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Old 04-30-08, 09:46 PM   #1
The Man with the Golden Doujinshi
DVD Talk Limited Edition
Join Date: Oct 2006
Location: Mister Peepers
Posts: 6,890
Unwatched Movie Pile: May 08

What Is This? Where Am I?

Spun off from an idea I had in the Unwatched DVD Pile thread, I decided to let everyone keep track of how they are coming along with their unwatched stuff along with seeing how everyone else is doing compared to you.

It may shock you to see how much you buy compared to how much you watch.

How Do I Start My Own List?

Here's a template. You'll have to remove the space before the 'b' for it to work right.
[ b]Movies To Watch:[/ b] 0

[ b]Movies Watched:[/ b] 0

[ b]New Movies Bought:[/ b]0

[ b]This Month's Net Change:[/ b]0

[ b]Total Net Change :[/ b]0
There are 5 different sections for your post.

Section one will be how many movies you have to watch at the beginning of the month. This won't get updated.

Section two will be your list of movies as you watch them. Update as you watch.

Section three will be for the bad, bad man who forces you to buy new movies even though you can't finish what you have. You could either to a count and change it as you get it, or impress us all with a list instead so we can see that you bought the new Power Rangers movie.

Section four will be your monthly net change. It'll be zero at the first first of each month. It works like this, let's say you watch 3 movies, it just became -3. The next day there's a 20% off sale at DDD, add 40 more so now it's +37.

Section five is your total net change. This one will carry over from the previous month or if you are just starting out, it will be zero. As you watch or buy movies, you will adjust this as well as the monthly net change.

Total Net Change is confusing. Why did you do that and a monthly one?

After the first month, my net for the month was +59. I didn't want to start off a new month with such a high number so I made it so you track both. At least that way I could be even for something and not feel like such a loser.

How Do I Count TV sets or double feature DVDs?

You count them how you would normally count them. It's up for you to decide how you want to do it.

What If I Watch Stuff As I Buy? Can I Still Join?

There's no problem if you want to keep track of what you do.

Older Threads
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March 08 Thread

February 08 Thread

January 08 Thread

December 07 Thread

November 07 Thread

October 07 Thread

September 07 Thread

August 07 Thread

July 07 Thread

June 07 Thread

May 07 Thread

April 07 Thread

March 07 Thread

Top Movies Watched - at least 3

Top Movies Bought - at least 3

Previous Month's Stat In Parenthesis

Those Who Watched More Than They Could Buy - based on monthly net change

the Chief -32 (0/-11/-19)

RobCA -19 (-4/-22/+22/0/0/-10/-2/-28/-19/-43/-22/-58)

dtcarson -6 (+4/+4/-13/-2/0/0/+24/+13/-4/-4/+6)

wlverinefactor -6 (+2/0/-4/+7/+2/+1/-1/+3/-10/-17/-20/-30)

cardsfan111 -6 (-2/+60/-1/-16/+46/+23)

nemein -6 (-1/-5)

Jeffy Pop -5 (-7/+4/+7/-1/-21/+6/-1/-1/-2/-5/-6/-1)

Numes -4 (-2/-9/+3/-2/+52/-7/-2/0/+38)

Spez -3 (+34/+13/-27/-23/+15/+5/-21)

MTRodabe2468 -2 (-2/-10/-1/-1/-1/-5/-3/+3/+9)

Nagheenanajar -2 (-5/0/-1/-6/-11/-2/+5/+4/-1)

Darth Maher -1 (-1/-1/0/+10/+5/-11)

Duh Vuh Duh -1 (-2/-7/-11/+2/-5/-22/-30/-6/-6/-5)

Even Steven - based on monthly net change

Michael Corvin 0 (-3/-2/0/+7/-10/-2/0/-1/+1/+1/0)

dpz301 0 (-7/-3/+4/+2/+11/+2/0/+2/+4/+7/+5/0)

Those Who Bought More Than They Could Watch - based on monthly net change

dcrw6 85 (+480/+165/+96/+55/+250/+126/+47/+29/+19)

Mister Peepers 31 (+111/+47/+84/+67/+252/-150/+42/+19/+138/+127/-20/+19)

Ginwen 7 ()

acubfaninmd 5 ()

Tscott 4 (-4/-2/+2/-17/+21/+5/-3/-6/+4/+3)

Total Participants
20 (18/22/26)

Total Movies To Watch
8960 (7809/8070/8132)

Total Movies Watched
277 (289/266/358)

