès could do
24 It Came from Outer Space sci-fi 1953 Jack Arnold USA DVD B&W
25 Silent Rage sci-fi 1982 Michael Miller USA DVD Color Chuck Norris vs Michael Meyers. Not as fun as it sounds. *First Time Viewing*
26 Terror of Mechagodzilla sci-fi 1975 Ishirô Honda Japan DVD Color (Japanese version)
27 Trollhunter fantasy 2010 André Øvredal Norway DVD Color Not what I expected. A pleasure. *First Time Viewing*
28 The Magic Sword fantasy 1962 Bert I. Gordon USA DVD Color Charming as always
29 Six-String Samurai sci-fi 1998 Lance Mungia USA DVD Color Has aged very nicely
30 Eureka
Batman: The Brave and the Bold
"In Too Deep"
"The Siege of Starro!" Parts One & Two
Colin Ferguson
Ben Jones, Michael Goguen
USA DVD Color Finally!
The Brave and the Bold walkin' the walk and talkin' the talk
31 Eden Log sci-fi 2007 Franck Vestiel French DVD B&W/Color *First Time Viewing*
32 Destination Moon sci-fi 1950 Irving Pichel USA DVD Color
33 Sunshine sci-fi 2007 Danny Boyle Britain DVD Color *First Time Viewing*
34 Fist of the North Star "God or Devil!?"
"The Deadly Fist of Lingering Regret!"
"In a City Without Light, a Lone Fist Burns!"
"The Bloody Cross Attacks!"
sci-fi 1984 Toyoo Ashida Japan DVD Color Road Warrior+Bruce Lee EXTREME (on steroids)
35 MST3K - Cave Dwellers sci-fi/fantasy 1991/1984 Joe D'Amato (movie) USA/Italy DVD Color Risible movie, but good MST3K
3610,000 BC fantasy 2008 Roland Emmerich USA DVD Color It's alright. *First Time Viewing*
37 Short Circuit sci-fi 1986 John Badham USA DVD Color Still fun
38Season of the Witch fantasy 2011 Dominic Sena USA Netflix Color *First Time Viewing*
39 The Mad Monk fantasy 1993 Johnny To Hong Kong DVD Color Liked it more this time around
40Virus sci-fi 1999 John Bruno USA DVD Color Doesn't deserve its reputation
41 Green Snake fantasy 1993 Tsui Hark Hong Kong DVD Color Can't believe I waited this long. *First Time Viewing*
42 Death Race 2000 sci-fi 1975 Paul Bartel USA DVD Color Classic
43Death Race (Unrated) sci-fi 2008 Paul W.S. Anderson USA DVD Color Better off not being a carbon copy remake *First TimeViewing*
44 Resident Evil sci-fi 2002 Paul W.S. Anderson USA DVD Color It has legs
45 Patlabor: The Movie sci-fi 1989 Mamoru Oshii Japan DVD Color Old school
46 War of the Robots sci-fi 1978 Alfonso Brescia Italy DVD Color Woof woof
47 Eureka
Space Precinct
"Smarter Carter"
"Two Against the Rock"
sci-fi 2012
Alexandra LaRoche
Peter Duffell
DVD Color
48 The President's Analyst sci-fi 1967 Theodore J. Flicker USA DVD Color
49 Fist of the North Star "Can the Flames of Love Burn in Hell?"
"Search Order from Satan."
"Strike the Hidden Power Point!"
sci-fi 1984 Toyoo Ashid Japan
DVD Color Fist of the North Star starts at 11
50 Immortal (Ad Vitam) sci-fi 2004 Enki Bilal France DVD Color Ambitious live action/cgi hybrid
51 Golden Voyage of Sinbad fantasy 1973 Gordon Hessler USA DVD Color
52 Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde sci-fi 1920 John S. Robertson USA DVD B&W *First Time Viewing*
53 Underworld fantasy 2003 Len Wiseman Britain DVD Color
54 Artificial Intelligence sci-fi 2001 Steven Spielberg USA DVD Color *First Time Viewing*
