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EXTREMELY useful toolbar app!

Hey, I was reading a long thread at AnandTech regarding useful applications and struck the motherlode!

Dave's Quick Search Toolbar This installs a toolbar allows you to do a LOT of useful stuff.

For normal Google searches, just type what you want to search and hit enter. A Google search will pop up. Can use all the advanced search options from within the toolbar without opening a browser as well. Adding a ! to the end of your search text will automatically go the first site on the match (the I'm feeling lucky function) Adding a & to the end of any webpage will open the Google cache of any webpage. It has shortcuts for all the Google Advanced options. You can also search on Yahoo, Altavista, Dogpile, Ask, Excite, etc. if you don't like Google.

If you want to search a movie on imdb type imdb whatever. It fires up the IMDB search window.

Can open a site using Anonymizer by typing anon

It will automatically translate languages, exchange currencies, and lots of other applications.

If you type John Doe# it will search for a matching phone number. You can also define state and/or city to narrow the search field ie John Doe(New York, NY)#.

It's open source under GNU and is customizable with html. Check it out, I'm off to play with this application right now.

The only drawback I can see is that you can't resize the window in the toolbar, as it is way too big. It displays your time/date information, though, so you can deselect the "show the clock" option. There should be a way to adjust this.

Try this program out...very useful. Maybe someone can figure out how to add DVDTalk stuff to the entertainment options.
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