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Re: The 7th Annual "October Horror Movie Challenge" (10/1 - 10/31) ***The List Thread

In for my 6th year. Keeping my usual goal of 31. October is just too busy of a month for me to hope for more.

October 1:
1) Zombie Farm (2009) - DVD *** (new to me)
Not really what I expected. It was slow to get going as there were no zombies until darn near half way through, and no farm until almost the end. The acting was ok but not great. The (A/V) quality was not very good. There was a weird mexican social commentary that seemed kind of unnecessary. Yet despite all that I found myself oddly entertained by this one. I really can't explain it, but I did find myself drawn in by the characters and story. I'm not sure I'd highly recommend it, but I'd say give it a spin if you want to see an interesting take on the zombie/voodoo genre.

October 2:
2) The Wolf Man (1941) - The Legacy Collection DVD **** (new to me)
Yes, I am embarassed to say that other than the well known clips played here and there, I've never seen The Wolf Man until now. This is such a great, atmospheric thriller that I wish I hadn't waited so long. I've been catching up on some of the great classics that I have missed out on, and this one is top notch.

October 3:
3) The Tattooist (2007) - DVD *** (new to me)
This was another one that I wasn't sure what to expect. I'd say it exceeded my expectations. It has a good, original story, some decent acting and directing, and some pretty cool special effects. The eyeball splitting scene was particularly awesome. Well worth checking out.

October 4:
4) Scream 4 (2011) - Blu-Ray **** (new to me)
Scream is one of my all time favorite movies. It is the movie that reminded me how much I loved horror when I was a kid, and got me into the genre again. While I know Scream 4 got some mixed reviews, I have to say I LOVED it. No, it's not the perfect "game changer" that the original was, but really how can you expect it to be. It does however pay a ton of honor to the original, coming off as a bit of a reboot while still keeping the original alive. It pulls it off perfectly. Plus how can any horror fan not appreciate so many nods to Hitchcock and Argento thrown in? This one way exceeded my expectations.

October 6:
5) Scream (1996) - Blu-Ray *****
Decided to revisit the original after watching part 4. It's hard for me to believe that this is 15 years old now. Wow...where does the time go? Anyway, while I really enjoyed 4 (and all the sequels really), the original is still the best. The writing, directing, and acting are all just perfect. I still love the reveal at the end, and the interplay related to it (trying to stay spoiler free). Hilarious and frightening at the same time...a great balance. I still love everything about this one.

5.5) American Horror Story - Pilot (2011) - DVR **** (new to me)
I'm not really sure, but I think I love this so far. But I'm not sure. It was all over the place, and there was WAY too much man-ass without any female balance, but I still found it quite enjoyable. My wife and I have lots of theories about it, but no idea where they are going to head with this one. Awesome to have a show like this on TV.

October 7:
6.5) Pirahna (2010) - Blu-Ray ***1/2 (new to me)
We were in the mood for something fun and cheesy, and Pirahna delivered in spades! What a blast of a movie. I was surprised that a movie like this actually made you care about the characters, but it did. I really liked the evolution of Jerry O'Connell's character from fun loving easy going cool guy to completely losing his shit at the end. While completely unrealistic, the design of the pirahnas was pretty damn cool too. Lots of boobs, gore, and fun...can't complain.

October 9:
7.5) Friday the 13th (1980) - Uncut Blu-Ray ****
This was our first time seeing the unrated cut of F13, but honestly we didn't catch too many differences. Either way, the Blu-ray video and audio were a nice bump over the DVD. It's not quite on the level of restoration Halloween or Nightmare on Elm Street had, but nothing to complain about. The movie itself is an all time classic. Still one of the best!

October 11:
8.5) The Stepfather (2009) - DVR **1/2 (new to me)
I gotta admit, this was better than I was expecting. It was pretty low on scares, but the tension was nice and I did enjoy the main character slipping from calm, cool, collected to losing it. Not too bad at all. I haven't seen the original, but need to fix that soon.

