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Re: The Third Annual May Make-Your-Own Challenge - May 1-31, 2012 **List Thread**

Completed, Failed Miserably, but completed

Challenge: Clean off My Hard drive of 100gb-Fail
Mini Challenge: Finish Chuck-Fail
Mini Challeneg: Catch up on Supernatural-Fail

Starting Memory: 343 GB
May 1st
1. Shameless S2E11 " Just Like the Pilgrims Intended"
2. Bucky Larson: Born to be a star
Deleted: 1.9 GB
Not Counted Deleted: .23 GB
Total Added: 0

May 2nd
3. Misfits S3E5 "Episode 5"
4. Misfits S3E6 "Episode 6"
5. Eagleheart S1E6 "Double Your Pleasure"
Deleted: 1.52 GB
NC Deleted:

May 3rd
6. The Orphan Killer
7. Eagleheart S1E7 "Chris, Suzie, Brett and Malice"
8. Eagleheart S1E8 "Suzie's Song"
9. Eagleheart S1E9 "The Human Bat"
10.Eagleheart S1E10 "Once in a Wattle"
11.Eagleheart S1E11 "Danger: Mountain Lions"
12.Misfits S3E7 "Episode 7"
13.Misfits S3E8 "Episode 8"
14. Woman in Black
Deleted: 3.86 GB
May 4th
15. The Color of Money
16. 21 Jump street
Deleted:2.07 GB
Added: 1.37 GB

May 5th
17. River Monsters S4E5 "Killer Sharks and Rays"
Deleted: .36 GB
Added: .36 GB

May 8th
18. King Kong
Deleted: 1.36 GB
May 12th
19. The Innkeepers
Added: .71 GB
Deleted: .71 GB
May 15th
20. Mob Wives S2E5
21. Mob Wives S2E6
22. Mob Wives S2E7
Added: 1.05 GB
Deleted: 1.05 GB
May 16th
23. Mob Wives S2E8
24. Mob Wives S2E9
25. Mov Wives S2E10
Added: 1.05 GB
Deleted: 1.05 GB

Running Totals:
Deleted: 13.17GB
Not Counted Deleted: .23 gb
Added: 3.83 GB
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