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Re: Official Dark Souls Support Group - Spoilers Inside

Originally Posted by mewmartigan View Post
How do I repair weapons? And can I sell stuff? I have some multiples that are affecting my carry weight and there doesn't seem to be an option to "drop" them.
If I remember correctly, the first merchant you should meet early in the Undead Burg sells a repair kit, which lets you repair your weapons and armor at a bonfire for souls. He also sells repair powder, which lets you repair things without a bonfire but is a one-time use item. The kit is a much wiser, and almost essential, investment. If you find a blacksmith, he can repair your stuff for souls too (and also sells a repair kit, I think).

Your carry weight doesn't affect anything, only your equipped weight. You can drop non-essential items by going into your inventory, selecting the item, and bringing up the item menu (action button). But as for selling stuff:
Apparently you can do so later in the game after meeting the right person, but I still haven't found him/her and I'm pretty far along.

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