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Re: LIST THREAD 2nd Annual Drive-In/Exploitation/B-Movie Challenge March 31-April 30

I'll take a shot. It'll give me a reason to watch some stuff that's been sitting neglected on my shelves.

1. Drive-In Movie Memories (2001) DVD
Documentary about drive-in theaters. We're not talking Ken Burns, here, though. It's more of an overview with plenty of talking heads and archival clips. Worthwhile for some of the history you may not be familiar with.
2. Kill and Kill Again (1981) Youtube - James Ryan
Light-hearted sequel to Kill or Be Killed. Cheesy fun as Steve Chase (James Ryan) collects a group of fighting heroes (ala Seven Samurai/Magnificent Seven/etc...) to defeat the evil Marduk's plans of world domination via mind-control and karate! Plenty of action, but no blood to speak of. Positively cartoonish at times, but not to its detriment. I think there's a trailer for it on 42nd Street Forever Volume 5.

3. The Silencers (1966) DVD - Dean Martin *wild card
Matt Helm stops Big O from causing WWIII. The credits open with a couple of burlesque-type strippers, stripping and it's kinda cheap looking. On the other hand, while you do see the results of gun shots (exit holes), there is a woeful lack of blood and it was a hit (enough to generate a sequel). It's fun if you can get into Dean's schtick and there were a few time's I thought I had wandered into a musical, but there's plenty of cleavage (Stella Stevens, Daliah Lavi), at least.

4.Zotz! (1962) DVD - dir William Castle - Tom Poston
Ego-centric Prof. Jonathan Jones (Tom Poston) ends up with a magic coin that turns his life upside down. Affable fantasy/comedy from William Castle.
5.Carry on Camping (1969) DVD - Sid James, Kenneth Williams
A couple of blokes want to move their relationship with their girlfriends to the next stage, so they try to take them camping at a nudist camp ground...only nothing goes has planned. The 17th movie in the series. Sure the bus load of nubile school girls are all in their thirties or thereabout, but that doesn't get in the way of the shenanigans. Plenty of broad innuendo laced humor and lots of physicMr. Moto's Last Warningal comedy. It was a fun movie.
6.So Darling, So Deadly (1966) DVD
Smarmy lady's man private eye Jo Walker and uptight beefcake NYC detective Tom Rowland adventure in Singapore trying to protect a scientist, his invention and his daughter from the clutches of the Golden Dragon. Shooting in Singapore gave the movie a nice exotic feel. Good but nothing special.

7. Fritz the Cat (1972) DVD
Fritz the cat, disillusioned with his life, sows chaos while searching for adventure, enlightenment and sex. An animated snapshot of it's time. Fritz is endearing all the while you want to take a 2X4 to the back of his head to knock some sense into him.
8. The Tall T (1957) DVD - Randolph Scott
Honey mooning couple are kidnapped and the wife held for hostage by bandits, Scott inadvertently comes along for the ride. Excellent low-budget character driven Western. This movie proves that it's not small budgets that make bad movies, just small minds. (It being a Western didn't hurt though).
9. The Bermuda Depths (1978) DVD
Rankin-Bass fantasy for the ABC Movie of the Week series. Scientists searching for giant sea creatures find more than they bargained for and I suppose you could say it's wrapped in a ghost story of sorts. The R-B special effects look like they're straight out of Toho. Connie Sellecca's first starring role.
10. Above the Law (1986) DVD - Cynthia Rothrock, Yuen Biao
A vigilante HK prosecutor is implicated in a murder he didn't commit. Downbeat HK action flick. And I when I say action flick I mean it's chock-full of action and fights choreographed by Yuen Biao. Rothrock is a good cop who get in over her head. Classic bit of mid-eighties HK movie-makingl.

11. Not of this Earth (1957) DVD
Mr. Johnson, an alien from a dying world, cases earth for invasion. Solid sci-fi b-movie.

12. A Queen's Ransom (1976) DVD - George Lazenby, Wang Yu, Angela Mao
George (George Lazenby) and Jimmy (WangYu) plan to assassinate Queen Elizabeth II during her historic visit to Hong Kong in 1975. Enjoyable caper flick with plenty of double crosses. Some nice fights including Wang Yu vs Bolo Yeung and George Lazenby vs Angela Mao.
13. MST3K Episode 101 - The Crawling Eye (1989) DVD
A mountain in Switzerland has been invaded by tentacled, telepathic aliens bent on conquering the world. First episode on Comedy Central. Joel and the bots endure The Crawling Eye, a decent, sci-fi horror movie starring Forrest Tucker and Janet Munro. The boys start slow but they're chugging along nicely by the last quarter of the movie.

