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Re: The official Xbox Live Arcade/Indie Games/Game Room Thread of Space Bucks for Fun

Originally Posted by Kedrix View Post
Never bought it . I probably should, but alas it got lost in the shuffle. Honestly, MvC2 for me is totally entertaining. Sheer amount of characters+different teams+challenging but not too cheap computer opponent = lots of fun. Then again I'm not a hardcore fighter fan, I like my fighters arcadey and full of options. It could also be because I absolutely suck at most fighting games in multiplayer and didn't need yet another Street Fighter game for somebody to whoop my ass in .
I was wondering if that were the case (that you'd never got around to SSFIIHD). I think if you liked MvC2, you'd like this even more. Be sure to look into it the next time it goes on sale (it's been discounted at least three times on XBLA and several times on PS3 over the past couple years).
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