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Re: May 2011 Make-Your-Own Challenge ***Lists Go Here***

I'm going to do an Iberian and Latin American (including Caribbean) challenge.
My rules will be:

1. A film that is from any of these countries and in its native language
2. films that are from out of the country but that take place entirely in one of these countries i.e. Turistas, Man On Fire, Girl from Rio, Westerns based on the Mexican Revolution or before the Mexican-American War (so old Mexican territory)
3. Film from one of these countries but not on the countries native languages due to dubbing or intentionally done in another language but with at least 70% crew from native contry. i.e. Kovak Box
4. TV shows are allowed if completely from one of these countries and in native language i.e. Epitafios
5. Concerts are allowed if longer that 60 minutes and by musician from one of these countries or foreign musicians in concert in one of these countries.
6. Territories are considered autonomous so a movie from France or the UK would not count unless one of the rules above applies
7. documentaries about a one of these countries or person/s from these countries allowed with no location restrictions.

May 1st
1. Tony Manero (Chile)
2. Me Best Enemy (Chile)
3. Se Permuta (Cuba)
4. Cafundo (Brasil)

May 2nd
5. Cama Adentro (Argentina)
6. Maluala (Cuba)

May 6th
7. Los Lobos de Washington (Spain)
8. Santo Lizbel (Mexico)
9. Bar "El Chino" (Argentina)

May 7th
10. El Chacal de Nahueltoro (Chile)
11. Mujeres Infieles (Chile)
12. Clandestinos (Cuba)

May 8th
13. Zuzu Angel (Brasil)
14. Taxi: Un Encuentro (Argentina)
15. Macunaima (Brasil)
16. Exxeso (Guatemala)

May 9th
17. Ed Motta: Ao Vivo (Brasil)

May 10th
18. Animalada (Argentina)
19. Talento de Barrio (Puerto Rico)
20. Cao sem Dono (Brasil)
21. La Gran Sangre (Peru)
22. El Polaquito (Argentina)

May 11th
23. God Is Brazilian (Brasil)
24. La Zona (Mexico)
25. El Esqueleto de La Senora Morales (Mexico)

May 12
26. Moi, Fidel Castro: 1. Un joven rebelde (France)
27. Moi, Fidel Castro: 2. Asalto al Moncada (France)
28. Moi, Fidel Castro: 3. El Che (France

May 14th
29. Yo Soy La Juani (Spain)

May 15th
30. Cinema, Aspirina e Urubus (Brasil)
31. Mirageman (Chile)
32. Orfeu (Brasil)
33. Amor, Dolor y Viceversa (Mexico)

May 16th
34. Drama/Mex (Mexico)

May 17th
35. Guantes Magicos (Argentina)
36. Rapado (Argentina)

May 18th
37. Via Lactea (Brasil)
38. Lifting de Corazon (Argentina)

May 20th
39. Seis Dias En La Oscuridad (Mexico)

May 21st
40. Edad De Las Luces (Spain)
41. O, Pai, O (Brasil)
42. Incautos (Spain)

May 22nd
43. Hello Hemingway (Cuba)
44. Derecho de Familia (Argentina)

May 23rd
45. Jamon Jamon (Spain)

May 25th
46. Silvia Prieto (Argentina)
47. Hamaca Paraguaya (Argentina)

May 28th
48. Canoa (Mexico)

May 30th
49. PVC-1
50. Rosarigasinos (Argentina)
51. Moi, Fidel Castro: 4. Mea Culpa (France)

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