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Re: The 7th Annual "October Horror Movie Challenge" (10/1 - 10/31) ***The List Thread

This is my first time I am doing this. Not going to do the theme or subset this year. Just going to try to nail 100 films. I'll post what I watch with my thoughts and just go from there.

October 1st

1. Silence of the Lambs
Started off the month with a bang. For some reason, I've never seen this movie from beginning to end. It's hard to see classics knowing what is out there now and my taste different (love jumps, more blood, more screams). For when it was made, it was pretty good. Nothing out there, though, or even jumpy. Good story, but not really horror. A more extreme Law and Order episode, if anything. Can't wait to get into the sequel.

2. Man Hunter
The prequel to Silence of the Lambs. Interesting. Better than what I expected, but dragged quite a few times. Again, not really horror for me, but loved the parts with the Tooth Fairy. Best parts of the film had him in it. Really good actor. Good to watch, but not something I'd watch again. Must get Red Dragon to see the differences between the two films.

October 2nd

3. The Wrong House
First time viewing. Kind of looks like a Rob Zombie film with the killers. Actually, the male killer looks like Bill Mosley. Camera view is annoying as well as the "victims". Very low budget and kind of a waste of time. I can see why the female killer won the Fright Meter award, whatever that is. But it's just too low budget and too fake for my taste. Why Fatally-Yours named it the Top 10 Best Horror Films of 2010, I don't know. Chalk this up as a one and done film.

4. Hannibal
Another first time viewing. Very interesting and one of the best sequels I have seen. Again, a few things dragged, but overall it was really well done. I enjoyed the new character, who sounded like the Joker. I wasn't as annoyed with the lead actress's voice as I was in Silence. Def going to have to view this again down the line.

October 3rd

5. Hatchet
I always set my thoughts on this movie too high. It's decent, but nothing I'd say worthy of praise or awards. The killings are just kind of extreme and funny like. Good amount of nudity, which is always a plus for slasher fans. I liked how the ending makes you hang and wonder. Overall it's decent, but nowhere near the "praise" it hypes itself to get.

6. Hatchet 2
This was my first time seeing the sequel. Loved how they got right to it. I love Mrs. Harris, but she came off quite annoying in this film. And her "uncle" was just horrible. The camera angles were horrible as well. Looks like a college student basically filmed it. Again, the killings were just too out there. Liked the ending, like the first one. It had a good story of the killer as well. But nothing to make one really enjoy and call it a classic.

October 4th

7. Behind the Mask
I am always surprised how this movie has grown on me. Love the way the first part is shot in a doc and getting inside the new killer's head. Always wanted to see something like that. Female lead could be better, but overall, really good and underrated. I know they are trying to make a prequel/sequel to this and I hope they raise the funds to do it.

8. The Ring
Still don't see how people are scared of this. Sure, there are a couple of jumps, but the movie is pretty bland in the middle, which hurts since it is a two hour film. People still consider this scary and crap all over Blair Witch. I just don't get it. Took me three days to finish as it was so damn boring in the middle of it.

October 5th

8.5. American Horror Story 1.1
What a freak show this is. So damn strange, but so interesting at the same time.

October 7th

9.5. The Ring 2
Too much CGI for my tasting. Great line that Orphan stole about "I'm not your mommy, bitch" which is classic. Other than that, don't really see the point of it. Heard there will be a 3D movie for 2012 release. I really hope not.

10.5. Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1978)
LOVED it. Great story, amazing ending, wonderful cast. Hard to beat. Kept my attention and didn't have many dry moments. If only movies were like that today.

October 8th

11.5. The Ruins
Totally forgot I had seen this movie until I got about 20 minutes into it. Really good film and left me skirmish. I'm a fan of realistic films and I could see something like this happening. They didn't make it all CGI or out there. The cutting and pain came off the screen really well, the actors were pretty decent, and the "gore" in the film was just enough to make me feel the pain and not want to watch (in a good way). Highly recommended.

12.5. Dracula (1931)
Pretty decent given the time frame. Just was hard to watch sometimes and not laugh when they show Bela's expression in the close ups. Great for its time frame, but hard to stand up for today's time.