55 Resident Evil: Apocalypse sci-fi 2004 Alexander Witt USA DVD Color
56 Resident Evil: Extinction sci-fi 2007 Russell Mulcahy USA DVD Color
57 Resident Evil: Afterlife sci-fi 2010 Paul W.S. Anderson USA DVD Color Looking forward to Resident Evil: Retribution (2012)
58 The Black Scorpion sci-fi 1957 Edward Ludwig USA Youtube B&W
59 Batman: Year One fantasy 2011 Sam Liu
Lauren Montgomery
60 The Magnetic Monster sci-fi 1953 Curt Siodmak USA Youtube B&W
61 The Strange World of Planet X sci-fi 1958 Gilbert Gunn Britain Youtube B&W
62 Mission Stardust sci-fi 1967 Primo Zeglio Italy Dvd Color Decent pulp; crude effects even for '67, but they're often charming for all the wrong reasons (and somtimesright)
63 Tajemství hradu v Karpatech (The Mysterious Castle in the Carpathians) sci-fi 1981 Oldrich Lipský Czech Dvd Color Czech steampunk comedy
64 Welcome to Blood City sci-fi 1977 Peter Sasdy Britain Dvd Color
65 Eureka "The Honeymooners"
"Mirror, Mirror"
sci-fi 2012 Joe Morton
Mike Rohl
USA Hulu Color
66 Demolition Man sci-fi 1993 Marco Brambilla USA Dvd Color
67 Lunopolis sci-fi 2009 Matthew Avant USA Dvd Color
68 Doctor Who: Death to the Daleks Episodes 1-4 sci-fi 1974 Terry Nation Britain Theater Color
69 Solarbabies sci-fi 1986 Alan Johnson USA Hulu Color
70 The Ship of Monsters sci-fi 1960 Rogelio A. González Mexico Youtube B&W *First Time Viewing*
71 Green Lantern sci-fi 2011 Martin Campbell USA Dvd Color Better the second time around
72 The King of Fighters sci-fi 2010 Gordon Chan USA Dvd Color As fighting game movie adaptions go, it's alright. Be warned that a great many liberties are taken.
73Fist of the North Star"Villains! - Say Your Prayers Before You Die!"
"The Raging Flame Reverse Flow Punch! - There Are Too Many Who Must Die!"
"Villains! - Listen to the Blues of Hell!"
"I Am Death! I'll Chase You to the Ends of Hell!"
sci-fi1985Toyoo AshidaJapanDvdColor
74Fist of the Northstar"Rakan Nioh Ken! - Once Unleashed, There's No Holding Back!"
"A Miserable Age! - Good People Die So Young!"
"Count to Three! - You're the One Who'll Die!"
"Try to Sing Villains! - The Counting Rhyme of Hell!"
sci-fi1985Toyoo AshidaJapanDvdColor
75Fist of the Northstar"Battle Makes a Man! - The Gates of Confrontation Have Opened"
"Life or Death! - At the End of the Wilderness Lies the First Street of Hell!
"Villains! - Ready Your One-Way Tickets to Death"
""Nightmarish Full-Scale War! - My Fists Pack One Million Volts!"
sci-fi1985Toyoo AshidaJapanDvdColor
76Fist of the Northstar"The Palace of Evil in Flames! - Shin! Only One More Step to You Now!"
"Conclusion of Chapter One - Julia Forever... As Well as Shin!
Chapter Two: Stormy Times, Titanic Battles - Is Battle All That Awaits Me?! "
"Nanto Suichoken! - The Tragedy of the Mighty Begins!"
sci-fi1985Toyoo AshidaJapanDvdColor
77Warehouse 13"A New Hope"
"An Evil Within"
sci-fi2012Chris Fisher
Constantine Makris
78Dispicable Mesci-fi2010 Pierre Coffin
Chris Renaud
79Fist of the Northstar"Sinners! - Thy Name Is Fang!"
"Tremble & Die! - Villains Of Night Fog Valley!"
"Only Villains Can Smile! - How I Hate This Age!"
"Rei, I'll Wipe Your Tears Away With My Fists!
sci-fi1985Toyoo AshidaJapanDvdColor



