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Old 08-31-17, 01:19 PM   #51
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Re: Best way to backup data?

Originally Posted by kenbuzz View Post
Does BackBlaze offer a Seed service (like CrashPlan and iDrive)? If so, your initial upload time could be cut down dramatically and you could focus on incremental backups after that.
I believe it doesn't. That seemed to be one of the disadvantages compared to the late CrashPlan, but I'm probably going with BB anyway.

I've already purchased extra space on OneDrive and have started uploading some files to there so I can take them off my HD.
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Old 09-13-17, 03:59 PM   #52
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Re: Best way to backup data?

I just got my 3TB iDrive seed yesterday.

I spoke with a CSR to find out whether I could use it to back up the 1.5GB of data I have on my NAS, and she told me that the seed drive would only work with my PC's internal HD and any drives I have that are physically attached to the PC - like an external USB drive or a WD MyBook, etc. Of course, if I back up those external drives and later disconnect them, I would be at risk of losing my cloud data during a later sync since it would look as if I had deleted the drive. I would have 30 days before those files would be goners.

Anyway, on my system my NAS is mapped as a local drive within Windows, and I asked about whether those could be backed up to the Seed. She confirmed for me that mapped drives would *not* be backed up when I ran the backup installed software. I would just have to use the native iDrive software on my Synology NAS and push all 1.5TB up through my ISP's 50/20 link. Oh well. It'll take a long time, but at least that'll work for me.

Funny thing, when I attached the seed drive and ran their installer, it -did- give me the option of backing up my mapped NAS drive. So I'm doing that now. When I ship it back to them they may delete those files, or they may plop them in my online backup account using the same drive letter that I have my NAS mapped to. I'm not worried about any sort of data collision - where files on my NAS being backed up using the Synology app would be duplicated by the files on my Seed drive - because they are going into different locations at iDrive - one for my NAS, the other for my PC. I have a 5TB account for the first year, so I won't overrun if two images of my 1.5TB NAS files show up... and if they *do* push the PC image of those files to my storage I can suspend the Synology app from it's 30-60 day push task and free up my bandwidth.
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