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Re: Summer Sci-Fi/Fantasy Challenge 10 - List Thread





One of my favorites. I finally got to crack open the blu-ray copy I bought ages ago. I am a little disappointed that it seems like I got the crappy version of the blu-ray and not the re released one though.

I wasn't planning on watching this for the challenge but it was on TV earlier today and I haven't seen it in ages. The nostalgia oozing through this movie is awesome.


This movie is essentially a white Urkel in space. Harlen Williams even has his very own "Did I do that?" type catch phrase. I always loved this movie when I was younger and it still brings back fond memories. Sure some of the laughs can be crude but how can you not love Harlen Williams painting The creation of Adam with him as god and Ulysses the monkey as adam, just plain awesome.

Finally a first time view, what the hell took me so long. I'm not sure how I've never seen this movie because it was right up my alley. Its a fun ride from start to finish and it was made the year I was born, Bonus Points!


I'm a little torn on this one. On one hand I found parts of the movie very enjoyable. On the other I know exactly how overhyped this movie is because it's really not that great. Sure some parts are exciting but overall the movie is just mediocre. It's hard to describe, I want to like it more but I just know it's not deserving.



For some reason I remember this being a lot funnier when I first saw it in theaters. Not that it was necessarily bad I just remember getting a lot more laughs the first time around.

I know this might seem like a blasphemous score but upon my first viewing I'm really just not seeing the major appeal to this movie. Sure the acting is great and Kubrick obviously knows what he's doing being a camera but the rest? I don't know something just didn't click the way I had imagined it would. I think this is a movie I need to watch a couple more times.


S01e09, S02e01,02,03

I really enjoyed this time travel flick. It's got some great suspense and unlike most time travel movies it wraps things up pretty nicely. Now I know some people dislike this movie and honestly I can understand why. It's very simple, but I believe that's the point and it works for me. If you're interested in time travel flicks I think this one is at least worth checking out.


Watch one film from every decade, starting with the 1900s.
--- 1900 -
--- 1910 -
--- 1920 -
--- 1930 -
--- 1940 -
--- 1950 -
--- 1960 -
--- 1970 - A clockwork Orange
--- 1980 - Night of the Creeps
--- 1990 -
--- 2000 - Avatar
--- 2010 -

Watch films in at least two languages other than English.
--- First language - Timecrimes (spanish)
--- Second language -

--- Watch the MST3K/Rifftrax/Cinematic Titanic version of a sci-fi/fantasy film -
--- Watch a film and its remake -
--- Watch a film based on a video game -
--- Watch a film based on a novel - The Road
--- Watch a film directed by Ed Wood -
--- Watch a film which won an Academy Award -- any category -
--- Watch a silent film -
--- Watch a Criterion version film -
--- Watch a film with commentary -
--- Watch a film and at least two sequels -
--- Watch a film that takes place on a holiday -
--- Watch a film that takes place in space - Serenity
--- Watch a film that takes place on or under the sea -
--- Watch an animated film - Futurama Into the wild green Yonder
--- Watch a film with special effects by Ray Harryhausen -
--- Watch a film directed by David Cronenberg -
--- Watch a film directed by Larry Cohen -
--- Watch a film directed by Tim Burton -
--- Watch a film directed by Terry Gilliam -
--- Watch a film directed by Charles Band -
--- Watch a film that takes place in the "future" but the year has already come and gone -

Watch a film for each rating:
--- G -
--- PG - Rocket Man
--- PG-13 -
--- R -
--- NC-17 -
--- X - A clockwork orange
--- Unrated -

Watch a film in each of the following subgenres:
--- Alien invasion -
--- Artificial intelligence -
--- Cyborg -
--- Post-Apocalyptic -
--- Dying Earth -
--- Sword and Sorcery -
--- Cybernetic revolt -
--- Immortality -
--- Parallel universe -
--- Mutants -
--- Superhero -
--- What-If -
--- Spoof -
--- Time travel -
--- Spy-fi -
--- Space Western -
--- Paranormal -

Watch a film starring:
--- Sigourney Weaver -
--- Harrison Ford -
--- Peter Cushing -
--- Boris Karloff -
--- Arnold Schwarzenegger -
--- Elijah Wood -
--- Drew Barrymore -
--- Daniel Radcliffe -
--- Keanu Reeves -
--- Patrick Stewart -

Blu-ray or high def viewing
First time viewing

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