Total Movies Bought
316 (881/498/526)

Average To Watch List
448 (434/367/313)

Median To Watch List
130 (152/126/106)

Average Watched
14 (16/12/14)

Median Watched
9 (12/11/11)

Average Bought
16 (49/23/20)

Median Bought
6 (9/8/11)

Average Net Change
+2 (+33/+10/+6)

Median Net Change
-2 (-2/-2/-1)

Top 3 Movie Watchers
the Chief - 42
Mister Peepers -39
dcrw6 - 30

Top 3 Movie Buyers
dcrw6 - 115
Mister Peepers - 70
cardsfan111 - 27

Bottom 3 Movie Watchers
Michael Corvin - 0
Nagheenanajar - 0
dpz301/Darth Maher/Duh Vuh Duh/nemein - 1

Bottom 3 Movie Buyers
Michael Corvin - 0
Nagheenanajar - 0
Darth Maher - 0

Last edited by The Man with the Golden Doujinshi; 05-18-08 at 08:08 PM.
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Old 04-30-08, 09:46 PM   #2
The Man with the Golden Doujinshi
DVD Talk Limited Edition
Join Date: Oct 2006
Location: Mister Peepers
Posts: 6,890
Movies To Watch: 4,336

Movies Watched: 79
The Green Hornet(movie) - 90 min
Saints and Soldiers - 90 min
House of Wax(2nd remake) - 113 min
The Island - 136 min
Hide and Seek - 101 min
25th Hour - 135 min
Monsters Crash the Pajama Party - 45 min
The Last Minute - 115 min
Jersey Girl - 102 min
Glen of Glenda? - 68 min
King of the Ants - 103 min
Telling Lies In America - 101 min
Winchester '73 - 99 min
L.I.E. - 97 min
Thunderground - 92 min
Target - 117 min
Mondo Bizarro - 80 min
Mondo Freudo - 76 min
CQ - 88 min
X: The Man with the X-Ray Eyes - 79 min
Planet Terror(theatrical release) - 95 min
S.O.B. - 121 min
Dirty - 97 min
Death Ride To Osaka - 94 min
Hitch-Hike - 104 min
Death Proof(theatrical release) - 90 min
Malibu Express - 101 min
70s TV Party Tape - 80 min
Bad Company - 117 min
House On Sorority Row - 92 min
7 Brothers Meet Dracula - 89 min
Survivor: Season 7 - 724 min
Journalists Killing in the Line of Duty - 53 min
Ninja: The Final Duel - 90 min
Enter the Game of Death - 88 min
That Man Bolt - 104 min
Star Trek: New Voyage (rifftrax) - 62 min
Hostel - 94 min
Death Curse of Tartu - 87 min
Blood and Black Lace - 90 min
Secrets of Angels, Demons & Masons - 116 min
Santa's Slay - 78 min
Saw(rifftrax) - 103 min
The Smashing Machine - 92 min
Star Trek 5 (rifftrax) - 106 min
The Lover of the Last Empress - 99 min
Baadasssss! - 108 min
Game Over: Kasparov And The Machine - 85 min
El Miedo no Anda en Burro - 90 min
A History of Violence - 96 min
Submerged - 96 min
Murderball - 86 min
Ninja III: The Domination - 92 min
Mail Call: The Best of Season 2 - 175 min
Aqua Teen Hunger Force: Vol. 2 - 150 min
Aqua Teen Hunger Force: Vol. 3 - 149 min
Slipstream - 89 min
Gay******s From Outer Space - 26 min
Spider - 98 min
ECW: The Best of ECW - 110 min
Project Grizzly - 72 min
Death Tunnel - 97 min
Cry Wolf - 91 min
Zombie 4: After Death - 85 min
Blood Freak - 80 min
Astro-Zombies - 91 min
Mark of the Astro Zombies - 86 min
The Sentinel - 82 min
Trucks - 95 min
Just For The Hell of It - 81 min
Dawn of the Dead 2: Contagium - 103 min
Shocking Dark - 95 min
American Ninja - 95 min
Mark of the Devil - 96 min
The Bloodsucker Leads The Dance - 89 min
American Ninja 2 - 96 min
American Ninja 3 - 89 min
American Ninja 4 - 99 min
American Ninja 5 - 103 min

Total Watched Time This Month: 5 Days, 14 Hours and 56 Minutes
Average Watched Time Per Day: 4 Hours and 21 Minutes
Average Movies Watched Per Day: 2.5

