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Re: September Criterion Challenge 2011 - List Thread


Criterion Collection Challenge

* = first time viewing [currently 100%]

September 1
1. In the Mood for Love* (2000, 98 minutes) - Excellent film with amazing romantic tension. Best movie I've seen in a long time. Good use of thematic elements and staging.

September 2
2. A Woman Under the Influence* (1974, 155 minutes) - Despite it's reputation I found it more interesting for the style and character acting with the plot seeming a little forced.

September 3
3. That Obscure Object of Desire* (1977, 102 minutes) - Bunuel is good and this film is a playful look at lust and emotional attachment. It's a slow burner despite remaining enigmatic till the end.
4. The Match Factory Girl* [Eclipse](1990, 69 minutes) - Very bleak depressing film. Not sure about how feasible the ending is but I'm not in the mood for something optimistic.

September 4
5. W.R.: Mysteries of an Organism* (1971, 85 minutes) - Zany playful look at contradictions in freedom sexually and in politics. I can't decide if I like it or hate it but it's got a lot of direct material presented on challenging topics. I'm planning on checking out more detailed extras/commentary.

September 5
6. Hole in the Soul* [Additional film on W.R.: Mysteries of an Organism](1991, 53 minutes) - Clever and random but also a bit disjointed. Some of Makavejev's mysticism seems off (or I'm unable to appreciate the sarcasm).
7. A Woman is a Woman* (1961, 84 minutes) - I prefer Godard's later more "serious" political work.
8. Night of the Hunter* (1955, 93 minutes) - Wasn't sure going into this one but it lived up to it's reputation as an excellent film. Good creepy vibe with nice tension.

September 6
9. The Small Back Room* (1949, 107 minutes) -

Early goal: Watch a ton of Bergman and Godard... Bergman Eclipse, Contempt, Sawdust & Tinsel, Virgin Spring, Breathless, etc. Must find the most optimistic Criterion.

Watch one film from every decade covered by Criterion.
--- 1920 - (insert film title here)
--- 1930 - (insert film title here)
-X- 1940 - The Small Back Room (1949)
-X- 1950 - Night of the Hunter (1955)
-X- 1960 - A Woman is a Woman (1961)
-X- 1970 - That Obscure Object of Desire (1977), W.R.: Mysteries of an Organism (1971), etc
--- 1980 - (insert film title here)
-X- 1990 - The Match Factory Girl (1990, Eclipse)
-X- 2000 - In the Mood for Love (2000)
--- 2010 - (optional), (insert film title here)

Watch films in at least five languages.
-X- First language, French, That Obscure Object of Desire, A Woman is a Woman.
-X- Second language, Cantonese, In the Mood for Love.
-X- Third language, Serbo-Croatian, W.R. - Mysteries of an Organism.
-X- Fourth language, Finnish, The Match Factory Girl (Eclipse).
-X- Fifth language, English, A Woman Under the Influence.

Watch films from five different directors in Criterion’s top 10 (Kurosawa, Bergman, Ozu, Malle, Fellini, Renoir, Powell, Godard, Truffaut, Rossellini)
-X- First director, Godard, A Woman is a Woman
-X- Second director, Powell, The Small Back Room
--- Third director, (insert director),(insert title)
--- Fourth director, (insert director),(insert title)
--- Fifth director, (insert director),(insert title)

Watch a film from five different “themes” on Criterion’s website

-X- First theme name, "Virtually Reality" theme, W.R.: Mysteries of an Organism
-X- Second theme name, "Little Something Extra" theme, In the Mood for Love
-X- Third theme name, "Luis Bunuel" theme, That Obscure Object of Desire
-X- Fourth theme name, "Dysfunctional Families" theme, A Woman Under the Influence
-X- Fifth theme name, "Scary Movies" theme, Night of the Hunter

Watch something from spine number range:
--- 001-050 -
--- 051-100 -
-X- 101-150 - That Obscure Object of Desire (143), In the Mood for Love (147)
--- 151-200 -
-X- 201-250 - A Woman is a Woman (238)
-X- 251-300 - A Woman Under the Influence (253)
--- 301-350 -
-X- 351-400 - W.R. - Mysteries of an Organism (389)
-X- 401-450 - The Small Back Room (441)
--- 451-500 -
-X- 500-550 – Night of the Hunter (541)
--- 551-600 -
-X- an Eclipse title - The Match Factory Girl
--- Watch a title not released on DVD by Criterion (laserdisc or hulu offering, any format acceptable) -

--- Watch a film which won an Academy Award -
--- Watch a film with commentary –
--- Read an essay -
--- Watch a short -
-X- Watch a Criterion disc completely. Every part of it (photo stills, essays, commentary, booklets, etc). - W.R.: Mysteries of an Organism
--- Watch an entire Criterion Collector's Set/Eclipse Box Set -
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