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Re: Second Annual Historical Appreciation Challenge List Thread

My List
  1. 6/01 Law and Order (1953)
  2. 6/06 This Is the Army
  3. 6/09 3:10 to Yuma (2007)
  4. 6/09 The Last Days of Frank and Jesse James
  5. 6/10 True Grit (1969) Commentary by Jeb Rosebrook, Bob Boze Bell and J. Stuart Rosebrook
  6. 6/11 Sex in the Ancient World "Egyptian Erotica"/"Prostitution in Pompeii"
  7. 6/12 Seraphim Falls Commentary with Pierce Brosnan, Writer/Director David Von Anckmen, and Production Designer Michael Hanan
  8. 6/17 Stagecoach (1939)
  9. 6/19 High Noon
  10. 6/20 Before Stonewall
  11. 6/20 Bonnie and Clyde
  12. 6/21 Ambush at Cimarron Pass
  13. 6/21 The General
    6/21 The Great Train Robbery (1903)
  14. 6/23 True Grit (2010)
  15. 6/24 Silverado - Along the Silverado Trail: A Western Historians' Commentary
  16. 6/24 Destry Rides Again
  17. 6/25 Heavenly Creatures
  18. 6/25 Winchester '73
  19. TV Content
    6/27 Look Here "Martin Luther King, Jr., October 27, 1957" (28:09)
    6/28 The Real Story "Pirates of the Caribbean" (46:10)
  20. 6/28 The Outlaw
  21. 6/29 Sword of the Valiant: Sir Gawain and the Legend of the Green Knight - contains some magical/fantasy elements
  22. 6/29 Amistad
    Victory at Sea
  23. 6/02 "Design for War"/"The Pacific Boils Over"/"Sealing the Breach"/"Midway Is East"
  24. 6/04 "Mediterranean Mosaic"/"Guadalcanal"/"Rings Around Rabaul"/"Marenstrum"
  25. 6/6-7 "Sea and Sand" (6/6)/"Beneath the Southern Cross"/"The Magnetic North"/"Conquest of Micronesia" (6/7)
  26. 6/17 "Melanesian Nightmare"/"Roman Renaissance"/"D-Day"/"Killers and the Kill"
  27. 6/26-30 "The Turkey Shoot"/"Two if by Sea"(6/26)/"The Battle for Leyte Gulf"/"Return of the Allies" (6/30)
  28. 6/30 "Full Fathom Five"/"The Fate of Europe"/"Target Surachi"/"The Road to Mandalay"
  29. 6/30 "Suicide for Glory"/"Design for Peace"

Check List

-X- Recreation of a specific Historical Event (like Apollo 13) - Amistad (cumulatively, the mutiny, capture and trials)
--- Sports film
-X- Bio Pic - The Last Days of Frank and Jesse James
-X- Documentary - Before Stonewall
-X- Folk Hero/Mythological (Robin Hood, Greek gods, etc.) - Sword of the Valiant: Sir Gawain and the Legend of the Green Knight (based on 14th Century poem, "Sir Gawain and the Green Knight")
--- Judeo-Christian (based on stories from the Torah, Mishna, New Testament, etc.)
--- Non-Judeo-Christian religion (may be about an individual holy person, like Kundun)
-X- Film about Women's History (prominent woman, feminism, etc.) - Bonnie and Clyde (Bonnie Parker)
-X- Film about minority rights (prominent minority figure, civil rights, etc.) - Amistad (landmark legal case over captured African slaves)
-X- Film about LGBT rights (prominent LGBT figure, gay rights, etc.) - Before Stonewall

DECADES - Watch a film set--but not produced--during five different decades no more recent than the 1980s:
-X- This Is the Army (1940s)
-X- Bonnie and Clyde (1930s)
-X- Heavenly Creatures (1950s)
--- Movie 4 (Decade)
--- Movie 5 (Decade)

Watch a film that takes place during five different centuries prior to the 20th Century (Note Century of setting):
-X- Law and Order (19th Century--1882)
-X- Sword of the Valiant: Sir Gawain and the Legend of the Green Knight (Arthurian England; late 5th/early 6th Century)
--- Movie 3 (Century)
--- Movie 4 (Century)
--- Movie 5 (Century)