New Movies Bought: 76
Royal Rumble 2
Royal Rumble 3
Royal Rumble 5
Royal Rumble 6
Royal Rumble 7
Rainbow Brite 1
Rainbow Brite 2
Looney Toons: Golden Collection Vol. 4
Lars and the Real Girl
Blood of Nostradamus
Monsters Demolisher
Busty Cops 2
I Am Legend - Rifftrax
Erotic Dimensions 3D
Royal Rumble 9
Genie of Darkness
The Boy with X Ray Eyes
Curse of Nostradamus
70s TV Party Tape
The Wizard of Speed and Time
TV Carnage: A Rich Tradition of Magic
Dark Waters - Rifftrax
Psycho Woman aka Turkish Fatal Attraction
Star Trek: New Voyage (rifftrax)
Gone In 60 Seconds 2
You'll Find Out
Signal 30 - rifftrax
TV Carnage: Casual Fridays
TV Carnage: Ouch Television My Brain Hurts
TV Carnage: When Television Attacks
TV Carnage: A Sore For Sighted Eyes
Walt Disney: The Story of Menstration
Total Onslaught 201
Total Onslaught 202
Total Onslaught 203
Total Onslaught 204
Total Onslaught 205
Total Onslaught 206
Total Onslaught 207
Total Onslaught 208
Total Onslaught 209
Total Onslaught 213
Total Onslaught 214
Total Onslaught 215
Total Onslaught 216
Total Onslaught 217
Total Onslaught 218
Total Onslaught 219
Total Onslaught 220
Total Onslaught 221
Total Onslaught 222
Total Onslaught 223
Total Onslaught 224
Total Onslaught 225
Total Onslaught 226
Total Onslaught 227
Total Onslaught 228
Total Onslaught 229
Total Onslaught 230
Total Onslaught 231
Total Onslaught 232
Total Onslaught 233
Total Onslaught 234
Total Onslaught 235
Total Onslaught 236
The Muppet Show: Season 3
Die Hard 4
Ricco The Mean Machine
Black Rebels
Murder In Mississippi
Turkish First Blood
Saw - rifftrax
LOTR: The Two Towers - rifftrax

Average Movies Bought Per Day: 2.5

May Net Change: -3

Total Net Change (Since March 07): +812

Last edited by The Man with the Golden Doujinshi; 05-31-08 at 10:50 PM.
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Old 04-30-08, 09:54 PM   #3
DVD Talk Legend
Cardsfan111's Avatar
Join Date: Feb 2007
Location: Indiana
Posts: 13,412
Movies/Shows To Watch (as of May 1, 2008): 386

Movies/Shows Watched in May: 28
The American President
As Good As It Gets
The Big Lebowski
Blazing Saddles
Edward Scissorhands
Ellen Degeneres: The Beginning
Ellen Degeneres: Here and Now
Gilligan's Island: Season 2
Home Improvement: Season 2
Home Improvement: Season 3
The Incredibles
The Jackie Robinson Story
Jerry Maguire
Jerry Seinfeld: "I'm Telling You for the Last Time"
Mad About You: Season 2
The Prize Winner of Defiance, Ohio
The Recruit
Rescue From Gilligan's Island
Sling Blade
Spiderman 3
That Thing You Do!
Toy Soldiers
True Lies

TV Shows in Progress (Won't count until complete)
The Adventures of Superman: Season 1 (6/26)
All in the Family: Season 2 (16/24)
Bewitched: Season 1 (5/36)
Cheers: Season 2 (21/22)
Gilligan's Island: Season 3 (29/30)
Little House On The Prairie: Season 1 (8/23)
Mad About You: Season 3 (16/24)
Survivor: Season 2 (10/17)

New Movies/Shows Bought in May: 21
The American President
Capturing the Friedmans
Dinner With Friends
Ellen Degeneres: The Beginning
Ellen Degeneres: Here and Now
Empire Falls
Hannah and Her Sisters
The Iron Giant
Janette Oke's The Love Comes Softly Series
Jerry Seinfeld: "I'm Telling You for the Last Time"
Monty Python's And Now For Something Completely Different
Mortal Thoughts
Murder She Wrote: Season 1
Old Yeller
The Recruit
Rio Bravo
Savage Sam

