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Re: Definitive Finished/Unfinished Report Card Thread 2010

Just noticed this thread. I'm in!

Finished in January:
* Shellshock 2: Blood Trails (360) | Creepy atmosphere, decent shooter. Grade: C (review)
* Fracture (360) | Story had potential, most generic hero ever. Grade: B- (review)
* Tom Clancy's H.A.W.X. (360) | Probably the best at what it does, but air combat games just aren't my thing. Grade: C (review)

Finished in February:
* Halo (Xbox) | I heard this game was popular. Grade: A (review)
* The Godfather (360) | A better structured GTA that makes great use of the license. Grade: A-
* Guitar Hero: Smash Hits (360) | The first Guitar Hero/Rock Band game I've sold after playing through it. Grade: C- (review)
* Mass Effect (360) | Second time playing through, still might be my favorite game of this current generation. Grade: A

Finished in March:
* Mass Effect 2 (360) | Wow, just wow. Amazing stuff. Grade: A+
* Deadly Premonition (360) | If you like story, you must play this game. Grade: A- (review)
* Turning Point: Fall of Liberty (360) | Frustrating as hell. Grade: D+ (review)
* Blacksite: Area 51 (360) | Solid in a lot of places, needed polish in others. Worth a play. Grade: B- (review)

Finished in April:
* Bully: Scholarship Edition (360) | Some personal beefs aside, a very well done game. Grade: A-
* Eat Lead: The Return of Matt Hazard (360) | Clever writing helps overcome some gameplay flaws. Grade: B
* Need For Speed: Undercover (360) | I dig racing games that don't make me use the brakes. Grade: B+ (review)

Finished in May:
* Afro Samurai (360) | Some gameplay frustrations, but wow, what a gorgeous game. Grade: A- (review)
* Infernal: Hell's Vengeance (360) | Thought this would suck. It didn't. Grade: B-
* Metro 2033 (360) | Rich atmosphere helps make this FPS compelling. Grade: B
* Alan Wake (360) | A very, very good game. Not a great game. Grade: B+ (review)

Finished in June:
* Alpha Protocol (360) | Tons of flaws, but some fun moments mixed in there. Grade: B- (review)
* Legendary (360) | A very controlled experience that clearly ran out of money, and yet I thought it was a lot of fun. Grade: B

Finished in July:
* Dead Space (360) | Wow. Top-notch from start to finish. Grade: A+

Finished in August:
* Darkstar One: Broken Alliance (360) | A lot of content for space combat fans. A lot. No really, A LOT. Grade: B-

Finished in September:
* Batman: Arkham Asylum (360) | Would have been GOTY had I played in the year it originally came out. Grade: A+
* Guitar Hero 5 (360) | Some steps in the right direction, but most of the songs aren't my cup of tea. Grade: B-
* Band Hero (360) | More my style. Takes the noteworthy changes in GH5 and adds a much more palatable setlist. My favorite of the "Hero" series of music games thus far. Grade: A-
* Lego Rock Band (360) | I think I played this for 9 months straight and it took that long to finish every set in the career. Good value. Grade: A-

Finished in November:
* Rock Band 3 (360) | Finished the career mode in essentially an afternoon. That was disappointing. Other mode gameplay still ongoing.

Didn't really finish anything else after this. Played a bunch of DJ Hero, Red Dead Redemption, Need For Speed Hot Pursuit, Madden 11, NCAA Football 11, Tiger Woods 11, Split/Second, Blur and Pinball FX2.

* Alone in the Dark (360) | (review)
* Clive Barker's Jericho (360) | (review)
* Gears of War (360)
* Leisure Suit Larry: Box Office Bust (360) | (review)
* Madworld (Wii) | (review)
* Onechanbara: Bikini Samurai Squad (360) | (review)
* Street Fighter IV (360)
* Things on Wheels (XBLA) | (review)
* Top Spin 3 (360)
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