13.5. Dracula's Daughter (1936)
Interesting, especially given the lesbian theme that was talked about. I didn't see it too much, but again, different time period. Enjoyable, but I feel the acting just was not up to par as the original. Still highly entertaining.

14.5. Son of Dracula (1943)
Kind of dull, to be honest. The female lead wasn't as hot or exciting as she could have been. Neither was "Dracula". Kind of a disappointment, but still bearable.

15.5. House of Dracula (1945)
Really enjoyed this one. I love movies that feature different monsters and this lived up to it. Even the female with the bump on the back was good. It did have it's dry moments, but this is something I could watch a few times without getting bored of.

16.5. The Evil Dead
First time watching and loved it. Lots of silly gore and comedy rolled into this horror flick. Best part, though I know some people hate it, is the tree rape scene. That was classic!

17.5. The Evil Dead 2
Another first time viewing. So far, best part of the film, girl rising from the grave and dancing. I usually dislike effects, but that was just too damn funny to hate. Just don't understand the beginning as it seems like they "rewrote" how the first movie was set up.

October 9th

18.5. Army of Darkness
Again, I don't like how they recreate history in this one like The Evil Dead 2. I enjoyed it for the most part, as I knew it was going for comedy. Really enjoyed the ending to the film. Not as good as The Evil Dead, though.

19.5. My Name is Bruce
This was...random. It was funny, but really random. Loved how they dissed on Bruce, though. Would love to have a sit down talk with him and figure out how they came up with this idea.

October 10th

20.5. I Spit on Your Grave (1978)
This was awesome. I believe I might have seen this before, but this was just sick and extreme. Made me squirm and got me sick seeing how the girl got the gas pump guy back. Also loved how they did full on nudity on this and the girl was HOT and a real woman. The close ups of the mentally slow guy seemed weird, especially when we first saw him. Didn't know why that was. But a great film nonetheless.

21.5. Rear Window (1954)
It was good, but I expected it to be a bit better. Maybe it was cause I saw the LaBitch version first, but just felt it didn't live up to the hype. A few slow parts and I just was not a fan of the older main character. LOVED the lady dancing in her underwear, though.

22.5. Cabin Fever
LOVE this film. Roth did a great job with this. Interesting story and loved the beer contest. Loved the ending too with the old man giving his friends the gun. Very funny and entertaining.

October 11th

23.5. Cabin Fever 2
This was a lot better than what I read. Not as great as the first, but it was still entertaining. Thought the lead female character could have been cuter, but her boyfriend was spot on douchebag. Must see comedy horror flick.

24.5. Black Friday (1940)
Really interesting. Granted, I thought it was going to be more of a horror film as I heard good things about it, but I loved the film. No idea why they called it Black Friday but I love the story and the characters. I'm starting to really enjoy the black and white films.

25.5. The Invisible Ray (1936)
It was a good story, but not something I would consider great. Deep contrast to Black Friday. Interesting concept, but characters could have had more depth.

October 12th

26.5. The Black Cat
Loved it. Story was amazing and the ending was good. Reminds me a bit of House on Haunted Hill. Really enjoying the classic horror films this year.

27. American Horror Story 1.2
Still freakish and random, kind of hard to follow.

October 13

28. The Raven (1935)
Interesting story. Liked how it was about a guy really into Poe. Great acting and not a bad film to watch if you got an hour to kill.

29. Murders in the Rue Morgue
Didn't really enjoy this one. Kind of dry and boring. Glad I saved this for last on the Bela Lugosi pack.

October 14

30. House on Haunted Hill (1959)
Love it. I enjoyed the remake, but the original is great. Vincent Price and the rest of the cast are spot on. Loved the wife as well. Movies just aren't like they used to be.

31. Leprechaun
Interesting film. A young Jennifer Aniston is always nice to see. The little guy had some nice one-liners and the guy who was the bully in Pee-Wee was funny. Not such a bad film to watch.

October 15

32. Leprechaun 2
Thought it was better than the first one. Lots of good one liners and the Leprechaun is funny. Girl is also cute and one of the killing scenes with the blades is an amazing way to go out ha ha.

