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Re: 2012 DVD/BR Spending Tab

January: $289.40
Donnie Darko: 10th Anniversary Edition (Blu-Ray): $8.09
A Christmas Carol (1984) (Blu-Ray): $13.50
The Protector: Dragon Dynasty Ultimate Edition (Blu-Ray): $8.99
300: The Complete Experience (Blu-Ray): $9.99
Roots: 30th Anniversary Edition: $9.99
Rushmore: Criterion Collection (Blu-Ray): $21.49
Blue Velvet: 25th Anniversary Edition (Blu-Ray): $10.99
Student Bodies: $4.28
Boardwalk Empire: The Complete First Season (Blu-Ray): $34.99
Fearless (1993): $4.00
Shampoo: $3.00
Willy Wonka And The Chocolate Factory: 40th Anniversary Ultimate Collector's Edition (Blu-Ray): $27.99
Doctor Who: The Robots Of Death: Special Edition: $18.99
Four Flies On Grey Velvet: 40th Anniversary Edition (Blu-Ray): £12.49 ($19.11)
A Trip To The Moon/The Extraordinary Voyage (Flicker Alley Steelbook) (Blu-Ray): $29.96
Escape From L.A. (Blu-Ray): $8.00
Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber Of Fleet Street (Blu-Ray): $9.99
Thelma & Louise: 20th Anniversary Edition (Blu-Ray): $9.99
Brothers (2009) (Blu-Ray): $8.99
The Car: $11.69
Dinner For Five: Season 1: $5.39
Interiors: $6.99
Brewster McCloud (DVD-R): $2.00
Manhattan (Blu-Ray): $0.00 (gift)

February: $398.11
The Conversation (Blu-Ray): $7.19
Drive (2011) (Blu-Ray): $17.99
Battle Royale: Arrow Films Limited Edition (Blu-Ray): $52.50
The Lady And The Tramp: Diamond Edition (Blu-Ray): $19.96
Amadeus: Director's Cut (Digibook) (Blu-Ray): $7.99
The Sound Of Music: 45th Anniversary Limited Edition Collector's Set (Blu-Ray): $28.99
Scarlet Street: Kino Classics Edition (Blu-Ray): $18.99
Tokyo Drifter: Criterion Collection (Blu-Ray): $19.97
Branded To Kill: Criterion Collection (Blu-Ray): $19.97
Amarcord: Criterion Collection (Blu-Ray): $19.97
Torso (Blu-Ray): $16.99
Star Trek: The Next Generation: The Next Level (Blu-Ray): $15.29
Destroy All Monsters (Blu-Ray): $15.66
Attack The Block (Blu-Ray): $17.99
Forbidden Zone: Arrow Films Limited Edition (Blu-Ray): £13.33 ($20.98) (on order)
The Lethal Weapon Collection (Blu-Ray): £16.66 ($26.22) (on order)
Punishment Park: The Masters Of Cinema Series (Blu-Ray): £10.66 ($16.78) (on order)
The Warriors: Ultimate Director's Cut (Blu-Ray): $14.40
Tenebrae: Arrow Films Release (Blu-Ray): £8.33 ($13.24)
Maniac Cop: Arrow Films Release (Blu-Ray): £12.49 ($19.85)
Contact (Blu-Ray): $7.19

March: $384.16
Zodiac: 2-Disc Director's Cut (Blu-Ray): $51.00
The Last Temptation Of Christ: Criterion Collection (Blu-Ray): $20.29
Point Break (Blu-Ray): $7.19
The French Connection: Filmmaker's Signature Series (Blu-Ray): $14.99
The Brothers McMullen: Filmmaker's Signature Series (Blu-Ray): $14.99
Good Will Hunting: Special Edition (Blu-Ray): $6.99
Memento: 10th Anniversary Special Edition (Blu-Ray): $6.99
The Tree Of Life (Blu-Ray):: $15.39
Dirty Mary, Crazy Larry/Race With The Devil: $8.99
The Slumber Party Massacre Collection: Roger Corman's Cult Classics: $15.29
Chinatown (Blu-Ray): $18.99 (on order)
The Stuff: $9.29
The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo (2011) (Blu-Ray): $20.69
The Blues Brothers (Blu-Ray): $9.00
Joe Versus The Volcano: $3.00
That's Entertainment: $3.00
That's Entertainment III: $3.00
That's Entertainment: Treasures From The Vault: $3.00
Spun: Unrated Edition: $3.59
Dances With Wolves: 20th Anniversary Edition (Blu-Ray): $9.99
Bringing Out The Dead: $3.48
Beverly Hills Cop (Blu-Ray): $4.05
WWE: The Rise And Fall Of WCW: $8.99
WWE: Macho Madness: The Randy Savage Ultimate Collection: $5.00
WWE Wrestlemania III: Championship Edition: $5.00
Star Trek: The Original Series: Season 1 (Blu-Ray): $49.99
Jarhead (Blu-Ray): $9.99
Mystery Science Theater 3000: 20th Anniversary Edition: Limited Collector's Tin: $62.99

