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Old 06-04-16, 09:59 PM   -   Wikipost
DVD Talk Forum Thread Wiki: The Wikipost intro thread
Please read: This is a community-maintained wiki post containing the most important information from this thread. You may edit the Wiki once you have been a member for 90 days and have made 90 posts.
Last edit by: The Valeyard
Hi! I am the first public Wikipost ever on DVDTalk!

This entire (infinitely large?) text block is editable by anyone with permission. Right now that's just mods -- but soon it will be any DVDTalker with at least 90 posts AND 90 days on the forum.

No more need to have a first post that a single person is responsible to update with new information -- now everyone can help out!

Typically Wikis are community-policed. If an edit war erupts, you can always contact a mod to help settle it.

All Wikiposts have a HISTORY attached to them, enabling them to be easily reverted for spam, vandalism, or other bad posts.

Oh yeah -- also you'll, notice the little blue WIKI icon in the thread view, indicating threads that contain a Wikipost (and porn).

Start thinking of what you would do with your own DVDTalk wikipost (and porn)!

ps. Want to stop seeing the Wikiposts big and expanded at the top of threads? Just click the (-) and all Wikiposts will default to "collapsed" view. This is cookie-based, so you must have cookies enabled.

ps2. Some regular users can now edit this wiki. VMS Alarms.

wendersfan likes cheese (and porn)

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Old 11-29-16, 11:08 AM   #51
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Re: The Wikipost intro thread

So I guess there is no fix for this?

Some more info on the problem:
Originally Posted by Adam Tyner View Post
Getting a database error when I try to add a Wikipost, but:
I think I've figured out that it's adding a link to the wiki that gives that error. I removed the http and added a space so it's not a link to force it to work, fwiw.

Edit to add: more experimentation, was able to remove the spaces to make it a link, appears to be just the "http://" that causes the wiki error
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