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Re: The 6th Annual "October Horror Movie Challenge" (10/1 - 10/31) ***The List Thread

October 1
1.HATCHET - Director: Adam Green-BD
I'm kicking off this year's challenge with my favorite new discovery from last year. Great flick, I didn't even know they made a sequel, can't wait to see that.
2.ALL THE BOYS LOVE MANDY LANE - Director: Jonathan Levine-BD - 1st view
This was pretty cool. It's described as the O.C. meets Friday the 13th, and that's very true. Not everything is spelled out for you so you get to draw your own conclusions.
3.THE ECLIPSE - Director: Conor McPherson-BD - 1st view
Great movie. An exceptional ghost story that genuinely made me jump... more than once!
October 2
4.TRAPPED ASHES - Director: Joe Dante, Ken Russell, Sean Cunningham,Monte Hellman, John Gaeta -DVD - 1st view
An anthology film that is mostly forgettable. Very disappointing, considering the directors involved..
5.CAMPFIRE TALES - Director: David Semel, Martin Kunert and Matt Cooper-DVD - 1st view
Another anthology film, no better than the previous. Twist ending, but it's been done better.
6.THE FACULTY - Director: Robert Rodriguez-DVD - 1st view
Wow, great movie! I don't know how this slipped underneath my radar. A teenage Invasion of the Body Snatchers.
7.BUG - Director: Jeannot Szwarc-DVD - 1st view
Always wanted to see this. I remember seeing the trailer as a kid but I wasn't allowed to go see the movie. Obviously dated, but not too bad.
8.CHRISTINA'S HOUSE - Director: Gavin Wilding-DVD - 1st view
Ok, we have our first dog. Really bad movie all around.
October 3
9.RISE BLOOD HUNTER - Director: Sebastian Gutierrez-DVD - 1st view
Really good movie. Good story with some great actors.
10.BRAINSCAN - Director: John Flynn-DVD - 1st view
Yikes. Embarrassingly bad. "Trickster"? Seriously? What... were they thinking??
11.NICK KNIGHT - Director: Farhad Mann-DVD - 1st view
It's a Rick Springfield TV movie from the 80s. Need I say more?
12.EDEN LOG -Director: Franck Vestiel -BD - 1st view
Very interesting movie, multiple themes keep you off balance. A lot to take in.
13.HOLLOW MAN 2 - Director: Claudio Faeh-DVD - 1st view
Despite the predictability it was still kind of fun.
14.SCARY MOVIE 4 - Director: David Zucker-DVD - 1stview
Hit and miss funny, like all spoofs. The opening scene with Dr. Phil was the best.
October 4
15.MAN'S BEST FRIEND - Director: John Lafia -DVD - 1st view
I think this was supposed to be a serious movie, but I swear there were scenes that had be laughing till I cried (the demise of the poor neighborhood cat, for example).
16.BORDELLO OF BLOOD - Director: Gilbert Adler-DVD - 1st view
I think the title says it all for this one. Dennis Miller actually had some funny lines.
17.MY BEST FRIEND IS A VAMPIRE - Director: Jimmy Huston-DVD - 1st view
Bad 80s comedy that was kinda fun... because it was a bad 80s comedy. And OMG! Kathy Bates played one of the parents!
October 5
18.THE HAUNTING OF MOLLY HARTLEY - Director: Mickey Liddell-DVD - 1st view
Nothing you haven't seen before. I was hoping for a better ending.
19.THE OBJECTIVE - Director: Daniel Myrick-DVD - 1st view
Very interesting premise, I was enjoying it for the first hour or so, but then it kind of fell apart.
20.POOR PRETTY EDDIE - Director: Richard Robinson-DVD - 1st view
The real horror of this movie was having to sit through it.
October 6
21.THE STUFF - Director: Larry Cohen-DVD
Haven't watched this in a while, but I really love this movie. Pure tongue-in-cheek campy fun!
22.13 GHOSTS - Director: William Castle-DVD
The original and the best. I love how you can see the strings of all the "floating" objects.