April: $412.42
Popeye The Sailor: Volume 1 (1933-1938): $12.50
THX 1138: Director's Cut (Blu-Ray): $7.19
The Mystery Science Theater 3000 Collection: Volume 1: $39.99
The Descendants (Blu-Ray): $17.99
Martha Marcy May Marlene (Blu-Ray): $8.99
Pleasantville (Blu-Ray): $7.99
Eclipse Series 7: Carlos Saura's Flamenco Trilogy: $30.38
Bellflower (Blu-Ray): $21.00
Iron Man 2: Special Edition (Blu-Ray): $10.71
Journey To The Center Of The Earth (1959): Twilight Time Limited Edition (Blu-Ray): $29.95 (on order)
The Big Heat: Twilight Time Limited Edition (Blu-Ray): $29.95 (on order)
The Home Alone Collection (Blu-Ray): $19.96
X-Men: First Class (Blu-Ray): $17.99
All About Eve (Digibook) (Blu-Ray): $9.99
The Hustler: 50th Anniversary Edition (Digibook) (Blu-Ray): $9.99
Tora! Tora! Tora! (Digibook) (Blu-Ray): $9.99
An Affair To Remember (Digibook) (Blu-Ray): $9.99
The Comancheros: 50th Anniversary Edition (Blu-Ray): $9.99
Titanic (Blu-Ray): $19.99 (on order)
Demetrius And The Gladiators: Twilight Time Limited Edition (Blu-Ray): $29.95
Rapture: Twilight Time Limited Edition (Blu-Ray): $29.95
Anything Else: $3.00
The Sleeper (2012): DVD & VHS Box Set: $24.99

May: $335.50
Annie Hall (Blu-Ray): $16.98
Demons: Arrow Films Limited Edition (Blu-Ray): £10.00 ($16.15)
Repo Man: The Masters Of Cinema Series: Limited Edition Steelbook (Blu-Ray): £18.33 ($29.60)
Lifeboat: The Masters Of Cinema Series: Limited Edition Steelbook (Blu-Ray): £16.99
Demons 2: Arrow Films Limited Edition (Blu-Ray): £9.99 ($16.13)
Captain America: The First Avenger (Blu-Ray): $14.98
Thor (Blu-Ray): $14.98
Lost In Translation (Blu-Ray): $7.99
The Deer Hunter (Blu-Ray): $8.99
As Good As It Gets: Twilight Time Limited Edition (Blu-Ray): $29.95
Swamp Water: Twilight Time Limited Edition (Blu-Ray): $29.95
Silent Running: The Masters Of Cinema Series: Limited Edition Steelbook (Blu-Ray): £14.99 ($23.74)
The House By The Cemetery: Arrow Films Limited Edition (Blu-Ray): £12.50 ($19.23)
Castle In The Sky: Special Edition (Blu-Ray): $14.99
Whisper Of The Heart: Special Edition (Blu-Ray): 22.99
21 Hours At Munich: $2.88
Go Fish: $2.88
Goldeneye: Special Edition: $5.00
Halloween III: Season Of The Witch: Scream Factory Collector's Edition (Blu-Ray): $29.93

June: $275.44
Batman Begins: Best Buy Exclusive Steelbook (Blu-Ray): $9.99
The Dark Knight: Best Buy Exclusive Steelbook (Blu-Ray): $9.99
The Beyond: Arrow Films Limited Edition (Blu-Ray): £7.91 ($12.19)
Gettysburg: Director's Cut (Digibook) (Blu-Ray): $14.99
All The President's Men: Special Edition (Digibook) (Blu-Ray): $13.49
Rock 'N' Roll High School: Roger Corman's Cult Classics (Blu-Ray): $16.34
Troll 2: 20th Anniversary Nilbog Edition (Blu-Ray): $12.20
The Gate: Monstrous Special Edition: $7.19
The Sweet Hereafter (Blu-Ray): CAD 17.78 ($17.31)
Exotica (Blu-Ray): CAD 17.78 ($17.31) (on order
Insomnia (Blu-Ray): $8.99
Trainspotting (Blu-Ray): $8.99
Spider-Man (Re-Release) (Blu-Ray): $12.96
Spider-Man 3: 2-Disc Edition (Blu-Ray): $8.39
High Noon (Blu-Ray): $12.77 (on order)
Invasion Of The Body Snatchers (Blu-Ray): $12.77 (on order)
Auto Focus: $3.00
Bright Lights, Big City: Special Edition: $3.00
Erik The Viking: The Director's Son's Cut: $3.00
Daughters Of Darkness (Blu-Ray): $14.49
World On A Wire: Criterion Collection (Blu-Ray): $20.99
The Three Stooges: The Ultimate Collection: $40.49