May Net Change: -7

Total Net Change (Since Sept. '07): +93

Last edited by Cardsfan111; 06-01-08 at 12:49 AM.
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Old 04-30-08, 10:55 PM   #4
DVD Talk Platinum Edition
Join Date: Aug 2001
Posts: 3,193
Unwatched at the start of the month: 31
Alien (Quadrilogy)
-Alien 3
-Alien Resurrection
Back to the Future (The Complete Trilogy)
-Back to the Future II
-Back to the Future III
Crash and Burn (Charles Band DVD Collection Vol.1)
Doctor Mordrid (Charles Band DVD Collection Vol.1)
The Elephant Man
Gia - Unrated
Head of the Family (Charles Band DVD Collection Vol.1)
Hellraiser II
Marx Bros. - Room Service/At the Circus
Marx Bros. - Go West/The Big Store
Miami Vice Unrated
Monty Python and the Holy Grail - Extraordinarily Deluxe Edition
Riddick Trilogy - Pitch Black
- Chronicles of Riddick
- Chronicles of Riddick: Dark Fury
Sid and Nancy
Wild At Heart
Black Adder - The Complete Collector's Set (3/26)
The Corner (0/6)
Gasaraki DVD Perfect Collection (0/25)
Gilmore Girls Season 7 (0/22)
The Sarah Silverman Program (0/6)
The Tick Vs Season 2 (0/12)
Tin Man (0/3)
Twitch City - The Complete Series (10/13)

Watched this month: 5
Grounded For Life - Season 1 (20/20)
Grounded For Life - Season 2 (17/17)
Grounded For Life - Season 3 (8/13)*
The Sarah Silverman Program (6/6)
The Tick Vs Season 2 (12/12)
Twitch City - The Complete Series (13/13)
*TV sets don't count until all episodes are watched.

Bought this month: 9
Adventures of Indiana Jones (2003 release) - Raiders of the Lost Ark
- Temple of Doom
- Last Crusade
Grounded For Life - Season 1 (0/20)
Grounded For Life - Season 2 (0/17)
Grounded For Life - Season 3 (0/13)
Grounded For Life - Season 4 (0/28)
Grounded For Life - Season 5 (0/13)
Square Pegs (0/19)

Net change this month: +4

Total net change: +19
I won't say anything because no one ever listens to me anyway. I might as well be a Leonard Cohen record. -Neil, The Young Ones

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Old 04-30-08, 11:09 PM   #5
DVD Talk Limited Edition
Join Date: Jan 2001
Location: San Diego
Posts: 6,444
DVDs to Watch: 62

DVDs Watched: 25
1. Firefly: The Complete Series
2. Becker: Season 1
3. Fear / The Watcher / Raising Cain: Triple Feature
4. Cheers: Season 9
5. The Flash: The Complete Series
6. The Celluloid Closet
7. The Bette Davis Collection
8. Enchanted
9. Beautiful Thing
10. The Living End
11. Serial Mom
12. Girls Just Want to Have Fun
13. Day Break: The Complete Series
14. Serenity
15. Reindeer Games
16. Raising Arizona
17. The Italian Job
18. The Nutty Professor I & II
19. Private Parts
20. Some Like It Hot
21. All in the Family: Season 3
22. All in the Family: Season 4
23. All in the Family: Season 5
24. Square Pegs: The Complete Series
25. Agatha Christie Classic Mystery Collection

DVDs Bought: 14
1. Cheers: Season 9
2. The Bette Davis Collection
3. Fear / The Watcher / Raising Cain: Triple Feature
4. Serial Mom: Collector's Edition
5. Day Break: The Complete Series
6. Girls Just Want to Have Fun
7. The Italian Job (2003, Widescreen)
8. Reindeer Games
9. The Nutty Professor I & II: The Franchise Collection
10. Serenity: 2-Disc Collector's Edition
11. Some Like It Hot: 2-Disc Collector's Edition
12. Square Pegs: The Complete Series
13. Agatha Christie Classic Mystery Collection
14. The Drew Carey Show: Season 1

May Net Change: -11

Total Net Change: -249

Last edited by RobCA; 05-31-08 at 03:08 PM.
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Old 05-01-08, 12:22 AM   #6
DVD Talk Limited Edition
Ginwen's Avatar
Join Date: May 2002
Location: Kent, WA
Posts: 6,808
Movies To Watch Start of Month: 113

Movies Watched: 7
Hard Eight
The Adventures of Baron Munchausen
There Will Be Blood
5000 Fingers of Dr. T

New Movies Bought: 9
There Will Be Blood
Hard Eight
5000 Fingers of Dr. T
The Triplets of Belleville
The Adventures of Baron Munchausen
Wild Wild West Season 4

This Month's Net Change: +2

Total Net Change: -2

Last month I got nothing new, watched nothing from my unwatched. This month I'll try to make at least a little progress.
DVD Profiler | I Check Movies | XBox Live Tag: Skitalin | PSN Tag = Ginwen

Last edited by Ginwen; 05-28-08 at 11:44 PM.
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Old 05-01-08, 01:21 AM   #7
DVD Talk Gold Edition
MTRodaba2468's Avatar
Join Date: Jun 2007
Location: Western Kentucky
Posts: 2,557
If anything does me in this month, it's Best Buy's sale for all 5 seasons of Six Feet Under for $16.99 each.

