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Re: Second Annual Historical Appreciation Challenge List Thread

Netflix Instant Watch
* - First Time Viewing

June 1
1. My Name is Nobody*
2. Destry Rides Again*

June 2

June 3
3. X-Men: First Class* *WILDCARD*

June 4

June 5

June 6
4. The Battleship Potemkin*

June 7
5. The Quick and the Dead

June 8
6. Rescue Dawn

June 9
7. The Hurt Locker

June 10
8. Black Death*

June 11
9. Once Upon A Time in the West
10. Once Upon A Time in America

June 12

June 13
11. The Man Who Would Be King*

June 14
12. The Twilight Samurai*

13. The Thin Red Line*

June 15
14. Days of Heaven*

June 16
15. Love and Death: The Story of Bonnie and Clyde*
16. Bonnie and Clyde
17. The Patriot*

June 17

June 18
18. Quigley Down Under*
19. The Outlaw Josey Wales

June 19
20. The New World*

June 20
21. Unforgiven
22. The Proposition

June 21
23. L.A. Confidential

June 22
24. The Cowboys*

June 23
25. Yellow Sky*

June 24
26. True Grit (2010)
27. Broken Trail: Part 1
28. Broken Trail: Part 2

June 25 - 30

Check List

X Recreation of a specific Historical Event (like Apollo 13) - The Battleship Potemkin
--- Sports film
X Bio Pic - Rescue Dawn
X Documentary - Love and Death: The Story of Bonnie and Clyde
--- Folk Hero/Mythological (Robin Hood, Greek gods, etc.)
--- Judeo-Christian (based on stories from the Torah, Mishna, New Testament, etc.)
--- Non-Judeo-Christian religion (may be about an individual holy person, like Kundun)
--- Film about Women's History (prominent woman, feminism, etc.)
--- Film about minority rights (prominent minority figure, civil rights, etc.)
--- Film about LGBT rights (prominent LGBT figure, gay rights, etc.)

DECADES - Watch a film set--but not produced--during five different decades no more recent than the 1980s:
X Movie 1 (1900's) The Battleship Potemkin
X Movie 2 (1960s) X-Men: First Class
X Movie 3 (1920's) Once Upon A Time in America
X Movie 4 (1910's) Days of Heaven
X Movie 5 (1930's) Bonnie and Clyde

Watch a film that takes place during five different centuries prior to the 20th Century (Note Century of setting):
X Movie 1 (14th Century) Black Death
X Movie 2 (19th Century) The Twilight Samurai
X Movie 3 (17th Century) The New World
--- Movie 4 (Century)
--- Movie 5 (Century)

Watch 5 movies about historical events of different countries (Note Country of setting).
--- Movie 1 (Country)
--- Movie 2 (Country)
--- Movie 3 (Country)
--- Movie 4 (Country)
--- Movie 5 (Country)

--- Bio Pic of a War participant
--- Bio Pic of a Historical Person
--- Watch a Western Bio Pic
--- Watch a Sports or Humanities Bio Pic
--- Watch a Bio Pic about a prominent woman, minority or LGBT figure

Watch a Documentary from each of the following (may be as general or specific as you prefer):
--- War
--- Western
--- Historical Event
--- Biographical
--- Sports or Humanities (Miracle on Ice, Frida, etc.; lots of range here!)

Watch 5 movies that take place during different American wars. (Civil War, World Wars I or II, Viet Nam, etc.)
X The Hurt Locker (Iraq War)
X The Thin Red Line (WWII)
X The Patriot (American Revolutionary War)
X Movie 4 The Outlaw Josey Wales (American Civil War)
--- Movie 5

Watch 5 movies that take place during different countries' wars (Trojan War, Crusades, the Anglo-Zulu wars, etc.)
--- Movie 1
--- Movie 2
--- Movie 3
--- Movie 4
--- Movie 5

--- John Ford Western
X John Wayne Western - The Cowboys
--- "Singing Cowboy" Western
X Clint Eastwood Western - The Outlaw Josey Wales
X Spaghetti Western (not starring Clint Eastwood) - My Name is Nobody
X Comedy Western (may be spoof, parody or just humorous) The Quick and the Dead
X Western based on a novel - Destry Rides Again
--- Western told from perspective of Native Americans
X Western told from perspective of Outlaws - Unforgiven
X Western about cross-country travel (wagon train, cattle drive, etc.) Broken Trail

Wild Cards (3 max): These may be contemporary films that are representative of their era, such as Rebel without a Cause, Easy Rider, Saturday Night Fever, etc.
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