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Re: Star Wars: Rebels (Disney XD) -- Season 3 Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by GuessWho View Post
He was too young--looked like a 5 year old. We're about 2-3 years from A New Hope. Dude should be about 16-17 years old.
Another way of looking at it: Ezra was born on the day Palpatine proclaimed himself emperor so Ezra is only 2 days older than Luke & Leia.
That's what I thought. We've seen Leia, and she was about 15 when she first appeared.

The only reasoning they could make is that it was a flashback on how Obi-Wan has overlooked Luke since he was a kid but if so it wasn't made clear.
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Re: Star Wars: Rebels (Disney XD) -- Season 3 Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by GuessWho View Post
re: shortness of the fight... producers explain it here
They're right in that it's how fights generally went in classic samurai movies (and Lucas was originally influenced by Akira Kurasawa). But it's a let-down since that's not how light saber fights have ever been done in Star Wars media. When a fight is built up to, there are expectations from what we've seen before.
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