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Re: The Third Annual May Make-Your-Own Challenge - May 1-31, 2012 **List Thread**

Sabrina, the Teenage Witch Challenge

My goal is to survive the month with my sanity intact

Rules: Complete two full seasons of the show (47 episodes; Seasons 3 & 4), plus watch random movies and TV shows that include the stars, guest stars, and anyone associated with the program. Every Melissa Joan Hart movie is required. Well, whatever I can get from Netflix, anyway.

Sabrina television episodes are in red
Movie titles are in bold

May 1
1. It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Season Opener (S03/Ep01)
"That's it - No more buying sushi at the gas station."
2. Boy Was My Face Red (S03/Ep02)
"But if I don't worry about what other people think, what will they say?"
3. Suspicious Minds (S03/Ep03)
"This ain't no charity ward, baby. The fog machine? The voice-over guy? They all cost money!"
4. The Pom-Pom Incident (S03/Ep04)
"Does he look old enough to have dental records?"
5. Pancake Madness (S03/Ep05)
"Mannix, you've broken every rule in the book. You can't eat pancakes during a high-speed chase!"

May 2
6. Good Will Haunting (S03/Ep06)
"I don't believe this. Clap on!"
7. You Bet Your Family (S03/Ep07)
"People fawning all over you is very overrated. I don't need that kind of attention... as I pointed out on my website."
8. And the Sabrina Goes To... (S03/Ep08)
"In honor of Sabrina Spellman? And I didn't even have to die!"
9. Nobody Nose Libby Like Sabrina Knows Libby (S03/Ep09)
"Miss Chessler, are you mocking the noble institution of Homecoming?"
10. Sabrina and the Beast (S03/Ep10)
"You've been really supportive of me during my transformation to hideous man-beast."

May 3
11. Rent Control (2003)
An f'ed up variation on Weekend at Bernies, starring Melissa Joan Hart. Holly, straight from Iowa, and her boyfriend have big dreams of NYC. They are staying with Holly's Aunt Agatha, who has a rent controlled apartment there. Which is all well and good until Agatha kicks the bucket. Wacky mayhem ensues as they try to get rid of the body, and hide the fact that she's no longer with us. The superintendent (Don Novello) falls in love with Agatha. Uh, the dead one.
Of note: Wholesome MJH shows more skin in this film than her co-star, Carmen Electra. That is, if you're into pasty side-boob action.

12. The Specials (2000)
The Specials are a second-rate, no-account bunch of layabouts, ranking 6th or 7th in terms of great superhero troupes. Ted (The Strobe) decides to disband The Specials after a disastrous toy launch party, and discovering his wife Emily (Ms. Indestructible) screwing Tony (The Weevil) in the parking lot. If you're expecting superhero action here, you won't find it. The film is more about the band of misfits' everyday lives, which is actually quite interesting. By the time the special effects kick in, the movie ends.
Melissa Joan Hart plays Sunlight Grrrll, who offers The Specials' Deadly Girl a spot in the Femme Five. She's onscreen for about a minute.

May 4
13. Christmas Amnesia (S03/Ep11) Happy Bobunk!
"She's talking crazy. Merry this. Happy that. If I were you, I'd check her urine."
14. Whose So-Called Life Is It Anyway? (S03/Ep12)
"I'm well-off! Well-off I tell you!"
15. What Price Harvey? (S03/Ep13)
"Curse my sarcastic nature!"
16. Mrs. Kraft (S03/Ep14)
"I will live through this. I will live through this. It's not working!"
17. Sabrina and the Pirates (S03/Ep15)
"A tassel? Don't toy with me you saucy minx!"

May 5
18. Sabrina, the Matchmaker (S03/Ep16)
"No, there is no way that Smokey and the Bandit is on the 100 Best Movies List!"
19. Salem, the Boy (S03/Ep17)
"I think it's Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder?"
20. Sabrina, the Teenage Writer (S03/Ep18)
"C? But that's impossible! I typed it on a manual typewriter. The same kind William Faulkner used when he wasn't passed out on the verandah."
21. The Big Sleep (S03/Ep19)
"Well, I have two words for Mr. Tobias: Water balloons, aimed at his house, on the hour, every hour. I realize that's more than two words."
22. Sabrina's Pen Pal (S03/Ep20)
"We'll get to you later, Poindexter!"