July: $462.95
The Gold Rush: Criterion Collection (Blu-Ray): $0.00
Shallow Grave: Criterion Collection (Blu-Ray): $27.99
The 39 Steps: Criterion Collection (Blu-Ray): $27.99
Fantastic Mr. Fox (Blu-Ray): $8.99
Halloween II: Scream Factory Collector's Edition (Blu-Ray): $19.99 (on order)
Spanking The Monkey: $7.99
ECW: The Best Of Cactus Jack: $9.99
Berlin Alexanderplatz: Criterion Collection: $42.66
Gremlins 2: The New Batch (Blu-Ray): $9.99
Mean Streets (Blu-Ray): $9.99
Harold And Maude: Criterion Collection (Blu-Ray): $19.99
Being John Malkovich: Criterion Collection (Blu-Ray): $19.99
Gray's Anatomy: Criterion Collection (Blu-Ray): $19.99
Anatomy Of A Murder: Criterion Collection (Blu-Ray): $19.99
The Lady Vanishes: Criterion Collection (Blu-Ray): $19.99
David Lean Directs NoŽl Coward: Criterion Collection (Blu-Ray): $42.49
Belle De Jour: Criterion Collection (Blu-Ray): $19.99
Down By Law: Criterion Collection (Blu-Ray): $19.99
Metropolitan: Criterion Collection (Blu-Ray): $19.99
The Last Days Of Disco: Criterion Collection (Blu-Ray): $19.99
The Samurai Trilogy: Criterion Collection (Blu-Ray): $34.99
Summer With Monika: Criterion Collection (Blu-Ray): $19.99
A Night To Remember: Criterion Collection (Blu-Ray): $19.99

August: $345.48
Total Recall: Mind-Bending Edition (Blu-Ray): $7.99
Hoosiers (Re-Release) (Blu-Ray): $7.99
The Inglorious Bastards (1978) (Blu-Ray): $7.99
Stand By Me (Blu-Ray): $4.98
Heavy Metal (Blu-Ray): $0.00 (gift card)
The Best Of The Cinema Snob (Convention Exclusive): $20.00
The Royal Tenenbaums: Criterion Collection (Blu-Ray): $19.99
Jaws: Best Buy Exclusive Digibook (Blu-Ray): $19.49
Birdemic (Blu-Ray): $7.99 (on order)
Casino Royale (1967): $3.99
The Hunger Games: Target Exclusive 3-Disc Edition (Blu-Ray): $24.99
E.T.: Anniversary Edition (Target Exclusive Steelbook) (Blu-Ray): $20.99 (on order)
Return Of The Living Dead: UK Steelbook (Blu-Ray): £12.33 ($19.46)
Dead Ringers: Criterion Collection: $16.50
Beyond The Door: 2-Disc Collector's Edition: $17.50
They Live: Collector's Edition (Blu-Ray): $21.95 (on order)
Zombie Flesh Eaters (Zombie/Zombi 2): Arrow Films Limited Edition (Blu-Ray): £14.99 ($23.72)
Boardwalk Empire: Season 2 (Blu-Ray): $34.99
Homeland: Season 1 (Blu-Ray): $24.99
Terror Train: Collector's Edition (Blu-Ray): $19.99 (on order)
Quadrophenia: Criterion Collection (Blu-Ray): $19.99

