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Re: Gohastings 1 time use 40% off code for video games

Just got my code. That only took about a week. And it is good until the end of the month. I'll look during lunch and see if there is anything worth my while.


Looking at the following four,

(all 360)
Red Dead Redemption, after 40% $11.30
Marvel vs Capcom 3 after 40% $19.68
Divinity II: The Dragon Knight Saga after 40% $18.46
Fable III Limited Edition Controller after 40% $20.09
after shipping $78.65
after tax, I am guessing close $85.

Which isn't bad. But MvsC3 will be $20 at some point you have to figure and it is just a controller (and used at that). So perhaps I take those two out. So we are left with Red Dead Redemption, which at $11.30 is pretty darn cheap (after shipping+tax would come to roughly $~14-$15) and Divinity II. I think Divinity is excellent, except the box is pretty big..I mean this is Hastings, I don't feel very good about my chances of this arriving safely. Do I take a $20 hit and see if maybe they come through ?

Oyie, I am talking myself out of this all together.

Edit 2: Divinity II just went out of stock. Screw this *beeeeep*
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