Movies To Watch: 54

Movies Watched: 10
Assault On Precinct 13 (1976)
La Haine
Intolerable Cruelty
Barton Fink
The Bird With The Crystal Plumage
The Last Emperor
Romancing The Stone

New Movies Bought: 15
Assault On Precinct 13 (1976)
La Haine
Barton Fink
Intolerable Cruelty
The Bird With The Crystal Plumage
Hoop Dreams
Swimming With Sharks
Six Feet Under: Season 1
Six Feet Under: Season 2
Six Feet Under: Season 3
Six Feet Under: Season 4
Six Feet Under: Season 5

May Net Change: +5

Total Net Change (as of Sept '07): -20
#1 Wee Man Fan
DVDAF | MySpace | Facebook
1000 Blu-Rays as of 11/09/13: John Cassavetes: Five Films: Criterion Collection
1000 DVDs/Blu-Rays as of 12/31/09: The Conversation

My Countdown Counting down to: when Blur is released.
Blur has been released.

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Old 05-01-08, 02:18 AM   #8
Senior Member
Join Date: Jul 2001
Location: Portland, OR
Posts: 556
Movies To Watch: 1866

Movies Watched: 14
Sealab Vol. 2
Sugar Creek
Sweeney Todd
Denis Leary:Ultimate Collection
Tenacious D: Complete Masterworks
Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds: The Videos
Happy Feet
Shoot Em Up
Kentucky Fried Movie
Phantom of the Opera (Argento)

New Movies Bought: 77
--blind buys--
Straight Into Darkness
Curse of the Golden Flower
The Deathmaster
Teenage Exorcist
Oasis of the Zombies
Hot Rod
Black Sheep
Moral Orel
Leprechaun in the Hood
Robot Chicken Vol. 2
Storm Warning
Route 666
Wicker Man (original)
Neon Genesis Evangelion Vol. 2
Neon Genesis Evangelion Vol. 3
Neon Genesis Evangelion Vol. 4
Neon Genesis Evangelion Vol. 5
Neon Genesis Evangelion Vol. 6
Neon Genesis Evangelion Vol. 7
39 Steps
Strangers With Candy Season 1
Strangers With Candy Season 2
Strangers With Candy Season 3
The Hole
Escape From New York
Depeche Mode- Freelove
Assault on Precinct 13 (original)
The Mummy (32)
The Mummy's Hand
The Mummy's Tomb
The Mummy's Ghost
The Mummy's Curse
Mad Dog Morgan
The Dreaming
Voyage Into Fear
The Survivor
Cat O' Nine Tails
Parasite (Band)
Zoltan: Hound of Dracula
The Black Cat (Fulci)
Rats: Night of Terror
Squidbillies Vol. 1
How to Make a Monster (remake)
The Trip
Land of the Minotaur
Night Visitor
Good Against Evil
The Severed Arm
The Ghoul
Satan's Black Wedding
Criminally Insane
House on Sorority Row
Day of the Dead (remake)
SS Experiment Love Camp
SS Girls
SS Camp Women's Hell
Aeon FLux Complete Series
Survival Quest
Black Moon Rising
Season of the Witch
There's Always Vanilla
Modern Problems
Titus Seasons 1/2
Titus Season 3
First Blood
Rambo First Blood Part 2
Rambo 3

--previously seen--
Surf's Up
Austin Powers: Goldmember
Death Sentence
Bram Stoker's Dracula
Thing From Another World
Jack Frost
Neon Genesis Evangelion Vol. 1
Wild at Heart
The Dream Team
Shoot Em Up
Planet Terror (Blockbuster version)
Transylvania 6-5000
Kentucky Fried Movie