September: $377.55
The Funhouse: Scream Factory Collector's Edition (Blu-Ray): $19.99 (on order)
Eclipse Series 5: The First Films Of Samuel Fuller: $16.99
Good Will Hunting: 15th Anniversary Edition (Blu-Ray): $7.99
Ghost Dog: The Way Of The Samurai: $2.50
Howard Stern's Private Parts: $2.50
Mystery Science Theater 3000: Volume XXIV: $28.99
The Inbetweeners: The Complete Series: $18.91
Night Of The Living Dead (1990): Twilight Time Limited Edition (Blu-Ray): $29.95
Bye Bye Birdie: Twilight Time Limited Edition (Blu-Ray): $29.95
Eclipse Series 37: When Horror Came To Shochiku: $29.97 (order)
Ed Wood (Blu-Ray): $12.99
The Celebration: $3.00
The Stranger (1946): MGM Film Noir: $3.00
The Avengers: Target Exclusive Deluxe Edition (Blu-Ray): $25.99
Father's Day (2011) (Blu-Ray): $13.95
Eating Raoul: Criterion Collection (Blu-Ray): $19.97
La Promesse: Criterion Collection (Blu-Ray): $19.97
Tiny Furniture: Criterion Collection (Blu-Ray): $19.97
Halloween 4: The Return Of Michael Myers (Blu-Ray): $7.88
Halloween 5: The Revenge Of Michael Myers (Blu-Ray): $7.88
Young Frankenstein (Blu-Ray): $7.88
The Cinema Snob Movie: $20.00
El Topo (Blu-Ray): $12.49
The Holy Mountain (Blu-Ray): $14.84
Blow-Up: $14.98

October: $183.08
Dark Star: Thermostellar Edition (Blu-Ray): $8.69 (on order)
Child's Play (1988) (Blu-Ray): $7.99
The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 (Blu-Ray): $7.99
Jacob's Ladder (Blu-Ray): $7.88
Night Of The Living Dead (1990): $7.50
Prometheus: 4-Disc Collector's Edition (Blu-Ray): $19.99
Mad Men: Season 5 (Blu-Ray): $24.99
The Innkeepers (Blu-Ray): $4.99
Tiny Toon Adventures: How I Spent My Vacation: $13.99
Assault On Precinct 13 (1976) (Blu-Ray): $11.99
To Kill A Mockingbird (Blu-Ray): $14.96
Notorious (1946): Criterion Collection: $11.69
Rosemary's Baby: Criterion Collection (Blu-Ray): $19.99
Following: Criterion Collection (Blu-Ray): $19.99

November: $272.02
Fear And Desire (Blu-Ray): $18.02
The Qatsi Trilogy: Criterion Collection (Blu-Ray): $39.99 (on order)
In The Mood For Love: Criterion Collection (Blu-Ray): $19.99 (on order)
Rashomon: Criterion Collection (Blu-Ray): $19.99 (on order)
Casablanca: 70th Anniversary Limited Collector's Edition (Blu-Ray): $24.99
Weekend (1967): Criterion Collection (Blu-Ray): $19.99
Heaven's Gate: Criterion Collection (Blu-Ray): $24.99
The Coen Brothers Movie Collection (Blu-Ray): $19.99
Patton (Remastered) (Blu-Ray): $16.99
Rescue Me: The Complete Series: $29.99
Sam Peckinpah's The Legendary Westerns Collection: $19.99
Ashes And Diamonds: Arrow Academy Edition (Blu-Ray): £7.99 ($12.80)
Rififi: Arrow Academy Edition (Blu-Ray): £7.99 ($12.80)

December: $250.68
Star Trek: The Next Generation: Season 2 (Blu-Ray): $58.49
The Dark Knight Rises (Best Buy Steelbook) (Blu-Ray): $24.99
Deliverance: 40th Anniversary Edition Digibook (Blu-Ray): $17.49
A Streetcar Named Desire: The Original Restored Version: 60th Anniversary Edition (Digibook) (Blu-Ray): $17.49
Sunset Boulevard (Blu-Ray): $13.49
Fawlty Towers: The Complete Collection (Remastered): $24.99
Girls: The Complete First Season (Target Exclusive Bonus Disc) (Blu-Ray): $22.99
Star Trek: The Original Series: Season Two (Blu-Ray): $35.99
Star Trek: The Original Series: Season Three (Blu-Ray): $35.99
Happiness: $3.50
Confessions Of A Dangerous Mind (Blu-Ray): $6.00
Mad Max (Blu-Ray): $6.00
Swingers (Blu-Ray): $6.00
The Reader (Blu-Ray): $7.88
Face/Off: Special Collector's Edition (Blu-Ray): $7.88

2012 Totals:
Number Of Titles: 239
Spending Tab: $4037.79

2011 Totals: 276 titles, $4349.55
2010 Totals: 285 titles, $3996.76
2009 Totals: 265 titles, $3283.73
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