May 6
23. Sabrina's Real World (S03/Ep21)
"Yeah, yeah, yeah. I was brave and it was exciting. This whole day stinks!"
24. The Long and Winding Short Cut (S03/Ep22)
"Look, I didn't take it from little old ladies in chicken suits, so I'm not going to take it from you."
25. Sabrina the Sandman (S03/Ep23)
"It's such a gasser to be named a member of the Rat Pack, baby. Now that it's official, how do we ditch Lawford?"
26. Silent Movie (S03/Ep24)
"Harvey loves me? Harvey Kinkle loves me? It sounds better without the Kinkle, doesn't it?"
27. The Good, The Bad, and the Luau (S03/Ep25)
"Gummo was my father's name."

May 7
28. No Place Like Home (S04/Ep01)
"You self-absorbed cat! I know that's redundant."
29. Dream a Little Dreama Me (S04/Ep02)
"I don't care what you do at your old school. We do not celebrate Firecracker Tuesday!"
30. Jealousy (S04/Ep03)
"If I sometimes seem irritable, it's because I have inoperable hemorrhoids."
31. Little Orphan Hilda (S04/Ep04)
"The humiliation is only eclipsed by the chafing."
32. Spoiled Rotten (S04/Ep05)
"I always thought the end of the world would involve more locusts."

May 8
33. My Fake FiancÚ (2009)
Jennifer (Melissa Joan Hart) meets Vince (Joey Lawrence) at a wedding. They have an immediate disliking for each other. Jennifer has all of her belongings stolen, and Vince has a gambling debt due to The Monkey (Steve Schirripa). They decide to arrange a fake wedding, as "business partners", to cash in on all of the gifts. They then part ways and never see each other again. Actually, I think you can see where this one is going. My Fake FiancÚ was a made-for-tv movie on ABC Family, so I guess I should have known what I was getting into.

May 9
34. The Phantom Menace (S04/Ep06)
"You wouldn't believe how many kids came dressed as Mr. Whipple this year."
35. Prelude to a Kiss (S04/Ep07)
"I think Dickens would have us laugh in the face of death. Anyone with me?!"

May 10
36. Aging Not So Gracefully (S04/Ep08)
"Fine. I'll try it your way. But Van Gogh got the babes, right?"
37. Love Means Having to Say You're Sorry (S04/Ep09)
"Are you responsible for the Rebel Without a Clue?" (stolen from both Paul Westerberg and Tom Petty)
38. Ice Station Sabrina (S04/Ep10)
"Oh why didn't I eat more Nutrageous bars when I had the chance?"
39. Salem and Juliette (S04/Ep11)
"You should know that I plan to play the rah-dio very loud."
40. Sabrina Nipping at Your Nose (S04/Ep12)
"I didn't have it good like those orphans. How I envied them."

May 11
41. Sabrina, the Teenage Witch (1996)
I don't know what to think of this one, to be honest. I'm not exactly in their demographic. This movie preceded the TV series, and comes off as more of a light teen drama. An altogether different tone. There are major character differences, as well; Salem has a funny (not ha-ha) accent, and Hilda, Zelda, and Harvey are all played by different actors than their television counterparts. Sabrina is, of course, Melissa Joan Hart. One actress, Michelle Beaudoin, who plays Marnie, returned for the first season of the show as Sabrina's friend, Jenny.

May 12
42. Now You See Her, Now You Don't (S04/Ep13)
"I thought I heard buzzing earlier, but I attributed it to my tinnitus."
43. Super Hero (S04/Ep14)
"Are you on the rainbow bridge being greeted by old family members and pets?"

May 13
44. Love In Bloom (S04/Ep15)
"Boy I'm gonna miss him. OK, now I'm done."
45. Welcome Back, Duke (S04/Ep16)
"I've got big boy pants on!"

May 15
46. Salem's Daughter (S04/Ep17)
"It's caused him many sleepless nights, which is why he sleeps all day."
47. Dreama, the Mouse (S04/Ep18)
"I said pomegranate, not Pomeranian!"
48. The Wild, Wild Witch (S04/Ep19)
"Typical story. Race horses. Showgirls. Mahjong."
49. She's Baaack! (S04/Ep20)
"A genie must have lived here. Or Luther Vandross."