Watch 5 movies about historical events of different countries (Note Country of setting).
-X- Heavenly Creatures (New Zealand)
-X- Sword of the Valiant: Sir Gawain and the Legend of the Green Knight (Arthurian England)
--- Movie 3 (Country)
--- Movie 4 (Country)
--- Movie 5 (Country)

--- Bio Pic of a War participant
-X- Bio Pic of a Historical Person - Bonnie and Clyde (Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow)
-X- Watch a Western Bio Pic - The Last Days of Frank and Jesse James
--- Watch a Sports or Humanities Bio Pic
-X- Watch a Bio Pic about a prominent woman, minority or LGBT figure - Heavenly Creatures (Pauline Parker and Juliet Hume)

Watch a Documentary from each of the following (may be as general or specific as you prefer):
-X- War - Victory at Sea (all 26 episodes; World War II)
--- Western
-X- Historical Event - Victory at Sea "D-Day"
--- Biographical
--- Sports or Humanities (Miracle on Ice, Frida, etc.; lots of range here!)

Watch 5 movies that take place during different American wars. (Civil War, World Wars I or II, Viet Nam, etc.)
-X- This Is the Army (World War I & World War II)
-X- The General (U.S. Civil War)
--- Movie 3
--- Movie 4
--- Movie 5

Watch 5 movies that take place during different countries' wars (Trojan War, Crusades, the Anglo-Zulu wars, etc.)
--- Movie 1
--- Movie 2
--- Movie 3
--- Movie 4
--- Movie 5

-X- John Ford Western - Stagecoach
-X- John Wayne Western - True Grit with commentary
--- "Singing Cowboy" Western
-X- Clint Eastwood Western - Ambush at Cimarron Pass
--- Spaghetti Western (not starring Clint Eastwood)
-X- Comedy Western (may be spoof, parody or just humorous) - The General
-X- Western based on a novel - Law and Order (based upon the novel "Saint'' Johnson by W.R. Burnett)
--- Western told from perspective of Native Americans
-X- Western told from perspective of Outlaws - The Last Days of Frank and Jesse James
-X- Western about cross-country travel (wagon train, cattle drive, etc.) - Stagecoach

Looking Back
Firstly, I was pleased to actually participate this year. I found June a nice month for exploring Westerns, but I confess I had little enthusiasm for most other eligible content. I really only had one goal: to finally watch Saving Private Ryan, which once again I failed to do. Strangely, I did make time to watch Amistad, which has a comparable run time, is also directed by Steven Spielberg, and is worth no checks on Go figure.

I had a somewhat ambiguous secondary goal, which was to get to some of the films starring Ronald Reagan in recognition of this being the centennial of his birth. To that end, I opened the challenge with Law and Order and This Is the Army. I much preferred the former; the later was a glorified talent show that didn't really engage my interest. I also finally got around to Victory at Sea, which I've owned on DVD for several years now. I didn't think I'd finish it, but I managed to make it through the last disc in its entirety on the last day.

Here are my awards:

Favorite Movie Watched (first time viewing): Amistad
Best/Most Brutal Catfight: Destry Rides Again
Most Overt Sexual Subtext: The Outlaw
Most Awkward Sex Scene: Bonnie and Clyde
Most Impressive Fight/Action Scene: Victory at Sea; lots of footage
Most Outrageous/Squeamish Killing: Heavenly Creatures
Best Performance: Djimon Hounsou in Amistad
Most WTF Moment: Billy the Kid pins down and rapes Rio (who has already tried to kill him to avenge her brother, whom he killed in events before the movie starts) in The Outlaw; later she falls for him in some kind of Stockholm Syndrome effect
Favorite Commentary Track: Silverado Along the Silverado Trail: A Western Historians' Commentary

Also, speaking as a participant and not making a formal declaration as host, I would once again nominate Ash Ketchum as the discussion thread MVP. I know when I stream a fifty year old Western I've never heard of and share my thoughts, he'll know something about it and help place it in its proper historical context for me. I particularly enjoyed debating the storytelling merits of Winchester '73.

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