October 12:
9.5) Paranormal Activity 2(2010) - Blu-Ray **** (new to me)
Most movies don't really scare me, but for some reason these really get under my skin. I had no idea that this was going to be related to the first one or I would have made a point to rewatch that one first. At either rate, this was a fun ride that had my stomach all knotted up for most of it. I guess I'm just a wuss when it comes to "realistic" haunted house movies!

October 13:
10.5) A Nightmare on Elm Street(1984) - Blu-Ray *****
One of my all time favorite movies. It never gets old or stops being scary. Unbelievable quality on the Blu-Ray.

11.5) A Nightmare on Elm Street 2(1985) - Blu-Ray ***
One of the least loved sequels, but I really enjoy this one. There's a lot to love if you can look past a few obvious flaws. The opening scene is still awesome. The Blu-Ray is a very nice upgrade from the DVD, though not quite at the level of the first.

12.5) A Nightmare on Elm Street 3(1987) - Blu-Ray ****
Probably the best of the sequels, even though Freddy is heading into comedy territory. The Blu-Ray was an upgrade from the DVD, but honestly a bit disappointing after what was done for the original and part 2.

13.5) A Nightmare on Elm Street 4(1988) - DVD ***
Still a lot of fun, but not so much on the scares.

14.5) A Nightmare on Elm Street 5(1989) - DVD ***1/2
While most do not agree, I really enjoy this one. I find the characters likable and the gothic scenery is great.

15) American Horror Story - Home Invasion(2011) - DVR **** (new to me)
Another great episode. Some of my initial theories seem to be wrong, but I still can't wait to see where it goes.

October 14:
16) Freddy's Dead(1991) - DVD **1/2
Even a bad Freddy movie is still pretty damn fun.

17) Wes Craven's New Nightmare(1994) - DVD ****
A great different direction for the series. Much darker and more scary than most of the series. Good stuff.

18) Freddy vs Jason(2003) - Blu-Ray ****
Way more fun than it had any right to be.'s dumb...but it's great if you are a fan of both series. Tons of fan service here.

October 15:
19) Bereavement(2010) - Blu-Ray ***1/2 (new to me)
I stumbled upon this one at WalMart and was thrilled to see that it is a prequel to Malevolence. Great movie and more proof that the big studio productions have nothing on some of the small independant guys in the horror genre. Can't wait to rewatch Malevolence again now!

October 17:
20) Phantasm IV: Oblivion(1998) - DVD *1/2 (new to me)
Wow...that was bad. Really bad. And I usually try to defend the Phantasm movies. This one makes even part 3 look like The Godfather. The Tall Man is the movies only saving grace. Well...and boobie balls. Which was unfortunately the only cool use of the balls in the whole damn movie. Disappointing.

October 18:
21) Devil(2010) - DVD ***1/2 (new to me)
I liked this one way more than I was expecting to. I enjoyed the characters, as cliches as they all were, even if some of the acting was a little rough around the edges. The cop especially was well written and acted. The story was intriguing and fast moving, which worked well for this type of movie. The camera work and directing were also really good, which could have been a disaster in the elevator setting. Overally this one just worked really well for me, and had me a little bit nervous to get on the elevator at work this morning.

October 19:
21.25) Scared Shrekless(2010) - DVD ****
I love Shrek. I love Halloween. Great combination. It's also nice to be able to count something that I watch with my 3 year old! I'm glad they released this on DVD this year. Also included is a hilarious Thriller spoof including Zombie-Donkey. Fun stuff.

22.25) Red State(2011) - Blu-Ray **** (new to me)
I had no idea what to expect. As a huge horror fan and Kevin Smith fan ( least an early Kevin Smith fan..), I really wasn't sure how they were going to mix. I'll be damned if he didn't pull it off! It's terrifying to know that there are really people out there that think like the religious group in this film. The story, acting (especially the preacher!!), and directing were all pretty damn good. I also really liked how Smith managed to blur the line between good and bad (I'll leave it at that to avoid spoiler possibilities). My only complaint is I tend to get pretty uneasy when little kids are involved in horror movies ever since becoming a parent. Seeing those little ones caught in the middle of that situation really broke my heart. I guess I'm really getting to be a wuss about that! I can understand how this one wouldn't appeal to everyone, but I found it to be great!