May 16
50. The Four Faces of Sabrina (S04/Ep21)
"I swear, sometimes I think I'm the only one who thought Carrie was a comedy."
51. The End of an Era (S04/Ep22)
"You know what would make a great graduation gift? A Mr. Microphone!"

May 18
52. Jesus, Mary and Joey (2006)
Joey runs into fellow former student Mary at church one morning. Of course, the Bible says that nothing in our lives is a coincidence. Aaaaaggghhh!! I am in Melissa Joan Hart Hell! This Act of God is presented in a scrunched-up full screen format. MJH sticks to her less-than-one-minute onscreen time clause, as stated in her contract.

May 21
53. Everybody Loves Raymond - Odd Man Out (S06/Ep03) Fred Stoller-guest star
"Sure, now. But he's going to find it's a quick trip to Nagville."
54. Seinfeld - The Face Painter (S06/Ep23) Fred Stoller-guest star
Elaine: "I will never understand people."
Jerry: "They're the worst!"

55. Seinfeld - The Secret Code (S07/Ep07) Fred Stoller-guest star
"Bosco... Bosco... Bosco!"

May 22
56. Laverne & Shirley - Drive! She Said (S02/Ep01) David L. Lander-guest star
"Shouldn't we use the beans for gas?"
57. Laverne & Shirley - Angels of Mercy (S02/Ep02) David L. Lander-guest star
"Cut. Snip. Tie. Goodbye."
58. Laverne & Shirley - Bachelor Mothers (S02/Ep03) David L. Lander-guest star
"Who cares how it ends?! That's the whole point of the beginning and middle!"

May 23
59. The Big Bang Theory - The Robotic Manipulation (S04/Ep01) Carol Ann Susi-guest star
"If you're looking for an example of a waste of time, I would refer you to the conversation we're having right now."
60. The Big Bang Theory - The Hot Troll Deviation (S04/Ep04) Carol Ann Susi-guest star
"Well titted. Stand by for my upcoming tat."
61. The Big Bang Theory - The Desperation Emanation (S04/Ep05) Carol Ann Susi-guest star
"It's time for me to make love to your daughter's vagina."

May 24
62. Drive Me Crazy (1999)
Popular prep Nicole (Melissa Joan Hart) and rebellious teen Chase (some guy) need to get their respective beaus back, so they arrange a fake relationship to make them jealous. Oh dear. Haven't I been down this road already? MJH, WTF??

May 27
63. MST3K - Mitchell (S05/Ep12) Frank Conniff-producer, writer, actor
"Hot merging action!"

May 28
64. Nine Dead (2009)
Nine strangers (or are they?) are locked in a room, and theatened to be killed one-by-one if they can't come up with a reason why they are all there. This is R-Rated, brunette-haired, swearing, vengeful, blood-covered Melissa Joan Hart. I'm a sucker for people-trapped-in-confined-spaces movies, and this is a gripping example... albiet a bit Saw-esque.

May 29
65. Happy Days - All the Way (S01/Ep01) Anson Williams-director, actor/Henry Winkler-director
"He said he did something because everybody else said they did and he didn't want to be the only one. So he said he did but he didn't because she wouldn't and he was embarrassed he didn't."
66. Happy Days - The Lemon (S01/Ep02) Anson Williams-director, actor/Henry Winkler-director
"Beaver doesn't have a car."
67. Happy Days - Richie's Cup Runneth Over (S01/Ep03) Anson Williams-director, actor/Henry Winkler-director
"I wonder what a girl like that was doing on the ten of diamonds?"

May 30
68. Happy Days - Guess Who's Coming to Visit (S01/Ep04) Anson Williams-director, actor/Henry Winkler-director
69. Happy Days - Hardware Jungle (S01/Ep05) Anson Williams-director, actor/Henry Winkler-director
70. Happy Days - The Deadly Dares (S01/Ep06) Anson Williams-director, actor/Henry Winkler-director
(I was hoping to get a whooooooooooooaaaa! or an exactamundo!)

May 31
71. Wildcard Tenacious D in The Pick of Destiny (2006)
"You know our movie's better than uh-Citizen Kane-uh"

DONE (2) seasons of Sabrina, (7) MJH movies, (16) other episodes, (1) other movie
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