14. Tenebrae (1982) DVD
Some one in Rome is murdering women visciously while taunting an American mystery writer (Anthony Franciosa), who's in Rome to publicize his latest book. Classic Argento giallo with a fine Goblin-esque score. A couple of scenes are almost unbearable.
15. Attack of the Crab Monsters (1957) DVD
Giant mutated land crabs stalk a group of scientists on a distant atoll. The explanation for the monsters was just plain silly, but it was a nice touch having them being capable of reasoning. Russell Johnson was a reasonably convincing hero.

16. Hudson Hawk (1991) DVD (Metascore 17)
Reformed cat-burglar Hudson Hawk (Bruce Willis) is coerced into stealing the key parts of Da Vinci's gold making machine by a couple of megalomaniac billionaires. A critical flop on release and it still doesn't get much respect. Sandra Bernhard and Richard Grant are waaay over the top as the "Bond" villains. I think it's a genial mess; everyone seems to be having a good time and that rubs off. Plus, it moves a brisk pace which doesn't hurt.

17. Screwballs (1983) DVD
Five male high schoolers vow to cop a peek at the breasts of the school's bitch queen, the hot Purity Bush, before Home-coming. Yes, it's as puerile as it sounds, but there are a few good gags, the girls are cute and there's plenty of skin. Only thing that kinda bothered me was it seemingly took place in the late Fifties or early Sixties, but the high school was straight out of the Seventies or Eighties, and girls didn't wear underwear or bathing suits like that in the Fifties either, etc...still, getting hung up on minutiae like that for a movie like this is silly. You could do worse.

18. The Crawling Eye (1958) DVD
There's an odd cloud on Trollenberg mountain, and there's something even odder and more dangerous inside the cloud. Solid British sci-fi b-movie, starring Forrest Tucker (to suck the American market in).
19. Killer Bean Forever (2009) DVD
Killer Bean, an assassin for the Shadow Agency, arrives in Bean City on the most important assignment of his life. Animated action movie featuring coffee beans with plenty of coffee puns. Sounds silly, but it is kick ass. Some of the animation is crude, but the fight choreography is beautiful. The last fight, between Killer Bean and Jet Bean is great.

20. The Man Who Saves the World (aka Turkish Star Wars) (1982) Google Video
Turkish version of Star Wars, which plays more like Flash Gordon. I can commend the enthusiasm of the cast/film-makers, but not much else. Plenty of fights with CŁneyt Arkin showing off his "martial arts prowess" . It even includes a martial arts training montage. Film and music clips from a dozen different movies, maybe.
21. Challenge of the Tiger (1980) DVD - Bruce Le, Richard Harrison
Secret formula, exotic locations, tits and kung-fu fighting, including Bruce Le vs a bull. Any movie that has two topless women playing tennis less than three minutes into the feature can't be all bad, and it's not. The fights are decent, female nudity copious and there's plenty of Harrison in the near buff for the ladies. The English dub is only to be endured, though.
22. Resurrection of the Little Match Girl (2002) DVD
It's a game or is it? The Korean Avalon (Mamoru Oshii), which borrows from The Matrix and maybe there's a touch of the Wizard of Oz, too. A critical and financial flop at home. The plot is byzantine, at best. If you're a gamer, there's a lot to appreciate. If not, there's still plenty of action to watch.

23. The Terror MP4 (downloaded from (1938) - Alastair Sim
Mysterious madman steals gold shipment and rats out his two cohorts. Ten years later they show up at an English manor with gold and revenge on mind. This is the first Edgar Wallace film adaption. Even though it's not German all the pieces are more or less in place, so I'm going to call it the proto-krimi. Fun production.
24. The Giant of Metropolis (1961) DVD - Gordon Mitchell
Strong-man Obro travels to the advanced, decadent city of Metropolis to warn it's ruler of impending doom and becomes embroiled in a life or death struggle for survival. Wonky mixture of peplum and sci-fi.

25. The Snorkel (1958) DVD
Young Candy's murderous step-father finally get's around to killing her mother (after killing her father years ago). Candy knows it was foul play, but no one believes her so she sets out to prove it, making a target of herself. Nice cat & mouse thriller from Hammer and that ending was cold...but not stone cold.

