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Re: Definitive Finished/Unfinished Report Card Thread 2011

In for another year!

Finished in January:
* Medal of Honor (360) | Enjoyable if anti-climactic single-player campaign. Multiplayer is more of a chore than something that's actually fun. Grade: B

Finished in February:
* Battlefield: Bad Company (360) | A nice alternative to Call of Duty type games. Big, meaty levels to play through and a good sense of humor. Plus stuff blowed up real good. Grade: B

Finished in March:
* Singularity (360) | Very nice mashup of a ton of different games, most notably Bioshock. Kind of runs out of steam towards the end though. Grade: B

Finished in May:
* L.A. Noire (360) | Very, very good. Not great. Tech is great, story is not. Glad I played it though. Grade: B+

Finished in June:
* Mafia II (360) | L.A. Noire makes games like this look like shit. Cut-scenes aside though, this is another open world game with nothing to do in the open world. Story is decent but the main character is completely one-dimensional and not likable at all. Grade: C+
* Duke Nukem Forever (360) | All the other reviewers used up all the available hate towards this title. I had none left to dish out. Grade: C+

Finished in July:
* Transformers: War For Cybertron (360) | Decent story (except for the dialogue), multiplayer still has some legs. Grade: B-
* Dead to Rights: Retribution (360) | Surprisingly fun, if you can get past the dog violence. Grade: B-
* Tornado Outbreak (360) | I just don't know what's going on here. You're benevolent galactic space tornadoes destroying Earth in order to protect it. But then not. Grade: C-
* Need for Speed: Shift (360) | The racing is solid, but there's no reason to be racing. Grade: C
* Wolfenstein (360) | Surprised how solid this shooter was. Nifty setting, weapons, tech and story. Grade: B

Finished in September:
* Driver: San Francisco (360) | Lots of new ideas for what's essentially another driving around game. Solid rental for a weekend. Grade: B
* Bulletstorm (360) | Good action and shooting, but EMBARRASSING writing. 12 year olds would think this is childish. Grade: B-

Finished in November:
* Batman: Arkham City (360) | Not as good as Arkham Asylum, and that's really my only complaint. Grade: A
* Battlefield 3 (360) | Single player is a glitch-filled mess. Played 90 minutes of multiplayer and that was enough. Grade: C
* Need for Speed: The Run (360) | Story mode is too short & some weird physics issues are easily overlooked by a terrific overall idea and blazing fast speed. Grade: B
* Deus Ex: Human Revolution (360) | Deep, meaty story with a ton of things to do. None of the side missions feel cheap or worthless. Grade: B+
* Saints Row: The Third (360) | Exactly what I want a sandbox game to be: FUN. Probably will end up being my GOTY pick. Grade: A+
* WWE All Stars (360) | Good, arcade-y wrestling game with some great pre-packaged “What If?” scenarios. Not much to do once you finish that stuff though. Grade: B

Finished in December:
* Vanquish (360) | Best described as “Halo meets 9/11″. That doesn’t make sense now, but will when you play it. And you should. Ignore the awful tutorial section though. Grade: B
* WWE ’12 (360) | There is a lot to do in the game’s various modes. WCW plays a big part in Story Mode, which was nice to see. Controls are still way too complicated. Grade: B
* Lego Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures (360) | Parts of it are cute, while other parts make me want to go into an OCD freak out. Grade: B-
* Bayonetta (360) | Absolutely gorgeous game. Other than that, I have no idea what happens in it. Grade B+
* Saints Row 2 (360) | Interesting to play this AFTER playing through Saints Row The Third. That being said, you can see the flaws in this game that they then reworked into perfection for the next installment. Grade: B-

* NCAA Football 11 (360) | Finished up all the reasonable achievements and then sold it off while it still had some value.
* Tiger Woods 11 (360) | See above.
* UFC 2009: Unleashed (360) | Not a sport I follow, and therefore the learning curve was too much work for too little reward. Plus the micromanagement in career mode is mindnumbing.
* Sonic the Hedgehog (360) | I have no idea which installment of this series I was playing, but I didn't play it long. Simply putrid.
* Split/Second (360) | Got to a point where I was having to go back and redo old races just to earn enough credits to play new races. Not my idea of fun. Was entertaining up until that point however.
* UFC 2010 (360) | I just don't have any patience for games about sports I don't follow.
* Vin Diesel Wheelman (360) | Man this thing was goofy fun until out of nowhere it got stupid hard. Might be my first documented case of rage quitting.
* Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of Doom (360) | Bleh. Just bleh. Push forward, mash X.
* TNA Impact! (360) | This isn't the worst wrestling game I've ever played, but there's just not much meat to it. Difficulty seems to be all over the place.
* Brink (360) | A multi-player game with a pseudo-single player mode tacked on. Not a lot of fun when played alone. Feels like work.
* Stuntman: Ignition (360) | I loved everything about this game, except actually playing it. What a shame... it's so unforgiving it sucks all the fun out.
* Velvet Assassin (360) | I do not like sneaking games (except, of course, Sneak King).
* Prince of Persia (360) | Decent enough at the start, but once the platforming got more complicated it wasn't something I was interested in pursuing.
* Enslaved: Journey to the West (360) | Good story, decent action and controls... I just knew I'd never get back to it.
* NBA 2K11 (360) | Sports games are starting to lose me.
* NCAA Football 12 (360) | Not feeling it this year.
* Shift 2: Unleashed (360) | In a lot of ways it's superior to the original. Great soundtrack too. Just have no interest in finishing it.

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