23.THE ZOMBIE DIARIES - Director: Kevin Gates and Michael Bartlett-DVD - 1st view
This was really bad. A no-budget rehash of other, much better done zombie movies.
October 7
24.THE HAUNTED WORLD OF EL SUPERBEASTO - Director: Rob Zombie-BD - 1st view
So so. Weird, kinda funny and some great music... definitely twisted.
25.TRACKMAN - Director: Igor Shavlak-DVD - 1st view
Some huge logic gaps and no real surprises, but it was enjoyable enough. I don't think I've ever seen a Russian horror film before.
26.SHUTTER - Director: Masayuki Ochiai-BD - 1st view
By-the-numbers horror film complete with "surprise" revelation, even though it really wasn't.
October 8
27.THE BOOGEYMAN - Director: Ulli Lommel-DVD - 1st view
Bad, a huge rip-off, but it's also severely dated, so maybe it played better back in the day.
28.RETURN OF THE BOOGEYMAN - Director: Deland Nuse-DVD - 1st view
A complete joke. Shot with somebody's home video camera it looks like a really really bad student film. The funniest thing is that at least 60% of the 1HR 15MIN running time is just recycled footage from the first movie.
29.CASH ON DEMAND - Director: Quentin Lawrence-DVD - 1st view
This was really good. Peter Cushing in one of the Hammer films suspense collections. Not gore like you'd expect, it's completely suggestive and psychological.
October 9
30.FRANKENSTEIN MUST BE DESTROYED - Director: Terence Fisher-DVD - 1st view
I enjoyed this one. Good suspense and Peter Cushing was great.
31.FEARLESS VAMPIRE KILLERS - Director: Roman Polanski-DVD - 1st view
I have to say I was disappointed with this one. I've been hearing good things for years, but I just didn't see what the hype was about. Some good scenes, but overall just so-so.
32.SLAUGHTER - Director: Stewart Hopewell-DVD - 1st view
Wow, here's a movie to kill your mood. A great example of "you can't trust anyone. Ever".
33.FEAR DOT COM -Director: William Malone -DVD - 1st view
Substandard, generic horror. Just press "delete".
34.DEVIL'S BACKBONE - Director: Guillermo del Toro-DVD - 1st view
This was a great movie, one of the best I've watched so far. It's always nice when movies, especially horror movies, take the time for character development and plot.
35.BOTCHED - Director: Kit Ryan -DVD - 1st view
What a bizarre movie. It completely shifts gears several times. Worth a look just because it's so.. odd.
October 10
Today's Theme: DESATURATED HORROR - Who needs color? Things are just as scary in black and white.
36.CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON - Director: Jack Arnold -DVD - 1st view
Can't believe I've never seen this before. Cool movie. I love how those horn-dog monsters always go for the girl.
37.REVENGE OF THE CREATURE - Director: Jack Arnold -DVD - 1st view
Good sequel, lots of chaos and crowd mayhem. Hey, is that Clint Eastwood with a rat in his pocket?!
38.THE CREATURE WALKS AMONG US - Director: John Sherwood -DVD - 1st view
This one tanked. More violent than I would've thought, but the plot was a little silly.
39.VILLAGE OF THE DAMNED - Director: Wolf Rilla -DVD - 1st view
This is a really great movie. I've seen clips over the years but never watched the whole thing. The slow build up is perfect. That kid playing David is dead on. Great, powerful ending.
40.CHILDREN OF THE DAMNED - Director: Anton M. Leader -DVD - 1stview
Didn't enjoy this as much as the first, but as it progresses it winds up being pretty good.
41.THE MIST - Director: Frank Darabont -BD
I really love this movie. Such a razor sharp view of human nature. The ending still blows me away.
October 11
42.HOUSE OF THE DEAD II - Director: Mike Hurst -DVD - 1st view
A silly, dumb movie, but that's ok because it knows it's just a silly, dumb movie. Really loved the totally inept military team.
43.HOUSE OF WAX -Director: Andre de Toth -DVD - 1st view
This was really good. Vincent Price was great. Another one I'm sorry it took me so long to finally see.