This Month's Net Change: +56 Blind Buys, +73 Total

Total Net Change : +1089 Blind Buys, +1374 Total

Last edited by dcrw6; 05-31-08 at 05:26 PM.
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Old 05-01-08, 05:19 AM   #9
nemein's Avatar
Join Date: Sep 1999
Location: 1bit away from total disaster
Posts: 33,719
Movies To Watch (start of year): 82
Movies To Watch (start of month): 67
Movies To Watch (current): 60
MTD Net Change: -7
YTD Net Change: -22
MTD Rentals watched: 22

Movies Watched: 7
Blue Lightning
Wrist & Arresting Locks
Modern Army Combatives Lvl2
Bones S#4
X Files S#7
Fearless: DC (R3)
Dark Beginnings of SH: Murder Rooms

New Movies Bought:
Muppet Show S#3/Mission Impossible S#4 (already accounted for)

Future purchases already accounted for in the above "unwatched" tally: 2
Dead Zone S#5
3 Stooges '37-'39
"A second flood, a simple famine, plagues of locusts everywhere, or a cataclysmic earthquake, I'd accept with some despair. But no, You sent us Congress! Good God, Sir, was that fair? " -- 1776

"When you look really deep, we are all kind of shallow" -- unknown

My Countdown Counting down to: End of the countdown clock
2262 days 2 hours 1 minutes

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Old 05-01-08, 07:30 AM   #10
Greg MacGuffin
DVD Talk Special Edition
Greg MacGuffin's Avatar
Join Date: Mar 2004
Location: Formerly known as "Jeffy Pop"/Denver
Posts: 1,933
Movies to Watch: 42

Movies Watched: 6
Infernal Affairs
The Protector (Tom yum goong)
Seinfeld - Season 8
The Evil Dead
The Descent
The Office (US) - Season 2

New Movies Bought: 4
Nosferatu - The Ultimate DVD Edition
House of Bamboo
The Street With No Name
Nightmare Alley

This Month's Net Change: -2

Total Net Change: +7
"My name is Luke Cooper. I love cinema. My favorite movies are Citizen Kane and The Boondock Saints."

Last edited by Greg MacGuffin; 05-30-08 at 06:49 PM.
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Old 05-01-08, 07:49 AM   #11
DVD Talk Special Edition
Join Date: Dec 2006
Location: Rockville, MD
Posts: 1,623
Blu's To Watch:35

Blu's Watched:
King of New York
Corpse Bride
Walk Hard
Blazing Saddles

Blu's Bought:
The Patriot
28 Days Later
28 Weeks Later
Corpse Bride
Dirty Harry
Weeds S3
The Fugitive
The Usual Suspects
King of New York
V Is For Vendetta
The Shining
Chronicles of Narnia
Sweeney Todd Steel Book UK Import BR
National Treasure
National Treasure 2
Trainspotting UK IMport BR
Lucky Number Slevin BR UK Import

May Net Change: +13
2008 Net Change: +18

Last edited by acubfaninmd; 05-30-08 at 10:05 AM.
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Old 05-01-08, 08:11 AM   #12
Senior Member
Join Date: Sep 2005
Posts: 354
DVDs To Watch: 199 Link to Current List

DVDs Watched:
01. The Woody Allen Collection (Set 1)
02. The Life & Death of Peter Sellers (2004)
03. The People vs. Larry Flynt (1996)
04. The Last King of Scotland (2006)
05. The Brothers Solomon (2007)
06. Witch Hunter Robin: Complete Collection (2002)
07. Dead Like Me: The Complete First Season (2003)
08. Kiss Me Deadly (1955)
09. Shooter (2007)
10. Killing Zoe (1994)
11. 11:14 (2003)
12. Dead Like Me: The Complete Second Season (2004)
13. The King of Queens: 4th Season (2001)
14. Fear (1996)
15. Buffalo Soldiers (2001)
16. Scrubs: The Complete Fifth Season (2005)
17. Joe Versus the Volcano (1990)
18. Without A Paddle (2004)
19. Training Day (2001)
20. Overnight (2003)
21. Wonderland (2003)

New DVDs Bought:
01. Shooter (2007)
02. Fracture (2007)
03. 28 Weeks Later (2007)
04. Mr. Brooks (2007)
05. Witness (1985)
06. For Love of the Game (1999)
07. Fear (1996)
08. Without A Paddle (2004)
09. The Pelican Brief (1993)
10. We Were Soldiers (2002)
11. Empire of the Sun (1987)
12. The King of Queens: 5th Season (2002)
13. The Birdcage (1996)
14. Dirty Mary, Crazy Larry (1974)
15. Dutch (1991)
16. Roseanne: The Complete Fifth Season (1992)

