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Re: LIST THREAD 2nd Annual Drive-In/Exploitation/B-Movie Challenge March 31-April 30

-Watch 50 movies
-get 75% of the checklist done
-90% of my list to be first viewings


April 19th

24. Deliverance(1972) | First Time Viewing | TV
It's hard to believe this was my first time seeing this movie. I can see why it's such a classic tale of survival. I'm not really sure what to say what hasn't been said before except if you're like me and hadn't seen this yet, do yourself a favor and check it out.
RATING: 8/10

April 20th

25. Half Baked(1998) | DVD
One of the best stoner comedies of all time, it seemed fitting to watch this on 4/20. There's honestly not a bad thing I can say about it. I've seen it a million time by now and it's still hilarious with every viewing
RATING: 9/10

April 21st

26. Scream 4(2011) | WILDCARD BITCHES! | First Time Viewing | Theater
While it's not as relevant as the original Scream was it's every bit as good. My only real gripe is that it doesn't deliver as good on the gore/blood department.
RATING: 8/10

April 25th

27. Doghouse(2009) | First Time Viewing | Netflix instant viewing
I've been meaning to check this one out for awhile now so it was a pleasant suprise to not only see that it was recently added to netflix's instant queue but the distributer was on the automatic safe list. The story is about a group of friends that plan a retreat to some nowhere town only to find that a virus just effecting women has spread through the town creating weapon wielding, zombie like creatures. The premise and the cast sounded great which is why this movie was such a letdown. I was really hoping for more but it tends to just jump around a bit to much and be rather uninteresting. It's not all bad, just not all that great either.
RATING: 6/10

28. Ninja Vengeance(1988) | First Time Viewing | Netflix instant viewing
"Once again we've been use force."
That's just a taste of the wonderfully intelligent dialogue presented throughout this film. I stumbled across this on netflix and it seemed like pure gold. Ninja Vs. KKK? Hell Yes! Unforunately our so called ninja spends the whole movie running, getting his ass kicked, gets shot in the ass, catches on fire, and did I mention he get's his ass kicked a lot? We wouldn't even know he was a ninja if it weren't for the flashbacks of him "training" which really is just learning what seems to be basic kung-fu. The only reason I'm giving this a 1 is because it turns out the main female lead actual had a nice pair of breasts hiding under her frumpy ass outfit the whole movie.
RATING: 1/10

April 27th

29. Showdown in Little Tokyo(1991) | First time viewing | Netflix instant view
This is just about what you would expect from a B-movie buddy cop martial arts film featuring Dolph Lundgren. I honestly didn't expect to get into this to much as I did but it's damn near perfect as far as mindless action flicks go. Dolph and Brandon Lee seem like they are having a generally good time throughout the movie and that lighthearted attitude towards the film just makes it so much better. For mindless b-movie action I say definitely check this out.
RATING: 8/10

April 30th

30. Ticked-off Trannies with Knives(2010) | First Time Viewing | DVD
I'm not sure what I really expected but I'm disappointed. The acting and production values weren't half bad for the low budget but the filmmaking was pretty atrocious. I honestly believe Israel Luna has no idea what the hell to do behind a camera which is a shame because the actors in the movie really make it a wonderfully weird trip.
RATING: 6/10

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