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Re: LIST THREAD 2nd Annual Drive-In/Exploitation/B-Movie Challenge March 31-April 30

2011 Drive-In/Exploitation/B-Movie Challenge

Goal: 50

DVD | Blu-ray

☼ = First Time Viewing

March 31
01. The Babysitter (1969)This was actually pretty good. Has everything you would expect in a B-Movie: gratuitous nudity, lesbianism, motorcycle gang, corny dialog and blackmail, but also, some semblance of a plot. I enjoyed it. 6/10
02. Weekend with the Babysitter (1970)Not a sequel to The Babysitter, but does share the director and lead actor in a different role. Not great, but much better than the 1.9 rating it has on IMDB. 4/10

April 1
03. Pink Angels (1976)Quite possibly the worst movie I've ever seen. 0/10
04. Blood Mania (1970)Meh. Watched this four days ago and can't remember anything remarkable about it. 3/10

April 3
05. Single Room Furnished (1968)Mediocre drama featuring the final performance from Jayne Mansfield playing three roles. Not really bad, but not very good either. 5/10
06. Van Nuys Blvd. (1979)Another typical teen sex comedy about cruising with high school students who looked to be at least 25. Surprised to see it was made in 1979; it seemed much older. 3/10
07. The Pom Pom Girls (1976) See comments immediately above. 3/10

April 4
08. Malibu Beach (1978) Forgot I had watched this last year until I saw the dog trained to steal bikini tops. He's still the highlight of the movie. 3/10

April 5
09. Julien Donkey-Boy (1999)I'm not going to pretend I'm smart enough to figure this one out, but I was fascinated by it. I think maybe it's like a train wreck; I just couldn't look away! 5/10
10. Death Wish (1974)Now that's more like it! Loved every second of it. I thought I had seen at least part of this before, maybe on TV, but nothing seemed familiar. I think I must have caught part of one of the sequels. 7/10

April 6
11. Out for Justice (1991)I've got to admit I love these Steven Seagal movies, especially the older ones where he was thinner and could still move. Non-stop action from start to finish. Paper thin plot, but if you're watching these kind of movies for the plot, you're probably watching the wrong kind of movies. 6/10

April 7
12. Angels Hard as They Come (1971)Decent biker film starring Scott Glenn and Gary Busey. Written and produced by Jonathon Demme. Not a good movie, but not bad for what it is. 6/10
13. The Wild Ride (1960)Early Jack Nicholson film where he plays a smart-ass punk and plays it well. Movie is pretty predictable, but watchable. 4/10

April 9
14. Bury Me an Angel (1972)One of the better biker/revenge films I've seen. Shot from the female view which makes it unique among this genre. 7/10
15. The Fast and the Furious (1955)Pretty good film, but nothing that hasn't been done many times before and since. I enjoyed it. 5/10

April 10
16. Naked Angels (1969)Another biker/revenge story. Might have liked it better had I not just seen Bury Me an Angel. 4/10
17. The Winner (1969)Released a couple of years later under the name "Pit Stop". Entertaining racing movie with a bit of a twist ending. Not bad at all. 6/10
18. On Deadly Ground (1994)Another entertaining Seagal movie. Excellent performance by Michael Caine as the bad guy oil exec. Not crazy about the political statement it was trying to make, but it you're able to seperate it, it's actually a pretty entertaining film. 6/10

April 11
19. T-Bird Gang (1959)Decent revenge film. Nothing really stands out about it, but it wasn't bad. 4/10
20. Hell Ride (2008)Pretty good modern day biker film. Tarantino lends his name to it, and if you're a fan of his, you'll like it. You can definitely see his influence, but it's not as good as most of his films. 7/10

April 12
21. Hercules (1983)Oh, boy, where do I start on this one? Bad script, bad acting, bad effects all add up to one of those movies that's so bad it's good. Can't help but laugh at many scenes; the bear fight scene really stands out. 2/10

April 13
22. The Adventures of Hercules (1985)More of the same. It's amazing to me that Hercules actually got a sequel!!! How can you not like a movie that has The Little People, The Slime People, The Sword of Ice and The Fire Monster all in the same film? 2/10

April 14
23. Roy Colt and Winchester Jack (1970)My first Mario Bava film, and even though it doesn't appear to be one of his better films, I loved it. Good story mixed with just the right amout of humor. I can't wait to get into some of his "better films". 7/10

April 16
24. Man with the Screaming Brain (2005)Not bad at all. Good performances by Bruce Campbell, Stacy Keach and Ted Raimi. This movie was absolutely made for this challenge! 6/10

