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Other Talk "Otterville" plus Religion/Politics

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Old 12-19-07, 01:09 PM   #1
Charlie Goose
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Please school me on Punta Cana, Dominican Rep.

Someone put a bug in my wife's ear about going to DR in '08. What's it like down there? Is it worth the trip or is there a similar place, but better? We'll be flying out of Newark airport.

Ohwa Tagu Siam
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Old 12-19-07, 01:22 PM   #2
Minor Threat
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It's really poor, dirty and dangerous. Jamaica at night alone is 100X better IMHO. Plan on staying at an all-inclusive and not wanting to leave. I can't stand all-inclusives, I feel like a rat in a cage, but there you'll be happy to stay in.....
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Old 12-19-07, 01:28 PM   #3
Brian Shannon
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I have never been there but I have researched it for a possible trip.

Here is what I learned, the country is trying to encourage tourism, they have miles and miles of undeveloped beaches and sprawling massive all-inclusive resorts.

There is little infrastructure, shopping or other touristy things to do. Some of the resorts are a long way (as much as two hours) from an airport or major city. Some have reported problems with water and food.

Finally it is tough to tell you about better without knowing what you want to spend and where you have been in the Caribbean already.

IMHO, pass on DR, there are far better places to see.
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Old 12-19-07, 02:11 PM   #4
DVD Talk Special Edition
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I am a travel agent and would steer you away. We get more complaints about Punta Cana than any other destination.

The only hotels that are consistantly good are Paradisus Palma Real and Bahia Principe Punta Cana but for the price they charge you can go too a nicer destination.

I would recommend checking out the Riviera Maya which is south of Cancun. The pricing is fairly reasonable and there is stuff to do outside of the resort.

Another option would be Jamaica, specifically Negril. The only problem there is the bus ride to Negril which is about 90 minutes. Not too big of a deal if you are staying a week but it sucks if you are only going for 3 or 4 days.
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Old 12-19-07, 02:27 PM   #5
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i think i know what punta means in spanish, not sure about cana

i wonder how they got that name
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Old 12-19-07, 03:56 PM   #6
DVD Talk Platinum Edition
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I did a trip to Puerto Plata in the Dominican. There are many ways to look at it. I can tell you that by the time I got to the 'resort' from the airport, I was completely depressed at the poverty I saw. Now, here's the thing. My wife and I decided, fuck it, we were going to experience culture while we were there. SO, we took a day trip that went deep into the Dominican Republic (enjoyed an example of cock fighting) and into Haiti (where I saw a great Voodoo ceremony). We were told to 'leave your hearts in your hotel room' and that was 100% correct information. It was one of the most gut wrenching experiences of my life, but we were so glad we did it. It was mind-opening on many levels. I must also say, that as we got closer to our resort (the last hour or so), the 'depressing poverty' we saw on the way was no longer depressing. Compared to the Haitians we saw, these people were loaded. So I guess is depends on what poverty you have seen. If you do go, bring a suitcase full of toiletries, and school supplies for the local school children. They need it bad and it is very appreciated. So, I will say the experience and culture was something we will never forget, but I certainly would not recommend staying at the "SuperBreezes Club" and I doubt I will ever stay at another 'all-inclusive' unless I have to (like in Cuba). Lets just say I survived on Bread and Goat Burgers (didn't know they were goat at the time, but it sure explains some things). If you have any other questions let me know. If it's just a Carribbean experience you are looking for I'd recommend you check out a good cruise where you can see a few islands, and then know which you'd love to go back to (for me it's St. Barts and St. Thomas). Hope this helps.
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Old 12-19-07, 08:00 PM   #7
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the chicks there have hugh arses.....

i stayed in melia caribe and it wasnt all that... jamaica is even worse
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Old 12-19-07, 08:11 PM   #8
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I don't know at what kind of prices Americans are looking at for the DR but here in Quebec the DR and Cuba, year after year, top the list of best bang for the buck winter destinations. And the majority of people seem to be satisfied. If I want a cheap week in the sun in an all-inclusive I'll pick the DR or Cuba. But yeah, obviously you can find better/pricier spots in the Carribeans.

There is however one exception in the DR when it comes to beauty and pristine beaches and that's the Samana peninsula. Pricier but well worth it.
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Old 12-20-07, 08:22 AM   #9
Charlie Goose
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Join Date: Jul 2000
Location: Sesame Street (the apt. next to Bob's)
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Originally Posted by Brian Shannon
Finally it is tough to tell you about better without knowing what you want to spend and where you have been in the Caribbean already.
Just a cruise which stopped at Nassau in the Bahamas and King's Wharf, Bermuda.

I think I'm going to put the kaibosh on the DR, unless it's on another cruise. Thanks for everyone's help.
Ohwa Tagu Siam
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