33. The Last Man on Earth
I love me some Vincent Price. Such a wonderful actor and they just don't make them like they used to. Great story and keeps ones attention throughout the film. Ending was good and makes one think.

34. Shock
Another good film. Some good twists and turns. Great acting and powerful story. I really need to buy a bigger Price set.

35. The Bat
Didn't really like this one. It was ok, but didn't live up to the other Price movies.

October 16

36. Night of the Demons
I heard good things about this and I was a bit disappointed. It was good, had some amazing gore and nice looking asses and tits, but overall, wasn't as scary or messed up as I was counting on.

37. Alvin and the Chipmunks Meet Frankenstein
Needed something fun before I go to bed and I love the Chipmunks. Always a classic to watch.

38. Alvin and the Chipmunks Meet the Wolfman
Had to watch the other movie on this disc. Not as good as Frankenstein, but a classic nonetheless. Chipmunks are one of my childhood favorites.

39. Fright Night (1985)
It's decent, but for some reason, I like the remake a lot better. I know others love this film, but having seen the remake first, I just thought this fell short. Remake was a lot funnier and had more suspense then this one. Maybe I just don't like the female lead in this one as much as I liked the remake lead female. Plus, the vampire "killer" was a lot more fun in the remake as well.

40. American Psycho
Loved it. So much gore and hate. Didn't like the ending, though, as it left too much open. I'm into movies that are straight up, it is what it is, but besides that, really well done.

41. The Walking Dead 2.1
Great opening, boring middle, and easy to call ending. Hopefully it picks up.

42. The Crazies (2010)
Great remake. Very fun and exciting top watch. Ending was awesome.

October 17

43. Alien
Thought it would be better. Still good, but going to need to watch Aliens to see what the hype is about.

October 18

44. The Unborn
I still enjoyed this film. But could have had better acting.

October 19

45. Halloween (2007)
I know why others hate it, but thought it was well done with a good story. The sequel, not so much, but liked what Rob did with the first film.

October 20

46. Paranormal Activity
Not as scary as watching it on my phone through Netflix. A decent film, but something you need to watch with surround sound and lots of people.

47. Paranormal Activity 2
When I saw it the first time, it was good, but other viewings, not so much. Father just annoyed me way too much.

October 21

48. Paranormal Activity 3
Really enjoyed it, then remember the plot holes, I began doubting things. Might need to rewatch and catch all the little clues I'm sure I missed because of the midnight viewing.

49. Let the Right One In
Needs to be viewed in the Swedish language as saw first 10-20 minutes in English and it wasn't the same. Loved what I saw, especially the creepy acting and everything. A new tradition during this time of the year.

October 22

50. Let Me In
Not as good as the original, but still a decent remake. Had a lot of the same things, but the bully was a lot more sick in the American version. Better leads in the original, though. Dad was played off different between the two versions as well. Need to read the novel.

51. Night of the Living Dead (1968)
Loved the film. Creepy, but also funny. Loved how the black man took control and put people in place, especially considering the time frame of the film.

52. The Thing (1982)
Great film which deserves to be an all-time classic. Very freaky and ending was great.

October 22

53. The Amityville Horror (2005)
Michael Bay and Ryan Reynolds do a horror. Not as good as the original.

54. The Exorcist
First time seeing all the way through. Not as scary as I hoped it will be.

54.5. The Walking Dead 2.2
Still dragging. Like the group wanting to break off, but I need something more.

55.5. The House on Haunted Hill (1999)
Not as good as the original, but still very damn good. Loved the little twists and new things added.

October 23

56.5. Scream
Sad that Netflix does not have part 2 on their instant stream. Great flick, especially for the 90's. Brought new fans to the horror scene.

57.5. Red Dragon
Surprisingly a great film. Got to love Edward Norton. Better than Manhunter. A must watch for horror suspense fans.

58.5. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2003)
Love it. A really good remake. Not as good as the original but still very good.

59.5. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974)
One of the best horror slasher films of all time. Can never go wrong with this.