26. The Final Programme (The Last Days of Man on Earth) (1973) DVD
Distributed by Roger Cormans's New World Pictures in '74, as The Last Days of Man on Earth. Cold blooded Miss Brunner, co-opts Jerry Cornelius' co-operation to retrieve a micro-film that will allow her to complete her mad experiment in immortality in the twilight of the current age of man. What an odd movie. It was directed by Robert Fuest of Dr. Phibes acclaim and shows many of the same stylistic touches. It's not particularly faithful to Moorcock's source material, but then most movies aren't faithful to their source material. Last time I saw it was the early Eighties, I think. Time's been kind to it.

27. Drive-in (1976) Stream
One crazy night at a small town Texas drive-in. This isn't a movie so much as a time capsule. The town didn't need a name cause for all practical purposes it was any small town in Texas circa 1976. Sure it's a little exaggerated, but if you lived in Texas in '76 it almost plays like a documentary.

28. The Eternal Evil of Asia (1995) DVD
Good Thai wizard goes bad seeking revenge against a quartet of HK screw-ups. Supernatural Cat III at it's sleazy finest. It's a bit like Black Magic (1975) with more tits and sex.

29. Taxi (1998) DVD
Speed demon Marseilles cab driver Daniel helps sad sack cop Emilien catch a band of hot-rod German bank robbers, the Mercedes Gang. This movie's a good time with some good car stunts. You gotta love it when Daniel's car has almost as many controls as the Mach 5.

30. The Chain Reaction (1980) DVD
A vacationing couple fall afoul a corporation's efforts to cover-up a catastrophic accident at a nuclear waste disposal facility. Car chases, nudity, a murderous mute henchman and hick Aussie cops make for a fine slice of nuclear paranoia cinema.

31. The Punisher (1989) DVD
Frank Castle blasts, punches and stabs his way through mobsters and yakuza in the first of the Punisher adaptions. This is the most comic-bookish of the Punisher films. I noticed Lani Tupu (in the credits as Larney Tupu) as one of the made men. Except for Dolph's make-up this is a bloody, good movie.

32. Kick-Ass (2010) DVD *wildcard
Mild mannered teen decides to don a costume and fight crime; after many mis-adventures, he finally gets a chance to live up to his moniker - Kick-Ass. Got a little bit of a streak here. First time watch. Sure it's big budget, but in it's heart of hearts, Kick-Ass is pure exploitation. That fight at the end was sublime.

33. Godzilla and Other Movie Monsters (1998) DVD
Well, it's a documentary about Godzilla and other movie monsters, plus it throws in some fact with the fiction. Pretty close to a turkey. It's filled with redundancies and the pace is meandering, but there are a few interesting bits to keep it from being a total loss.

34. Galaxina (1980) DVD
Deep space police cruiser, the Infinity, is sent to a distant planet to retrieve a rare mineral; in the meantime Sargent Thor and Galaxina, the ship's robot, fall in love. Corny, goofy and filmed on a shoe-string budget. Dorothy Stratten is adequate in near drek like this, even if she isn't given a lot to do. She may not lift the material, but her luminous appearance makes it easier to get through. Avery Schreiber's shtick is oddly comforting. An amiable time-killer.

35. The War in Space (1977) DVD
Earth is attacked by the Emperor of the Galaxy from a base on Venus, in retaliation, Earth sends the Space Battleship Gohten to Venus to destroy the enemy. For something with all that shooting, spies, explosions and spaceships it's kinda ponderous. Plays a lot like Prince of Space with better special effects. Any camp is definitely not intentional.
36. Five Element Ninjas (1982) DVD
The Chinese Martial Arts Alliance is nearly obliterated by Japanese ninjas, the sole survivor, returns to the one man who can teach him to defeat his deadly ninja nemeses. As fine an example of a Chang Cheh testosterone fest as you'll ever find. Purports to be historically accurate, at least in regard of the ninja weapons. Blood and machismo overflow.
37. Shaolin Soccer (2001) DVD
A group of former Shaolin students form a soccer team under the tutelage of a disgraced soccer star, using their kung-fu skills to compete for the national soccer championship. Sure it's fantasy kung-fu on the more fantastical side, but it's still tons o'fun.