44.MYSTERY OF THE WAX MUSEUM - Director: Michael Curtiz -DVD - 1st view
This was interesting to watch after seeing the other one. Some of the exact same scenes, but one huge subplot change makes it a completely different experience.
October 12
45.UNEARTHED - Director: Matthew Leutwyler -DVD - 1st view
More like "unbearable". Boring, unimaginative, already fading from memory.
46.NIGHTMARE MAN - Director: Rolfe Kanefsky -DVD - 1st view
I went from not liking the beginning to getting more interested in the middle to being completely confused in the end, where it turned into some Evil Dead wannabe.
47.ZOMBIES OF MASS DESTRUCTION - Director: Kevin Hamedani -DVD - 1st view
Great movie. Humor, gore, political commentary. The first kill is destined to be classic!
October 13
48.HORSEMEN - Director: Jonas Akerlund -DVD - 1st view
A so-so movie. I liked the set up better than the resolution (which seemed to cross the line of believability). Dennis Quaid was really good.
49.DARK COUNTRY - Director: Thomas Jane -DVD - 1st view
This was pretty cool. A definite visual style. It had a Twilight-Zone kind of feel to it.
50.THE MUMMY - Director: Terence Fisher -DVD - 1st view
I enjoyed this one. Very suspenseful, good story. Peter Cushing was great, as usual.
October 14
51.STUCK - Director: Stuart Gordon -BD - 1st view
Good movie. I remember stories like this in the news and it just makes it that much more horrifying.
52.PROM NIGHT - Director: Nelson McCormick-BD - 1st view
A dumbed-down horror movie. So many stupid things happened I lost count.
October 15
53.GRACE - Director: Paul Solet -BD - 1st view
Amazing movie. Uniquely perverse, very unsettling. Great actors (the mother-in-law should be added to the "scariest villians" list). Can't wait to watch this one again.
54.JACK BROOKS MONSTER SLAYER - Director: Jon Knautz -BD - 1st view
There's a good movie in here somewhere, it just wasn't fleshed out (so to speak). Could've been a lot better.
55.FLESH EATER - Director: Bill Hinzman -DVD - 1st view
A perfect example of bad filmmaking. Absolutely awful, in every way. Not even a good "bad" for camp value, just "bad" bad.
October 16
Today's Theme: HORROR . . .  IN B flat - If things get too scary, sing!
56.LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS - Director: Frank Oz -DVD
One of my personal favs. Love the movie, love the songs.
57.PHANTOM OF THE OPERA - Director: Joel Schumacher -BD - 1st view
Some good songs, incredible sets. Um... ok, that's about it.
58.PHANTOM OF THE PARADISE - Director: Brian De Palma -DVD
Great movie, great songs, great actors. One of my favs.
59.SWEENEY TODD - Director: Tim Burton -BD - 1st view
Great movie, but some of the songs seemed forced. I had heard it was gory, but damn!
Love this movie. Looks great on blu!
October  17
Today's Theme: Sequel Sunday: the Sequel - Last year it was all 2s. This year I'm going back for thirds.
61.CHILD'S PLAY 3 - Director: Jack Bender -DVD - 1st view
Chucky at a military school. That's pretty much all you need to know.
62.PSYCHO 3 - Director: Anthony Perkins -DVD
There were really two movies here: one was a fairly interesting story about Norman and a fallen nun, the other was just a no-brain slasher flick. The former should have been expanded and the latter nixed, would've no doubt been much better.
63.SCREAM 3 - Director: Wes Craven -BD
The family tree just keeps growing. A little long-winded, but I do love Parker Posey.
64.TREMORS 3 - Director: Brent Maddock -DVD - 1st view
Not too bad. I like how they rounded up a lot of the original cast. Michael Gross was just made for this role.
65.HALLOWEEN 3 - Director: Tommy Lee Wallace -DVD
Say what you will, this one has grown on me. I only recently found out that JLC was the voice on the loudspeaker!
66.A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET 3 - Director: Chuck Russell -DVD
This one is my favorite sequel of the series. Love Patricia Arquette.
October  18
67.BLOOD TRAIL - Director: Barry Tubb -DVD - 1st view
A low budget, uninspired mess. Wasn't expecting much, but I got even less!