October 20:
22.75) American Horror Story - Murder House(2011) - DVR **** (new to me)
Still loving this show. I'm still not sure how this can be an ongoing series...seems like a nice long mini-series would be the way to go, but we'll see.

October 22:
23.25) Chopped - Trick or Treat, Chicken Feet(2011) - DVR **1/2 (new to me) (WILDCARD #1)
My wife and I enjoy a few of these stupid cooking competition shows and I couldn't help but count this, though I am using a wildcard is still a cooking show. This was a fun one with mystery ingredients like chicken feet, blood sausage, candy corn, frog legs, and apple cider. The set was nicely decorated and they were certainly in the spirit of the holiday. My rating is neutral's a cooking show....even if I did enjoy it!

October 23:
24.25) Seconds Apart(2011) - DVD ***1/2 (new to me)
I'm a little torn on this one. The first half way really great. I'm still not sure how I feel about how it all came together and the ending. I didn't dislike it, but I didn't love it like I loved the set-up. It was certainly original and very well made. Yet again the After Dark series doesn't disappoint.

October 24:
25.25) The Killing Room(2009) - DVR *** (new to me)
My DVRs description of this was quite misleading. I thought it would be more of a torture-porn type movie. I'm glad it was wrong and ended up enjoying this one quite a bit. The first death came out of no where and caught us as off guard as it did the characters. Good stuff. I also really liked the ending. Well worth the watch.

October 25:
26.25) (The) Matrimony (Xin zhong you gui)(2007) - Blu-Ray **** (new to me)
Matrimony is a beautiful and haunting Chinese ghost story. The directing, acting, story, and especially the atmosphere all come together to create a wonderful film. My only real complaint is the CGI in the accident scene is the point that I actually laughed out loud and it seemed to be trying to be funny, which does not fit in this film. There have been many comparisons to Hitchcock's Rebecca, and I agree there are some of the same themes, and they are both amazing films, but that's really all they have in common. I also really like the book-end scenes and the twist that they add to the story. They aren't really necessary, but certainly add another layer and make you think. It may not be your traditional asian horror scare-fest (though there are some very scary moments), but this one is well worth giving a spin.

October 27:
26.75) American Horror Story - Halloween (Part 1)(2011) - DVR **** (new to me)
Another wonderful episode. I must be completely emotionally invested in this show already as I found parts of it to be very sad. This is quickly becoming one of my favorite shows of all time. I sure hope they don't screw it up now!

October 28:
27.75) Drive Angry(2011) - Blu-Ray ****1/2 (new to me)
Holy crap! That was awesome!'s more of an action movie than a straight up horror movie, but there's still enough horror for me to count it happily. This was so over the top and downright fun that I can't believe more people aren't talking about it. Seriously...turn off your mind and give this one a spin. Friggin awesome!

October 29:
28.25) Scary Godmother: Halloween Spooktacular(2003) - DVR ** (new to me)
Another fun one for my little one. She really likes this one and has watched it a half dozen times or so already. It's not the best, but not bad either. There is some fun humor and is a good one to help show her that "scary" stuff is fun too. I may have to find the DVD for her.

October 30:
29.25) Trick 'r Treat(2007) - Blu-Ray *****
I love this one so much. Great dark humor, fun stories which all intertwine, great characters and especially atmosphere. This one has become an annual tradition and goes back and forth with Halloween for the prized October 31st viewing. This year goes back to the original though...

October 31:
29.5) It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown(1966) - DVD *****
Another annual favorite. I love when parts of my childhood can carry over to my daughter's childhood. It just makes it that much more special.

30.5)Halloween(1978) - Blu-Ray *****
I don't have much to say about this one that I haven't said in the past. This IS Halloween.

List complete!
Count Total: 30.5 (35 total movies and episodes)
First time viewing count: 18 (21 total movies and episodes)
Repeat viewing count: 12.5 (14 total movies and episodes)

Biggest Surprise: Drive Angry - what a batshit crazy ride. Way too much fun.
Biggest Disappointment: Phantasm 4 - what a terrible note to end the saga on.
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