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Other Talk "Otterville" plus Religion/Politics

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Old 12-05-07, 03:51 PM   #26
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How do you tip a garbage man?

leave an envelope taped to the garbage can?

How do you know if it is the same person each week?

My garbage man uses the truck to lift the can into the truck - so do I tip him and the robot arm?
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Old 12-05-07, 04:26 PM   #27
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Originally Posted by CPA-ESQ.
How do you tip a garbage man?
Place a Christmas wrapped fruit cake on top of your garbage can with the message:

"Garbage Collector:

Please don't throw this gift away. It's for you!

Merry Christmas!"
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Old 12-05-07, 04:41 PM   #28
ChiTownAbs, Inc
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Originally Posted by Red Dog
Any condo owners here? Do you tip your building manager around the holiday?
Our HOA runs a Holiday Bonus drive .... I think they basically divide up the number of hours you work by the total hours worked and you get a portion ... unless some people specifically mention their donation going to an individual.
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Old 12-05-07, 04:54 PM   #29
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Originally Posted by CPA-ESQ.
My garbage man uses the truck to lift the can into the truck - so do I tip him and the robot arm?
No shit - whenever I throw away something that won't fit in the can I feel like I'm making them work twice as hard.
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Old 12-07-07, 05:22 AM   #30
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If the paperboy is a kid, I'd tip $10. In my case it's an adult, so no tip. Actually, I'm not giving anybody tips with the exception of my kid's teachers - for them I'll be buying some Pyrex pie dishes and my wife will make pies, the dish / pie will be their Christmas gift.

Last edited by Heat; 12-07-07 at 05:26 AM.
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Old 12-07-07, 12:07 PM   #31
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We have 3 trucks come by on garbage day. Lawn, recycling then garbage in that order. I'm afraid that the lawn and recycling guys will steal my garbage truck tip so I don't leave a tip out, just bags of my two sons' shitty diapers.
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Old 12-07-07, 12:49 PM   #32
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We tip the mailman, typically $20. We will probably tip the trash guys since we have been overworking them with all of the old lumber and plaster we've cleared out of our rent house, but we haven't determined an amount yet. We won't be tipping the paperboy since there's no telling where, when, or if the paper will show up on any given Sunday.
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Old 12-07-07, 01:31 PM   #33
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Originally Posted by pinata242
What about meter readers? If they didn't do their job, I don't think I'd get a gas or electric bill.
That same logic applies to your mail carrier

Originally Posted by Franchot
I guess you're against tipping your tattoo artist, too. Scrooge!
My tattoo artist is one of the few people I do tip (Got a new one last night! pics later) I tip the delivery guy when I order food, especally in this kind of weather. There's no way in hell I'm tipping my mailwoman, I'm lucky if my mail gets here by 5pm.
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Old 12-07-07, 01:35 PM   #34
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try this:
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Old 12-07-07, 03:29 PM   #35
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i've never even seen my garbage man/men/gal/girls - they come on a weekday while i'm at work. for all i know there is a different person every week. same goes for the recycle guy(s)/gal(s).

i know for a fact i've had 3 different mailmen deliver to my house in the last 9 months. plus i rarely seen them so no.

i don't get the paper. if i did and it was a kid i would.
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Old 12-28-07, 09:53 AM   #36
Dr. Henry Jones, Jr.
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if our garbagemen were expecting a tip, they chose a good week to NOT come and pick up the garbage. apparently going down our alley was "too dangerous" (the excuse they gave when we called) so they just left everyone's garbage there for the week.
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Old 12-28-07, 10:24 AM   #37
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So not only are you supposed to tip the mail carrier you're supposed to go out of your way to write a letter to their supervisor? Easier to just let them do the job they get paid to do and go about my business.
"That's why the Black Guys like me"- Alison BB4
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Old 12-28-07, 10:33 AM   #38
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I normally get the mailman and UPS guy a small gift set. Since I get a ton of UPS deliveries during the year, he is nice enough to deliver in the evenings when I am home, and I appreciate that.
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Old 12-28-07, 10:38 AM   #39
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I don't tip anybody. I live in a cooperative and this year I did take homemade Christmas goodies to the staff in the office, but I don't do any more than that.
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