This Month's Net Change: -5

Total Net Change: -11 (Since August 2007)
DVD Collection | What James Knows

Last edited by Spez; 05-30-08 at 07:42 PM.
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Old 05-01-08, 08:52 AM   #13
the Chief
Join Date: Nov 2006
Posts: 210
Movies/Shows To Watch: 147

Movies Watched: 23
Alien vs. Predator Requiem
Bionic Woman Season 1
Plane Terror
WWE: Royal Rumble 2008
WWE: No Way Out 2008
WWE: Twist of Fate
Reign Over Me
Dark Crystal
Dragon Ball: The Saga of Goku
Prison Break Season 2
27 Dresses
Family Guy Season 3
Dragon Ball: Tournament Box Set
The Lost Room
Mad Money
Chronicles of Narnia
Over her dead body
Dragonball: Red Ribbon Army Saga Box Set
Dragonball: General Blue Saga Box Set
Mad About You Season 3

Last Month:
Total Time: 6290 Minutes (104 hours 50 miniutes)
Average per day: 209 Minutes (3 hours 29 minutes)

* Will & Grace Season 1
* Robin Hood Season 2
* Friday Night Lights Season 2

* = watching

New Movies Bought: 2
Mad Money
Over Her Dead Body

This Month's Net Change: -21

Total Net Change :-62

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DVD Talk Gold Edition
Join Date: Jul 2002
Location: Hawkeye Country
Posts: 2,333
* - First time Viewing
^ - Blind Buy

Movies/Shows To Watch (Start of May '08): 633
Top 5 oldest unwatched DVDs:
1. The Mummy Returns (#50)
2. Jaws (#76)
3. Enemy Mine (#114)
4. Cast Away (#134)
5. Hannibal (#142)

Movies/Shows Watched in May: 1
1. Dune: "Extended Edition"

Movies/Shows sold or put on the sell block: 0

Working On:
1. X-Files: Season 9
2. The Simpsons: Season 8
3. Flight of the Conchords: Season 1

New Movies/Shows Bought: 4
1. Young Indiana Jones - Vol. 2
2. Young Indiana Jones - Vol. 3
3. Human Giant - Season 1
4. Tripping the Rift - The Movie^

May Net Change: +3

Total Net Change (Since June '07): +63

**** May Updates Complete ****

+60 at the end of April
My DVDs: DVD Profiler
DVD Talk now has no Pants -- gkleinman 7-1-04

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DVD Talk Hall of Fame
Join Date: Aug 2002
Location: Triangle, NC, USA
Posts: 8,229
DVDs to Watch: 170

DVDs Watched: 7
The Blues Brothers CE
Ultimate Matrix Collection
Galaxy Angel Complete Collection
The Jerk
Snow Fairy Sugar vol 3.
Planetes Complete Collection
Kentucky Fried Movie

DVDs Bought: 7 (damn you DD!)
Titus S1/S2
Titus S3
Kentucky Fried Movie
Dead End Drive In
Martin and Orloff
The Day the Earth got Fired
Pirate Movie
The Specials

May Net Change: +1

Total Net Change: +24 (171)

Working on:
Twilight Zone complete
Get Smart complete
I have nothing to say.
My dvds
360 Gamertag: dtcarson

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DVD Talk Legend
Join Date: Oct 2000
Location: Cincinnati, OH
Posts: 10,060
Movies To Watch: 7

Movies Watched: 1

New Movies Bought:7

This Month's Net Change:1

Total Net Change :1
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Join Date: Sep 2006
Location: Scranton, PA
Posts: 171
Movies To Watch: 4

Movies Watched: 2

shrek 3
pokemon rise of darkrai

New Movies Bought: 8

shrek the third
there will be blood
pokemon rise of darkrai
28 weeks later
bloodrayne 2
lives of others

May Net Change: +7

Total Net Change (Since March 07): -191

My Movie blog 2008 -

2008 Horror Challenge -

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Challenge Guru & Comic Nerd
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Join Date: Apr 1999
Location: somewhere shopping
Posts: 24,601
First full month of my one-a-day plan