Watch one film from every decade, starting with the 1900s.
--- 1900 -Le Voyage de Gulliver
--- 1910 -20,000 Leagues Under the Sea
--- 1920 -Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
--- 1930 -Topper
--- 1940 -La Belle et la Bête (Beauty and the Beast)
--- 1950 -The Monolith Monsters
--- 1960 -Terror Beneath the Sea
--- 1970 -Terror of Mechagodzilla
--- 1980 -The Raiders of Atlantis
--- 1990 -The Crow
--- 2000 -Meatball Machine
--- 2010 -Trollhunter

Watch films in at least two languages other than English.
--- First language - Norwegian (Trollhunter)
--- Second language - Cantonese (Green Snake)

--- Watch the MST3K/Rifftrax/Cinematic Titanic version of a sci-fi/fantasy film -MST3K - Cave Dwellers
--- Watch a film and its remake -Death Race 2000, Death Race
--- Watch a film based on a video game -Resident Evil
--- Watch a film based on a novel -Topper
--- Watch a film which won an Academy Award -Destination Moon
--- Watch a silent film -20,000 Leagues Under the Sea
--- Watch a Criterion version film -La Belle et la Bête (Beauty and the Beast)
--- Watch a film with commentary -Fiend Without a Face
--- Watch a film and at least two sequels -The Crow, The Crow: City of Angels, The Crow: Salvation
--- Watch a film that takes place underneath the Earth -Eden Log
--- Watch a film that takes place in space -Sunshine
--- Watch a film that takes place on or under the sea -Terror Beneath the Sea
--- Watch an animated film -Patlabor: The Movie
--- Watch a film with special effects by Ray Harryhausen -Golden Voyage of Sinbad
--- Watch a film that takes place in the "future" but the year has already come and gone -Death Race 2000
--- Written by/starring/inspired by/or related in some way to the late Ray Bradbury - It Came from Outer Space
--- Watch a film directed/produced/written by Ed Wood/Steven Spielberg/Terry Gilliam -*Artificial Intelligence
--- Watch a film directed/produced/written by Roger Corman/Edgar G. Ulmer/Charles Band -Death Race 2000

Watch a film for each rating:
--- G -It Came from Outer Space
--- PG -Short Circuit
--- PG-13 -Trollhunter
--- R -Silent Rage
--- X/NC-17(Optional) -
--- Unrated -Death Race

Watch a film in each of the following subgenres:
--- Alien invasion -Doctor Who: Resurrection of the Daleks
--- Horror -Silent Rage
--- Cyborg/Cybernetic revolt -Virus
--- Post-Apocalyptic -Six-String Samurai
--- Alternate History -Six-String Samurai
--- Robot/Android -Short Circuit
--- Immortality -Immortal (Ad Vitam)
--- Space Opera/Serial -War of the Robots
--- Mutants (non-critter) -Eden Log
--- Comic Book -Batman: The Brave and the Bold
--- Mad Scientist -Terror Beneath the Sea
--- Comedy -Topper
--- Time travel -The Day Time Ended
--- Giant Critters -Trollhunter
--- Prehistoric -10,000 BC
--- Paranormal - Season of the Witch
--- Kaiju -Terror of Mechagodzilla
--- Tech Noir -Patlabor: The Movie

--- Arthurian Fantasy -The Magic Sword
--- Based on fairy tale -La Belle et la Bête (Beauty and the Beast)
--- Urban Fantasy -Underworld
--- High Fantasy -The Mad Monk
--- Sword and Sorcery -MST3K - Cave Dwellers
--- Dark Fantasy -Season of the Witch
--- Martial Arts Fantasy -Green Snake

Watch a film starring:
--- Lionel Atwill/Mara Corday/Marshall Thompson - Fiend Without a Face
--- Faith Domergue/Bruce Campbell/Donald Sutherland -Virus
--- Jeff Goldblum/Sigorney Weaver/Stephen Chow -The Mad Monk
--- Joey Wang/Maggie Cheung/Gloria Talbot -Green Snake
--- James Coburn/Ross Martin/Dick Miller -The President's Analyst
--- Michelle Rodriguez/David Warner/Tilda Swinton -Paul W.S. Anderson
--- Natalie Portman/Peter Cushing/Bruce Willis/Kurt Russell -The Avengers - "Return of the Cybernauts"
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