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Old 10-25-05, 08:45 PM   #1
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Friday the 13th box set worth it?

Ive always liked this series and i havent picked up the box set yet. Is it worth it without jason goes to hell and jason x? How is the transfer compared to the previous Friday the 13th dvds and hows the audio? Also how are the extras and is it as good as the nightmare on elm street collection?
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Old 10-25-05, 09:25 PM   #2
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I'd say its worth it. It is pretty cheap for that many movies and the audio/video is fine for what the films are. The bonus disc is also very interesting, if a little incomplete.
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Old 10-25-05, 09:31 PM   #3
Mr. Cinema
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It's still overpriced. The movies are on double sided discs and they are not the uncut versions. Audio/Video is the same as the previous single releases, if I'm not mistaken.
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Old 10-25-05, 09:36 PM   #4
The Third Jake
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The movies are featured two to a disc, but they are not double-sided discs.
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Old 10-25-05, 09:57 PM   #5
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If you own the singles there is no reason to upgrade. Otherwise, this box set is a nice deal.
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Old 10-26-05, 01:21 AM   #6
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It's ok.

It's reasonable for the price, but don't expect the definitive collection. Maybe next generation for HD-DVD or Blu-Ray (whatever wins).

But, these started coming out 6 years ago and we paid alot at the time. $20 a movie on average. So yeah, it's an ok deal. The movies look the best they have since their theatrical days, but they are the same transfers. If you saw the previous DVD's, you have already seen the transfers.

If you like the series and don't own the others, then yes. It's worth it. If you already own all the other discs, I don't think their is enough her to warrant upgrading.
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Old 10-26-05, 02:30 AM   #7
Eric D.
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Join Date: Apr 2005
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If you like the movies and don't already own's worth it. Extras are fine, I wish there were more even with the BB bonus disc.
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Old 10-26-05, 08:20 AM   #8
DVD Talk Gold Edition
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Originally Posted by AllHallowsEve
If you like the series and don't own the others, then yes. It's worth it. If you already own all the other discs, I don't think their is enough her to warrant upgrading.
Agreed. I already had the single discs, and much as I'd love the box, saw no reason to upgrade. Well, unless they drop the price to like $30 or less.. nudge nudge wink wink.
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Old 10-26-05, 02:44 PM   #9
L Chabert Lover
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For the most part the transfers are the same as the individual discs, but there are a few differences and improvements. On the original part 1 disc (released in 1999) Annie's death is uncut and Pamela Voorhees' death is trimmed. On the box set disc it's the official R rated theatrical print with Annie's death back to its cut form and Pamela's death restored. Over at the reviewer mentions that "the transfer for the original film is a bit brighter now than it was before in the single disc release. It is also a little less vibrant, but it is hardly a distinguishable difference. The new transfer for The Final Chapter looks a smidge softer than the single disc release, but again it is nitpicking."

1999 DVD

2004 DVD

On the original Part IV: The Final Chapter disc (released in 2000) there are a few missing audio cues. During the opening credits when "The Final Chapter" explodes through the hockey mask you're supposed to hear a stinger, but it's gone. There are at least one or two other examples of this happening on the original disc. On the box set disc these cues have been restored.
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