April 17
25. Four Times That Night (1972)Decent sex comedy from Mario Bava. I didn't enjoy it as much as Roy Colt and Winchester Jack because it got a little repetitive as it's the same story told from four points of view. 4/10
26. Five Dolls for an August Moon (1970)Pretty good murder mystery from Mario Bava. Got a little confusing with all the twists and turns it took, but it was entertaining and kept me guessing until the end. 6/10

April 18
27. Frankenfish (2004)Giant fish terrorize Louisiana swamp. Actually with a name like Frankenfish, I was expecting a little more comedy, but it plays as a straight horror film. Not too bad, but not great either. 4/10
28. Black Dynamite (2009)Loved it!!! My favorite movie of the challenge so far. I can see multiple viewings in the future. I can dig it! 9/10

April 19
29. Knives of the Avenger (1966)Another Mario Bava film that was pretty good. Amazed to learn that Bava took over for a fired director and filmed the entire movie in six days. 6/10
30. Red Eye (2005)Decent thriller directed by Wes Craven. Not your typical Craven film. Almost seemed a little to slick and polished to qualify for this challenge and probably wouldn't had Craven not been on the safe list. 5/10

April 20
31. The Student Nurses (1970)This was pretty bad. Just a bunch of scenes strung together with very little continuity. 2/10

April 21
32. Private Duty Nurses (1971)Absolutely terrible and one of the worst transfers I've ever seen. Many scenes were so dark you couldn't see what was going on. 1/10
33. Night Call Nurses (1972)A little better than my previous two entries. At least it tried to interject some humor and didn't take itself so seriously. 4/10

April 22
34. The Young Nurses (1973)More of the same. I don't understand why these nurse movies take themselves so seriously. 3/10

April 23
35. Candy Stripe Nurses (1974)Best and last of the nurse movies I've been watching. Fair amount of humor and nudity. 4/10
36. The Student Teachers (1973)I'm working my way through Roger Corman's Best of the B's - Volume 2 and this is the best of the bunch so far. Decent storyline (although all over the palce) and a far amount of nudity make it watachable. 5/10

April 25
37. Summer School Teachers (1974)Not too bad. The teacher movies in this set were definitely better than the nurse movies. 5/10
38. Captivity (2007)This sat in my unwatched pile for at least two years. I usually can watch Elisha Cuthbert do nothing, but I never got around to watching this because I kept hearing it was so bad. Well, it is bad, but not as bad as I feared. There were some good ideas here, but something was missing. I kept thinking is was going to turn into something good, but it just never developed. 4/10

April 26
39. Kings of South Beach (2007)Decent made for TV movie. Takes a little while to get going, but once the obvious twist is revealed, picks up a little steam. 4/10
40. Rabid Dogs (1974)Excellent Mario Bava thriller. This and Black Dynamite are my favorite two movies from this challenge so far. Can't decide which one I like better. Plan to watch the other cut, Kidnapped, before the month is over, but from all indications, this is the superior version. 9/10

April 27
41. The Fly II (1989)Maybe not a bad stand alone movie, but fails as a sequel to The Fly. 4/10

April 29
42. Kidnapped (1974)Completely different feel to this version of the film as compared to Rabid Dogs, and not for the better. Still not bad, but if you can only watch one version, watch Rabid Dogs instead. 6/10

April 30
43. Fire Down Below (1997)One of the better Steven Seagal movies. He was still a bad ass here. 6/10
44. Rock 'N' Roll High School (1979)A classic, especially if you're a Ramones fan. 7/10
45. Maximum Risk (1996)Action packed Jean-Claude Van Damme movie. Two or three really good car/foot chases. What can I say, I love these cheesy Seagal and Van Damme films. 6/10

Watch one film from every decade of film history.
--- 1890 - (insert film title here)(Optional)
--- 1900 -(optional)
--- 1910 -(optional)
--- 1920 -(optional)
--- 1930 -
--- 1940 -
-X- 1950 - The Fast and the Furious (1955)
-X- 1960 - The Babysitter (1969)
-X- 1970 - Weekend with the Babysitter (1970)
-X- 1980 - Hercules (1983)
-X- 1990 - Julien Donkey-Boy (1999)
-X- 2000 - Hell Ride (2008)

Watch a film for each rating:
--- G - (optional)
-X- PG - The Pom Pom Girls (1976)
-X- PG-13 - Red Eye (2005)
-X- R - The Babysitter (1969)
--- X (or NC-17) -
-X- Unrated (post-MPAA 1968) - Captivity (2007)

Watch films in at least three formats (DVD, BD, HD DVD, Laserdisc, TV, online, Streaming Netflix type, UMD, theater, iPod, VHS-sourced{VHS transferred to DVD-+R is fine}).
-X- First format, DVD, The Babysitter (1969)
-X- Second format, Blu-ray, Hell Ride (2008)
--- Third format, (insert format), (insert title).

