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Other Talk "Otterville" plus Religion/Politics

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Old 11-08-06, 09:12 AM   #1
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Pa. voter attacks voting machine


ALLENTOWN, Pa. - A would-be voter in Pennsylvania was arrested Tuesday at a polling place in Allentown after smashing an electronic voting machine with a paperweight, according to poll workers.

Authorities didn’t know what caused the outburst.

“He came in here very peaceably and showed his ID, then he got on the machine and just snapped,” volunteer Gladys Pezoldt told the Morning Call of Allentown.
The machine’s screen was damaged and it was not immediately clear if votes recorded on the machine could be retrieved.

Police said the man faced charges of felony criminal mischief and tampering with voting machines.
I love PA!
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Old 11-08-06, 09:15 AM   #2
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It probably worked better after it was smashed.
"If people do actually want to follow the example of Christ, they would be spending their time helping people and not judging them. But who wants to follow Christ's example when we can spend all our time judging others to show the world how righteous we are, right? We're a buttload more righteous than those Pharisee bastards." -- the immortal, God-lovin', dog-killin', Bible-studyin', weed-flamin' kvrdave, may his tribe increase
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Yeah this kind of stupid shit always happens in PA, those machines are expensive as well. If people only knew how expensive they are and how much crap the counties had to go though to get them in place on time.
Old 11-08-06, 09:29 AM   #4
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Another take on it from UPI.

You know, though, he may have a point here.
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Old 11-08-06, 09:40 AM   #5
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Already being discussed in the political forum
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