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Re: Amazon sent by LaserShip (WHAT the hell is it?)

Here's a thread of people complaining about LaserShip's unprofessional erratic service:

And here's something else interesting:
"3/19/2010: has just started using Lasership to ship some of its packages. My last 2 orders were shipped that way. It is so weird. They don't use regular shipping trucks or uniformed drivers. A car pulled up to my house and a man got out and brought the package up to my door. I was shocked."

In addition to LaserShip, Amazon has been using other erratic little-known shipping services with sketchy unmarked vehicles for Prime shipping:


Velocity Express:

One of the many 'funny' stories in the Amazon threads about this trio of halfass companies:
"Amazon sent two shipments through them [Velocity Express]. One showed up a day late in a ditch 100 yards from my house a day after tracking says it was delivered. The other says delivered, but has not shown up even in the ditch. I live on the edge of town. Maybe they report it as delivered but wait until they get a few more packages in the area to actually make the delivery."

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