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Re: May 2011 Make-Your-Own Challenge ***Lists Go Here***

Clean off my Hardrive

Total Space Used on Movie/Television : 182 GB
Spaced Cleaned: 1.59G
Space Added:
Percent. Done:

Total Files Watched: 32
New : 32/32

May 1st
1. Extreme Couponing S1E1
2. Extreme Couponing S1E2
3. Extremw Couponing S1E3
4. The Comedy Central Roast of Donald Trump
5. Family Guy S7E4 "Baby Not on Board"
6. Family Guy S7E6 "Tales of a Third Grade Nothing"
7. Family Guy S8E1 " Road to the Multiverse"
8. Fringe S3E19 " Lysergic Acid Diethylamide"

Deleted: 2.11G
Added: 2.19G

May 2nd
8. UFC 129 "Pierre vs Shields"
9. Chuck S4E14 "Chuck Versus the Seduction Impossible'
10. Chuck S4E15 "Chuck Versus the Cat Squad"
11. Chuck S4E16 "Chuck Versus The Masquerade"
12. Chuck S4E17 "Vhuvk versus The First Bank of Evil"
13. Fring S3E20 "6:02 AM EST"

Deleted: 4.034G
Not counted Delete: 3.088g
Added: 1.29G

May 3rd
14. Eagleheart S1E2 "Creeps"
15. Eagleheart S1E3 "Master of Da' Skies"
16. Chuck S4E18 "Chuck Versus the A-Team"
17. Chuck S4E19 "Chuck versus the Muuurder"
18. Chuck S4E20 "Chuck Versus The Family Volkoff"
19. Chuck S4E21 "Chuck versus the wedding Planner"
Deleted: 1.598
Not Counted Delete: 9.669
Added 2.3 G

Nothing Due to Vacation
May 15th
Not Counted Delete: 4.839
May16th to May22nd
May 23rd
20. Mothers Day
21. The Inheritance
22. The Tunnels
23. Paranormal Activity 2
24. Scott Pilgrim vs. The World
25. Eagleheart S1E4
26. The Roommate

Total Deleted: 6.63gb
May 24th
27. The Ultimate Fighter S13E7
Uncounted 700mb
May 25th
28. Social Network
29. Saw 3-D
Deleted: 2.87 GB

May 26th
30. Tropa De Elite
Deleted: 1.38 GB

May 27th
31. Eagleheart S1E5
Deleted: 100MB

May 28th
Tropa De Elite Part2
Deleted: 698 MB
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