Movies To Watch: somewhere between 500 and 1000, goal is one per day minimum

Movies Watched: 66
Batman: The Movie
Il Bodine
Big Jake
Audrey Rose
Big Trouble in Little China
The Abominable Dr. Phibes
The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad
Aeon Flux
All the Right Moves
American Psycho
Easy Virtue
Black Sunday
Ace Venture: Pet Detective
Ace Venture: When Nature Calls
Attack of the Killer Tomatos
Bad Boys
Big Top Pee Pee
Bambi II
Basket Case
The Wild Wild World of Batwoman
I Accuse My Parents
The Big Hit
The Atomic Submarine
American Madness
Act of Violence
Anna Christie
Anna Karenina
All About My Mother
Bad Education
The African Queen
Angel Face
Alias Jesse James
The Bank Dick
The Alien Saga
The Alien Legacy
Bedknobs and Broomsticks
Dark Star
Ask Father
Attack of the Giant Leeches
Bumping into Broadway
Billy Blazes, Esq.
The Alpha Incident
Among Those Present
The Bell from Hell
Boy, Did I Get a Wrong Number
Arthur and the Invisibles
The Blancheville Monster
The Bloody Brood
The Ape
The Ape Man
Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom
The Big Sleep
Babes in Arms
Babes on Broadway
And Then There Were None
At War With the Army
Birth of a Nation
The Big Steal

New Movies Bought: 17
The Bank Dick
The African Queen
The Bicycle Thief
In the Woods
The Passion of Joan of Arc
Lost Horizon
The Girl in the Red Velvet Swing
Rally 'Round the Flag, Boys!
Sea Wife
Seven Thieves
Stopover Tokyo

This Month's Net Change: -49

Total Net Change : -49

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DVD Talk Special Edition
Join Date: Jan 2006
Location: maryland
Posts: 1,859
Movies To Watch this Month: 174

Movies Watched: 3
carnivale, season 2.
extras, season 1.
extras, season 2.

New Movies Bought: +6
serenity HD DVD
Full Metal Jacket HD DVD
The Departed HD DVD
Blood Diamond HD DVD
Babel HD DVD
Flash Point: DD

May Net Change: +3

Total Net Change: +0

Movies to watch at beginning of challenge: 158
- zack
the collection | 500th DVD - Your Host, Walt Disney - Walt Disney Treasures

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The Man with the Golden Doujinshi
DVD Talk Limited Edition
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Location: Mister Peepers
Posts: 6,890
I'll have stats done Saturday. I started a new job and the last thing I want to do at the end of the day is more work on the computer.
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DVD Talk Special Edition
Join Date: Jan 2006
Location: maryland
Posts: 1,859
finally got my "free" HD DVD's in the mail a few weeks ago and forgot to add them to the april list, so i put them in may. funny how they came 2 months after they made the announcement to stop producing the players.
- zack
the collection | 500th DVD - Your Host, Walt Disney - Walt Disney Treasures
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The Man with the Golden Doujinshi
DVD Talk Limited Edition
Join Date: Oct 2006
Location: Mister Peepers
Posts: 6,890
Did stats and skipped the top 3 movies watched/bought. Until I get more time, I'll only do it during more interesting times, like 20% sales and October - January.

I'll also recommend never watching Enter the Game of Death. I'd guess it's pretty hard for a movie to make me doze off while sitting at a computer but this movie was doing a pretty good job.

Star Trek: New Voyage comes in as another one. I finished it last night around 10 and I passed out when it was done. It was so bad that I only had to watch the last 15 minutes to finish it(I fell asleep watching it Friday also, shhh).
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Darth Maher
DVD Talk Special Edition
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Join Date: Sep 2006
Location: Haddonfield, Illinois
Posts: 1,902
Movies/Shows To Watch (at start of May '08): 485

Movies/Shows Watched in May '08: 0

Still Working On:
Rambo Trilogy: Special Edition
--First Blood
--Rambo: First Blood Part II
--Rambo III

Various TV Shows (to be more detailed later)

New Movies/Shows Accrued in May '08: 4
That '70s Show: Season Three
The X-Files: The Complete Second Season
Diary of the Dead
Night of the Living Dead: 40th Anniversary Edition

May '08 Net Change: +4

Total Net Change (Since October '07): +5
Horror Challenge: 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14
Academy Award Challenge: 08 09 10 11 12 13
Holiday Challenge: 07 08 09 10 11 12
TV Challenge: 13 | Comedy Challenge: 11 12

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The Man with the Golden Doujinshi
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Location: Mister Peepers
Posts: 6,890
I thought Slipstream, starring the hobbit, was bad, but Death Tunnel is one of the worst movies I've seen in a long time. All the characters are unlikable, horrible acting and the star always has her mouth open and 90% of the time is just staring into space with a dazed look on her face.

And I have an hour left.

Anyone else see this pile of poo?
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Posts: 1,623
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