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Other Talk "Otterville" plus Religion/Politics

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Old 04-29-08, 05:09 AM   #1
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Join Date: Oct 2005
Location: chicago
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anyone ever buy a side of beef?

i always hear its cheaper to buy a side or 1/2 or 1/4. im looking online and i dont see any places that have cheap prices. i guess if you eat alot of t-bones and fillets. than maybe its a good deal. has anyone here ever done it? know of a good place that ships to chicago? or is close to chicago?

mostly l eat ground beef, rib eyes and roasts so if their are good places online to buy that in bulk for cheap it would be cool too.
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Old 04-29-08, 06:05 AM   #2
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We have before, as a family when I was younger. Our family and our Uncles would split a whole cow. It was more of a direct thing, either from the farmer or butcher, probably the latter.

Ordering online and having it shipped may defeat the purpose of the bargain.
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Old 04-29-08, 06:48 AM   #3
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Location: Minnesota
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Just bought a 1/4 2 weeks ago. I have a chest freezer in the garage that stores it.

It usually lasts me about 6-8 months and I buy it from a co-worker who farms part time. I know the quality of the beef which is key and why I do it this way. It costs me like $400 for 75 pounds of ground beef and a bunch of steaks, stew meat and roasts....but its worth it if you ask me.

And I apologize...don't know any areas around Chicago to purchase a whole or part.
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Old 04-29-08, 06:57 AM   #4
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Location: Dayton, OH
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I'm buying a 1/4 cow in a few weeks here. My co-worker just emailed me a pic of the one I'll be getting.
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Old 04-30-08, 10:01 AM   #5
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about the size of an alternator?
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Old 04-30-08, 10:11 AM   #6
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I bought 1/4 when I lived in Hawaii years ago because food was so expensive there. It was a pretty good deal--I got the beef and a whole bunch of free add ons, so our freezer was packed with all kinds of meat that lasted for many, many months. We had to go to the butcher shop though and they loaded our car up. Shipping a bunch of frozen beef just seems like it would be a waste of money.
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Old 04-30-08, 10:33 AM   #7
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kvrdave's Avatar
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Location: Pacific NW
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We buy 1/2 every year. I love steak. Just had some with some morel mushrooms my boys found on our property.

What price are you seeing? I generally pay around $1.75-$2 a pound cut and wrapped, but that includes T-bones, etc.
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Old 04-30-08, 10:34 AM   #8
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Doesn't anyone else find it hilarious that it's difficult to buy a side of beef in Chicago?
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Old 04-30-08, 11:11 AM   #9
DVD Talk Platinum Edition
Join Date: Oct 2005
Location: chicago
Posts: 3,103
i never said it was difficult. i was just looking online and all i saw were prices of around 4 bucks a pound.
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Old 04-30-08, 12:45 PM   #10
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Originally Posted by Tracer Bullet
Doesn't anyone else find it hilarious that it's difficult to buy a side of beef in Chicago?
One does not ask too many questions at Chicago slaughter houses if one knows what's good for him. Capice?
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Old 05-01-08, 08:28 PM   #11
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I used to buy 1/4 cow each year, with this year being the first time I've bought 1/2. The best part of it is knowing where the beef came from, and how it was raised. The next best part, is getting the cuts exactly how you want them.

I can't recall how much the 1/2 cost, but I think it was around $800, maybe a bit more. Finding a local butcher is relatively easy, especially if you ask around. Try a couple of their steaks before purchasing an entire 1/2.
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Old 05-01-08, 09:08 PM   #12
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Sometimes I don't finish my burger at the restaurant and I put it in a little Styrofoam box and that goes in my fridge.
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