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Re: First Annual B-Movie/Exploitation/Drive-in Movie Challenge ***Lists Go Here***

asianxcore's B-Movie/Exploitation/Drive-In Challenge List

April 1st:

1. Cannibal Apocalypse (1980): This film should have been a little more fun than it actually was considering some of the people and things involved. John Saxon? Check. Cannibals? Check. Chunks of gore? Check. Hilarious action scenes? Check. Problem is the pacing hurts this film and makes it seem much longer than it is. Though even I have to give a little credit to this odd film that makes titty-biting seem absolutely normal.

April 3rd:

2. August Underground's Penance (2007):
I never thought I would be bored by any of the films in the August Underground Trilogy, but the third and final film takes the cake. Jerami Cruise's FX work is the real star here (and has always been), but it takes the film almost 45 minutes to setup anything remotely interesting. The series has always been plagued with completely boring and random transition set-pieces between gore effects, but they seem more pronounced here. Also a notable change is the use of HD cameras, taking away the grime and gritty nature of the previous films. The first two films got under my skin, but the final part in this trilogy almost put me to bed.

April 4th:

3. Revenge Of The Ninja (1983): Classic tale of Ninja Revenge with all of it's awesome fury and unfortunately massive hilarity. Sho Kosugi is awesome as our hero in this and surprisingly the villain is quite good. Lots of Ninja Action, great death scenes, hilarious dialogue and random henchman. Try not to laugh when you see the Native American henchman who wields hatchets or the "Cowboy" ex-con. Finale is also a solid use of the final 15-30 minutes of the film.

April 5th:

4. Stanley (1972): Though it sometimes comes off as completely random, this semi "Eco-Terror" film featuring Chris Robinson as Tim Ochopee is at least fun during it's second act. This film is chock-full of hilarious dialogue, great death scenes (some which nightmares are made of), Racial Slurs, terrible music and of course....Snakes! Chris Robinson seems to be the only actor in the film who takes his role seriously and it shows. His transformation to the utterly crazy and creepy Tim Ochopee we see by the end of the film, is worth the price of admission. The film is overly long and it does take a while for anything to get going. Couldn't stop laughing when the "psycho" specialized henchman showed up. Too funny!

April 6th:

5. Zombi 3 (1988): This film should have been titled Filipino Zombie-Ninja Attack. Dialogue is constantly over the top and hilarious. Listen to the dialogue that goes on about "Death One" throughout the film. Luckily, the death scenes as well as our Ninja-Like Zombies, make this film just a little bit more fun than being kicked in the face. Two death scenes in particular will have you rolling over with laughter. Also worth noting is that Zombies can talk, hide themselves in piles of Hay and can tread through water pretty quick with utter determination.

April 20th:

6. Murder Collection Vol. 1 (2009):
What essentially is Toe Tag Pictures' version of the Mondo film, this collection unfortunately has only a couple good scenes and the rest are throwaways. The film is a collection of murders, taken from various "sources" such as security cameras and home video. For every solid entry in the collection (Autopsy, Webcam Murder, Senator's Daughter Kidnapping), there are a flood of average or boring scenes. Jerami Cruise's FX work is still king here, but unfortunately many of the scenes in the collection do not feature them. This leaves any scene without his FX work in the spotlight, extremely forgettable.

7. Black Dynamite (2009):
I can't say anything about this film that hasn't already been said on various forums and/or message boards. Easily one of the most quotable films of 2009. The film is extremely hilarious and well-casted. You can tell a lot of love went into this film. Call it what you will, a parody/tribute, but the film actually stands on it's own pretty well and has high replay value. Seriously, I dare you to try not to laugh during any part of the film. KUNG-FU TREACHERY!

8. Cannibal (2006): Based on a true story about a German Cannibal and his willing victim, this little slice of grotesque cinema lives up to it's reputation. The film is oddly enough very artsy, but at the same time able to deliver an immense cloud of Claustrophobia and dread. This has much to do with the film's cinematography. Many shots are out of focus, framed oddly or filled with grit. The film, surprisingly, offers more than just it's infamous scene. If anything, everything that happens after that scene is more disturbing than that single moment. My only gripe is that Unearthed's release of the film seems to have been dubbed and voices sound silly at times. Solid piece of Exploitation Cinema, but not recommend for those looking for giggles, smiles and good times.

April 28th:

9. Fair Game (1986): You have to hand it to the Aussie's. Churning out Exploitation/B-Movies but making them bigger, faster and louder. Not much to say about this film, which sports a pretty straight forward and thin script. 3 guys decide it's a good idea to mess with our heroine (Cassandra Delaney) and pretty much go out of their way to make her days miserable. Cue some bad decisions on our heroine's part and thus comes the Cat-and-Mouse/Revenge Thriller this film pretty much is. Stunts are actually pretty neat, but what really takes the cake is most likely what this film is known for. Topless Cassandra Delaney being tied to the front of the hoodlum's truck (which is a character within itself) and driven around like some crazy hood ornament. That entire scene, from start to finish, is bathed in Exploitation and is a good snap of what Exploitation films are all about. The final meeting between both sides is both exciting, ridiculous and extremely entertaining all at the same time.
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