38. Swordsman (1990) DVD
The palace's head eunuch goes on the warpath when the Sacred Volume is stolen from the Emperor's library. Eventually many parties, strive against each other to retrieve the Sacred Volume, which will give it's possessor untold power. Sword fights and gruesome deaths aplenty. Wu xia Directed by King Hu and produced by Tsui Hark.

39. A Valiant Villain (1969) DVD
A town's strong man thug is reformed by the love of a woman displaced from her village by a man-eating tiger. Plenty of swordplay and fights. Any movie with a man vs river dragon scene get a pass in my book.

40. The Secret of the Dirk (1970) DVD
Two groups vie to recover a lost treasure. Early Seventies wu-xia with the typical bits of suspense, mystery and betrayal. Plenty of solid sword fights and while the dirk isn't the MacGuffin, it does have a key part in the movie (and it does have a secret).
41. MST3K Episode 1011 - Horrors of Spider Island (1999) DVD
Mike & the bots "enjoy" a skin filled romp with Horrors of Spider Island. After the plane they're traveling to Singapore on crashes, the surviving gaggle of dancers end up on a almost deserted island where the boob wrangling them gets bitten by a radioactive spider and becomes a hairy faced, toothy strangling maniac. Terrible movie, only saved by the enormous amount of gratuitous skin on display and the boys' quick wits.

42. Dragon Blue (1996) DVD
A young feng shui expert finds out she is the last descendant of the dragon clan and must use her heritage to defend humans against demons, starting with a remote Japanese island where young women have been disappearing. Decent time-killer; emphasis is more on the fantasy than horror, though there is one nice fish kill along with a bit of softcore t&a. The effects are sparse, but adequate with the demon in a pretty nice rubber suit.
43. Gun Crazy - Beyond the Law (2002) DVD
After her partner takes forged evidence from the yakuza, who then kill him after the evidence is reputed, her life is saved by a gun man out for vengeance; she takes up the way of the gun too, but eventually ends up against her mentor. Good girl w/gun flick. Doesn't waste time with unnecessary stuff like romance; it's all about the guns.

44. Mr. Moto's Last Warning (1939) Google Video
Mr Moto stops saboteurs from blowing up the French fleet as they enter the Suez Canal. Entertaining, fast moving little suspense movie. It looked like Peter Lorre did most of his own stunts.
45. Cannibal Women in the Avocado Jungle of Death (1989) DVD
Dr Margo Hunt braves the deepest depths of the southern California Avacado Jungle to find rogue ethnologist Dr. Kurtz, lost on an expedition to find the Piranha Women. The cannibalism is mostly implied, and the satire and parody broad. Still, Shannon Tweed, Adrienne Barbeau and Karen Mistal; what's not to like?

46. Take Aim at the Police Van (1960) DVD
Pollyanna prison officer, Tamon, kicks over a hornet's nest when he delves into who ambushed the prison transport he was supervising. Good noir from Nikkatsu that keeps you guessing till the end.

47. That Man in Chang-An (1967) DVD
The mysterious Masked Man (in black) defends the kingdom from a rogue General usurping the Han kingdom with the aid of the Hun. Fun old school Shaw Bros period drama. The fightings got more enthusiasm than skill, but the story is fun, a lot like Zorro/Scarlett Pimpernel in ancient China.

48. Shanghai Joe (1973) DVD
Chin Hao immigrates to America to become a cowboy, instead he finds intolerance and injustice, which he sorts out one round-house kick at a time. Episodic spaghetti western/martial arts mash-up. The fights are good and the villains are reprehensible.
49. Boot Hill (1969) DVD
A circus helps two gunmen free a town from a gold company murderous exploiting of the local gold miners. Yes, it's a lesser Hill/Spencer movie and a lesser spaghetti western. Still it gets some marks for originality, even though there's another, 'Look! Bud Spencer in a barroom brawl', scene. Score was atypical, kinda jazzy a few times, along with all the circus music.
50. Swordman II(1992)DVD
Asia the Invincible uses the Sacred Scroll to take over the Sun Moon Sect and tries to conquer the Mainland. Swordsman sequel; confusing, but kinectic wu xia.


If a category is listed as "Optional", it does not need to be
filled to "complete" the checklist. There are 10 free spots you may apply to non-Optional categories.
As with other checklists, titles can count for multiple categories.

Some of these categories are so obscure we're giving 10 free spots of your choosing to fill in the list.