68.STIR OF ECHOES 2 - Director: Ernie Barbarash -DVD - 1st view
Wasn't expecting much here either, but it wasn't that bad. Good story, and a few genuine frights.
69.GALAXY OF TERROR - Director: Bruce Clark -BD - 1st view
Not at all a good movie, but it had such a drive-in-movie feel to it. It actually triggered a sense memory and I felt like I was really watching it at the drive-in.
October  19
70.FLIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD - Director: Scott Thomas -DVD - 1st view
Oh yes, it's just as bad as you've heard. But honestly... I have seen worse.
71.PONTYPOOL - Director: Bruce McDonald -DVD - 1st view
Wow. Totally unexpected. What an amazing movie. As soon as it ended I immediately wanted to watch it again.
72.THE EVIL - Director: Gus Trikonis -DVD
Haven't seen this in 15+ years. Did I really think this was scary back then?? Ok, maybe a little.
October  20
73.THE NUMBER 23 - Director: Joel Schumacher -BD - 1st view
The first hour was interesting, but then it just jumped the track and spun out of control.
74.BORDERLAND - Director: Zev Berman -DVD - 1st view
Torture-porn movie (which I hate). Too real to be enjoyed, on any level.
October  21
75.STAN HELSING - Director: Bo Zenga -BD - 1st view
Just terrible. Unbelievably bad. No real plot to speak of, each scene just landed with a big thud.
76.TELL TALE - Director: Michael Cuesta -DVD - 1st view
Great movie. Josh Lucas was wonderful. Another blind-buy I'm glad I made.
77.THE SIGNAL - Director: David Bruckner, Jacob Gentry, Dan Bush -BD - 1st view
Mostly good movie. Shot literally in 3 acts, each with a very different feel. Overall I thought this took away from the movie, but it was still enjoyable.
October  22
78.THE BIRD WITH THE CRYSTAL PLUMAGE - Director: Dario Argento -BD - 1st view
Great movie, really involving and suspenseful.
79.HOUSE ON SKULL MOUNTAIN - Director: Ron Honthaner -DVD - 1st view
Can anyone say "hopelessly dated"?
80.HOUSE ON HAUNTED HILL - Director: William Castle -DVD - 1st view
This was kind of fun. Vincent Price was great, as usual. Some of the gags were pretty creepy.
October  23
Today's Theme: A Woman's Touch - Female directors tackle guts and gore.
81.SARAH LANDON AND THE PARANORMAL HOUR - Director: Lisa Comrie -DVD - 1st view
This plays like a Saturday morning kids show, definitley aiming for that Twilight demographic. Still, I got sucked into the story and was on pins and needles during the climax.
82.SPELLBINDER - Director: Janet Greek -DVD
Haven't seen this in many years. Fun for some mindless-movie entertainment. Great twist ending.
83.PRIME EVIL - Director: Roberta Findlay -DVD - 1st view
A true "grindhouse" experience. Nothing more, nothing less.
84.BLOOD AND CHOCOLATE - Director: Katja Von Garnier -BD - 1st view
"Twilight" with werewolves. I think I have a new guilty pleasure.
85.JENNIFER'S BODY - Director: Karyn Kusama -BD - 1st view
Not completely terrible, like I'd heard. But still pretty ridiculous.
86.THE IN CROWD - Director: Mary Lambert -DVD - 1st view
Pretty, rich snobs running around killing people. Um... ok.
87.PET SEMATARY - Director: Mary Lambert -DVD
I loved the book, unfortunately the movie just doesn't compare.
October  24
88.CIRQUE DU FREAK: THE VAMPIRE'S ASSISTANT - Director: Paul Weitz -BD - 1st view
Not without it's charm, but overall I was hoping for better.
October  25
89.DEAD ALIVE - Director: Peter Jackson -DVD - 1st view
Holy crap, everything I've heard is true! A zany, campy gorefest. Scene after scene, it just kept topping itself with zany, campy ridiculousness.
90.TROG - Director: Freddie Francis -DVD - 1st view
OMG. What a riot! How did this ever get made?