60.5. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2
Bill Mosley is amazing. That is all.

October 25

61.5. Ginger Snaps Back: The Beginning
LOVE the Ginger Snaps series and finally got around to watching this one. Kind of confusing at first, but still a good film.

62.5. The Ward
Eh, could have been better, an ending that happened many times before. Though, does need to be seen again for a better understanding.

63. A Haunting: The Possessed
Slasher films are fun to watch, but not scary. This "true" shit about demons freaks me the heck out

63.5. A Haunting: The Presence
Very creepy. The Discover Channel knows how to put on a scare.

64. A Haunting: The Wheatsheaf Horror
A haunted bar. THAT is scary. Wish they dug a bit more, though.

64.5. A Haunting: The Unleashed
This is why I don't like witchcraft. Very messed up.

October 26

65.5. The Fly (1958)
Great classic film. Such a nice jump.

66.5. The Comedy of Terrors
Comedy horror at its finest. Great classic ending.

67.5. House of 1000 Corpses
Favorite horror flick, though now watching it again, towards the end it does get dumb. Too many stupid strange creeps which does not need to be there.

68. American Horror Story 1.3
This show gets better and better. Finally starting to really understand and like this show.

68.5. American Horror Story 1.4
Gets better and better each week. The story is finally flowing and making sense. The whole waiting a week thing is making me crazy.

69.5. The Devil's Reject

October 27

70.5. Black Sabbath (1964 American version)
Really good, but I think I have to see the other version to really understand and love the film like others have. Enjoyed the second story involving the supposed dead pimp.

71.5. Trick 'r Treat
Amazing story and I love it each and every time I watch it, probably more with age. Wished I actually went to the screenings to see what others had to say about it when they first saw it.

72.5. Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein
Funny and surprised the actors who made those creatures famous appeared in this comedy "horror". Pretty good, but rather see the movies that made them famous, unless I need a good laugh.

73.5. Strangeland
Dee Snider. When I first saw previews for this when I was a kid, I wanted to see it so badly. When I finally did who knows how long later, I loved it and was a bit scared. Now years later, it isn't as scary, but still a good story. Years ahead of its time.

74.5. The Man Who Knew Too Much (1934)
Really boring and lost my interest. Need to see the remake.

75.5. Insidious
First part was great, then it got stupid. Mother is hot, though, so can't complain. Wonder if they ever will do a part 2 lol.

October 28

76.5. Day of the Dead (2008)
Nothing beats the original. Another boring film.

77.5. Poltergeist II: The Other Side
It was ok, not as good as part one.

78.5. Child's Play
I don't know why people hate this so much. Funny comedy at it's best. Love it.

79.5. Ghost Ship
A wonderful movie. The scene at the beginning is one of the best in horror history.

80.5. Psycho
The original. A great story and wonderful characters. Can't go wrong there.

October 29

81.5. PuppetMaster
Wasn't as good as I was expecting.

82.5. PuppetMaster 2
Better than the first with better characters.

83.5. PuppetMaster 3
Better than the first two. Loved the story and characters. Really climbed up as a favorite film to watch now.

84.5. Thir13en Ghosts
Another favorite of mine. I reall do love Will's acting. The father in the film, though, really is a jerk.

85.5. The Blair Witch Project
Even after all of these years, still a great film.

86.5. A Nightmare on Elm Street
A true original. Can never go wrong with this.

87.5. Number Seventeen
Hitchcock puts me to sleep again.

88. The Walking Dead 2.3
Shane gets even better with time. Awesome.

October 31

89. The Wolf Man (1941)
The classic movie has great actors and a story. Better than the new stuff out there.

90. The Mummy's Curse (1944)
First black and white film besides the Hitchcock stuff that I just didn't like. Didn't really follow the story.

91. Thankskilling
WOW. What the hell did I just watch with this...

92. Zombiemania
Nice doc on zombies. Thought it was going to be a film, but I'm cool learning about the history of the dead.

93. Pharoah's Curse
Eh, another boring film. Not really digging these black and white films as much as the monster black and white films.

94. The Mummy's Hand

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