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Re: Xbox addict dies from blood clot

From a medical standpoint, throwing a pulmonary embolism would be extremely uncommon in a 20 year old, unless he was actually bedridden. One prolonged gaming session wouldn't do much, unless he was in a hypercoagulable state -- smoking can do this, as can taking birth control pills (though I assume and hope he wasn't doing that). Perhaps he was morbidly obese and lived a very sedentary lifestyle. Certain people have a genetic condition that can cause for hypercoagulability (kind of the opposite of hemophilia). Certain cancers can cause it as well. In any event, as with most "video games are evil" news stories, there's more to this one than meets the eye.

That said, Movie Page, taking one baby aspirin a day might not be such a bad idea for you. Along with the occasional game breaks to stretch your legs.
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