91.ALONE IN THE DARK - Director: Uwe Boll -DVD - 1st view
Another dud. You can tell they thought they were making this epic, Matrix-type movie. What a joke.
October  26
92.DARK NIGHT OF THE SCARECROW - Director: Frank De Felitta -DVD - 1st view
Pretty good for a TV movie. Charles During was excellent. Some good scares, too.
93.DEEP RED - Director: Dario Argento -DVD - 1st view
Really good movie. I'm late to the party when it comes to Argento films. I've definitely been missing out.
October  27
94.DINOCROC - Director: Kevin O'Neill -DVD - 1st view
Saw it in the store, with a title like that I couldn't pass it up. Kinda wishing I had now. Still, Costas Mandylor with an Australian accent... priceless.
95.QUARANTINE - Director: John Erick Dowdle -BD - 1st view
Pretty creepy. It's like a claustrophobic 28 Days Later.
96.PANDORUM - Director: Christian Alvart -BD - 1st view
I really liked this one. A slowly unraveling mystery, I was surprised by the outcome.
October  28
97.THE DEADLY BEES - Director: Freddie Francis -DVD - 1st view
Not the typical disaster type movie I was expecting (which is a good thing). I enjoyed the mystery element to it, kept me guessing.
98.KILL THEORY - Director: Chris Moore -DVD - 1st view
The idea was cool. At it's best when the characters use their deep down feelings as justification to kill, no matter how petty they are.
99.DANCE OF THE DEAD - Director: Gregg Bishop -DVD - 1st view
Had high hopes for this one based on the director (he did The Other Side, which I love). Has it's moments, but I was a little disappointed.
October  29
100.ALIENS - Director: James Cameron -BD
Wow, how cool that this is my 100th movie! Couldn't have planned that any better if I tried.
101.DEAD SNOW - Director: Tommy Wirkola -BD - 1st viewing
Take out the first 20 minutes and this is a great movie. Gloriously gory, great sense of humor and all sorts of new takes on disembowelment.
October  30
102.MAD MONSTER PARTY - Director: Jules Bass -DVD - 1st viewing
Mostly cute, but there were a few scenes that left me going: "What...?".
103.THE MEPHISTO WALTZ - Director: Paul Wendkos -DVD - 1st viewing
Really good. Suspenseful, creepy and good performances.
104.TRICK 'R TREAT - Director: Michael Dougherty -BD - 1st viewing
Loved it. Had no idea what to expect, but it surprised me as well as made me jump (a few times).
105.ZOMBIELAND - Director: Ruben Fleischer -BD - 1st viewing
Excellent! Great! Loved it! Funny. Scary. Original. A new personal favorite.
106.ALIEN - Director: Ridley Scott -BD
Very possibly my favorite film of all time. Theatrical version only, please.
107.FROZEN - Director: Adam Green -BD - 1st view
Incredible. Adam Green does it again. The horror does not let up because there is, literally, no place to go.
108.FEAST - Director: John Gulager -BD - 1st view
Based on what I'd heard I was expecting this to be great. It's just gore for the sake of gore. Shock value only.
October  31
109.THE WOLFMAN - Director: Joe Johnston -BD - 1st view
I actually liked this one. The effects were good, it was extremely gory and I loved how they really made him a wolf/man and not an actual wolf like all the other recent films have done. Kind of a tribute to the original, I thought.
110.MY BLOODY VALENTINE - Director: Patrick Lussier -BD - 1st view
Nothing really stood out for me. Just another pointless remake.
111.THE CRAZIES - Director: Breck Eisner -BD - 1st view
Great movie (haven't seen the original so I don't know if my "pointless remake" remark above applies here). Very well done and scary as hell.
112.FRIDAY THE 13TH - Director: Sean S. Cunningham -BD
It's back to a few classics before the challenge is over.
113.CARRIE - Director: Brian De Palma -BD
Can't do a challenge without watching this one. Love it, love it, love it.
114.HALLOWEEN - Director: John Carpenter -BD
I thought about watching this earlier and ending the challenge with something else, but it just didn't feel right. It must be Halloween!

That's it for this year, my list is final.

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