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Re: The Third Annual May Make-Your-Own Challenge - May 1-31, 2012 **List Thread**

Stuff I'll Probably Sell After the Challenge Challenge

# - title - comments - % chance of selling

1 - Far Cry - Pretty bad film, as I expected, but I may keep it. I'm sort of a video game nerd, this DVD was only $1, and not worth trying to sell or give away. - 10%

2 - Blood & Chocolate - Not as bad as the box led me to believe, and I'm a sucker for werewolf stories. I'm sucking at this Challenge. - 5%

3 - Captain America - Cheating here, as this was a Redbox rental. But technically I am getting rid of it. Liked the film, and will someday add the 3D BD to my collection. - 100% *

4 - Sabrina (1954) - Sort of cheating again, as I accidentally bought two copies of this DVD and this extra has been in my "to sell" pile for years. Lovely film, but I may actually prefer the remake iirc. - 100%

5 - Iron Man - Have at least two extra copies of this film due to exclusive OCD. Watched this DVD out of my "to sell" pile the morning before I saw The Avengers. Love both films. - 100%

6 - Scrubs pilot episode - Like the series, but not enough to buy all the season sets anytime soon, so I'm selling my S1 and S2 sets. I may buy the complete series set someday. - 100%

7 - Scrubs S1E2 - Didn't discover this series for several seasons, looking forward to someday seeing them all. - 100%

8 - 21 Jump Street (2012) - Once again, I'm skirting my own rules. I should have just called this my "Stuff I'm Not Keeping Forever Challenge". Found this laying around work on DVD. Will discard this horribly illegal thing after watching it to find evidence of the violating party. - 100%

9 - You're Not Elected, Charlie Brown - Another of the many DVDs I've bought twice accidentally. - 100%

10 - Supernatural S2E1 - Recently bought the BDs so selling off these DVD sets. - 100%

Final thoughts - While I watched about as much content as I planned, I didn't fare too well on my goals. Both items I watched that we're in my "questionable to sell" pile ended up being probable keepers for me, so I switched gears and only watched items in my "almost definitely sell" pile.

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