Watch one film from every decade of film history.
* 1890 - (insert film title here)(Optional)
* 1900 -(optional)
* 1910 -(optional)
* 1920 -(optional)
* 1930 - The Terror
* 1940 -
* 1950 -
* 1960 - A Valiant Villain
* 1970 - The Final Programme (The Last Days of Man on Earth)
* 1980 - Cannibal Women in the Avocado Jungle of Death
* 1990 - Swordsman
* 2000 - Shaolin Soccer

Watch a film for each rating:
* G - (optional)
* PG - Drive-in
* PG-13 - (optional)
* R - Kick-Ass
* X (or NC-17) - Fritz the Cat
* Unrated (post-MPAA 1968) - Killer Bean Forever

Watch films in at least three formats (DVD, BD, HD DVD, Laserdisc, TV, online, Streaming Netflix type, UMD, theater, iPod, VHS-sourced{VHS transferred to DVD-+R is fine}).
* First format, (DVD), (The Eternal Evil of Asia).
* Second format, (Google Video), (Mr. Moto's Last Warning).
* Third format, (insert format), (insert title).

Watch a film in an actual Drive-in. (optional) (insert title)

Watch a film in the following genres:
A Token Science Fiction B-Movie: Not of this Earth
A Token Horror B-Movie:
Italian (or European) films of the following Genres:
* Eurospy (James Bond ripoffs) - So Darling, So Deadly
* Giallo
* Sword & Sandal - The Giant of Metropolis
* Spaghetti Western - Shanghai Joe
* Cannibal Film
* Mafia/Gangster Film
Martial Arts film:
* Bruce Lee-sploitation (Starring any variation on Bruce Li, Le, etc.) - Challenge of the Tiger
* Hong Kong (or other Asian) film - A Queen's Ransom
* American film - Kill and Kill Again
* Any "Ninja" film - Five Element Ninjas
* Bonus* Actual Bruce Lee film
Biker Film
Stoner Film
Carsploitation Film - Taxi
* Any type- Carry on Camping
* Nudie Cutie
* Roughie
* 70s Porn
* Emmanuelle Film
* Teen Sex Comedy - Screwballs
Rape/Revenge Film
Vigilante Film - The Punisher
Women in Prison
Eschploitation (religious end times, or general religious exploitation)
Roadshow Exploitation/30s-40s "Cautionary" films
"Hood" Film ("Gangsta")
Hollywood Gangster film (Film Noir era)
Juvenile Delinquent Film
60s Beach Movie
Film starring Musical Group or Music Star (that did not become a legit actor)
* *Bonus* Elvis film
Ozploitation - The Chain Reaction
Mexican Wrestling Film
Foreign "Ripoff" film (such as Turkish cinema) - The Man Who Saves the World (aka Turkish Star Wars)
Bollywood Film (actual, not a Hollywood pastiche)
Eco-Terror Film - Attack of the Crab Monsters
"Mondo" Film
Documentary ABOUT B-Movies/Exploitation/Drive-ins or those involved in their production - Drive-in Movie Memories
Video Nasty - Tenebrae
TV-Movie - The Bermuda Depths
* Lifetime Channel Movie
Bad Sequel to a "Well regarded film"
Critical Bomb (Less than 20% Rotten Tomatoes or Metacritic or IMDB Bottom 100 {Bottom 100 archive}) - Hudson Hawk
Financial Bomb - Resurrection of the Little Match Girl
MST3K/RiffTrax (or Cinematic Titanic) version of a film - MST3K Episode 1011 - Horrors of Spider Island
Non-MST3K version of a film featured on MST3K (or CT) - The Crawling Eye

Watch 10 films starring anyone from the actors safe list.
* 1 Victor Buono - The Silencers *wild card
* 2 Randolph Scott - The Tall T
* 3 Cynthia Rothrock - Above the Law
* 4
* 5
* 6
* 7
* 8
* 9
* 10

Watch 10 films Directed/Produced by anyone from the directors/producers safe list.
* 1 Zotz! - William Castle
* 2
* 3
* 4
* 5
* 6
* 7
* 8
* 9
* 10

Watch 5 films from those in the Studio/Distributor safe list.
* 1 Hammer - The Snorkel
* 2 Crown International Pictures - Galaxina
* 3 Discotek - The War in Space
* 4 Shout! Factory - MST3K Episode 101 - The Crawling Eye
* 5

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