--- Watch a film in an actual Drive-in. (optional) (insert title)

Watch a film in the following genres:
-X- A Token Science Fiction B-Movie: Man with the Screaming Brain (2005)
-X- A Token Horror B-Movie: Blood Mania (1970)
Italian (or European) films of the following Genres:
--- Eurospy (James Bond ripoffs)
-X- Giallo - Five Dolls for an August Moon (1970)
--- Sword & Sandal
-X- Spaghetti Western - Roy Colt and Winchester Jack (1970)
--- Cannibal Film
--- Mafia/Gangster Film
Martial Arts film:
--- Bruce Lee-sploitation (Starring any variation on Bruce Li, Le, etc.)
--- Hong Kong (or other Asian) film
--- American film
--- Any "Ninja" film
--- Bonus* Actual Bruce Lee film
-X- Biker Film - Angels Hard as They Come (1971)
--- Stoner Film
-X- Carsploitation Film - The Winner (1969)
-X- Blaxploitation - Black Dynamite (2009)
-X- Any type - Four Time That Night (1972)
--- Nudie Cutie
--- Roughie
--- 70s Porn
--- Emmanuelle Film
--- Teen Sex Comedy
--- Nunsploitation
--- Shocksploitation
-X- Rape/Revenge Film - Death Wish (1974)
-X- Vigilante Film - Death Wish (1974)
--- Women in Prison
--- Nazisploitation
--- Eschploitation (religious end times, or general religious exploitation)
--- Hixploitation/Moonshiners
--- Roadshow Exploitation/30s-40s "Cautionary" films
--- "Hood" Film ("Gangsta")
--- Hollywood Gangster film (Film Noir era)
-X- Juvenile Delinquent Film - T-Bird Gang (1959)
--- 60s Beach Movie
-X- Film starring Musical Group or Music Star - Rock 'N' Roll High School - The Ramones
--- *Bonus* Elvis film
--- Ozploitation
--- Mexican Wrestling Film
--- Foreign "Ripoff" film (such as Turkish cinema)
--- Bollywood Film (actual, not a Hollywood pastiche)
-X- Eco-Terror Film - Frankenfish (2004)
--- "Mondo" Film
--- Documentary ABOUT B-Movies/Exploitation/Drive-ins or those involved in their production
--- Video Nasty
-X- TV-Movie - Kings of South Beach (2007)
--- Lifetime Channel Movie
-X- Bad Sequel to a "Well regarded film" - The Fly II (1989)
-X- Critical Bomb (Less than 20% Rotten Tomatoes) - Hercules (1983) 17% RT
--- Financial Bomb
--- MST3K/RiffTrax (or Cinematic Titanic) version of a film
--- Non-MST3K version of a film featured on MST3K (or CT)

Watch 10 films starring anyone from the actors safe list.
-X- 1 Jayne Mansfield - Single Room Furnished (1968)
-X- 2 Cheryl Rainbeaux Smith - The Pom Pom Girls (1976)
-X- 3 Charles Bronson - Death Wish (1974)
-X- 4 Steven Seagal - Out for Justice (1991)
-X- 5 Jack Nicholson - The Wild Ride (1960)
-X- 6 Sid Haig - The Winner (1969)
-X- 7 Dennis Hopper - Hell Ride (2008)
-X- 8 David Carradine - Hell Ride (2008)
-X- 9 Lou Ferrigno - Hercules (1983)
-X- 10 Bruce Campbell - Man with the Screaming Brain (2005)

Watch 10 films Directed/Produced by anyone from the directors/producers safe list.
-X- 1 Julien Donkey-Boy - Harmony Korine
-X- 2 The Fast and the Furious - Roger Corman
-X- 3 Roy Colt and Winchester Jack - Mario Bava
-X- 4 Red Eye - Wes Craven
--- 5
--- 6
--- 7
--- 8
--- 9
--- 10

Watch 5 films from those in the Studio/Distributor safe list.
-X- 1 The Babysitter - Crown International Pictures
-X- 2 Van Nuys Blvd. - Mill Creek Entertainment
-X- 3 Malibu Beach - BCI Eclipse
-X- 4 Captivity - After Dark Films
--- 5

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