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Old 01-25-04, 10:23 PM   #1
Join Date: Jan 2000
Location: Indiana,USA
Posts: 218
What is your dvd Rewatch Percent?

I have noticed alot of threads here lately asking questions like-
How many dvds do you own?
Why do you own so many dvds?
Do you have more money in savings or in Dvds?
Well I have a question of my own.What percentage of your dvds have you watched more than once.
I am just curious, because as a general rule ,I feel my girlfriend or I need to watch a DVD 2-3 times to make it worth a $10-$15 purchase.I think 1-2 views for a $5-$6 dvd as that is not much more than a rental, and could be pawned for $4, making it basically a $2 rental.

So here are my stats:
Total DVDs =625
not watched =55 (8.8%)
watched 1x =400 (64%)
watched 2x =109 (17.4%)
watched >2 =61 (9.8%)

Having done this I relized several things.
1- I could choose my purchases better.
2-almost all my non-watched DVDs are my girlfriends that I have no interest in watching .
3-I nned to eliminate blind buys and DVDs that I got because they were so cheap, i thought they were worth the price even If I only watched it once
4-I need more time to watch DVDS.

Anyone else want to post their thoughts?
Old 01-25-04, 10:30 PM   #2
DVD Talk Gold Edition
Join Date: Jan 2002
Posts: 2,463
I've been buying DVDs for four years; I own around 170. I've watched everything at least twice (many more times with many movies). Half of my collection is from Columbia House so that helps keep the costs down. The rest of the movies I buy the first week of release which also helps control costs.

I never blind buy, or buy something I would just watch once. That's what renting is for.

My buying rule is quite simple: I only buy that which I will watch more than one time.
Old 01-25-04, 10:35 PM   #3
DVD Talk Limited Edition
madcougar's Avatar
Join Date: Feb 2001
Location: Houston
Posts: 6,657
Wow. You have put a lot of work into this.

Seriously, I have no real idea how many times I've watched every one of my movies. I know I've seen most at least once. About 80 percent at least twice. And about 20 percent more than twice.

The thing with me though is that I can't imagine going to rent the same movie more than once. There are many movies (before DVD) that I would get in the mood to see again, but that I didn't own. I wasn't a big fan of VHS, and couldn't afford laserdiscs, as I was a college student, or barely out of school.

I don't justify DVD purchases as rentals. I justify them as going to the movies. I love movies, but because of time and the fact there seems to be only monkey people at the movies these days (talking, coming in in the middle, crying babies, ect), I don't go very much. I figure that buying DVDs of movies I wanted to go see at the movies, but didn't is reasonable. Two tickets (I'm married), some popcorn, and a babysitter will set me back about $30 for a movie. A DVD will usually set me back no more than $20.
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Old 01-25-04, 10:46 PM   #4
Join Date: Jan 2000
Location: Indiana,USA
Posts: 218
madcougar is right.Since most of my DVDs are under $10, I am basically saving $20-$30 by getting the DVD than going to the movies.

I don't actually need to justify my dvd purchases by comparing them to rentals.I would buy my Favorite movies no matter the price.I would say I would have purchased 70% of my dvds at twice the price that i got them at, if I had to.I do like to justify my blind buys and cheapo dvds($5.88 wal-mart bin)by comparing them to rentals.I figure if I like it, I got a good movie cheap, and if I don't,Pawn it and I am out only a rental.
As an example I got a movie i like bundled with Ghost Dad for $10.00, I think.I only watched Ghost Dad once, but I figure it was worth the $5.00 (if I pawn it, it would only have cost me &1.00 to see it once), plus I think it was Bustin' Loose that I got for the other $5.00 (a great movie by the way).
Old 01-25-04, 10:47 PM   #5
DVD Talk Gold Edition
Join Date: Jan 2004
Location: 11.5 Miles from the Strip
Posts: 2,353
I own about 255 right now, with several on order, and probably about 25% are ones that I have either never seen or have seen only once. The other 75% I have seen more then once, approximately.

There are a select few that I have on all the time (for background noise while I am working from home), but by and large, I watch a different one every day, so multiples come naturally.

I used to rent, but I am very bad about returning late, so it pretty much fairs out better for me to buy (from discount places like CH and WM).

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Old 01-25-04, 11:31 PM   #6
Matthew Zolton
Senior Member
Join Date: Nov 1999
Location: Lawrence, KS
Posts: 532
My Re-watch rate is about 90% or so, but my collection is not that big.

And I'm just wondering Madcougar - What are you doing at the movies that it would cost you up to $40 to go to one? You said if you buy a $10 DVD instead of going to the movies you are saving $20-30. So what exactally do you buy at the movies?


Last edited by Matthew Zolton; 01-25-04 at 11:34 PM.
Old 01-25-04, 11:37 PM   #7
Join Date: Sep 2003
Location: Chicago, IL
Posts: 994
The dvd collection is always expanding and I have a large list of unwatched dvds. So if I do rewatch a dvd, its usually, but not always, immediately after the first viewing.
Old 01-25-04, 11:59 PM   #8
DVD Talk Special Edition
Join Date: Dec 2003
Location: The Island of Staten
Posts: 1,891
you know i started wondering the same thing when my dvd collection got bigger than 200 within a year, mostly from columbia house, some from ebay, then i realized that there were alot of movies that i would not watch again and started selling them to decrease my collection and make more room, although i love going to the movies, being a medical student you dont really have that much time and alot of money plus i always think that owing a dvd is soooooooo much cheaper than really going to the movies with my gf, especially from columbia house, i keep making alot if not most blind purchases based on reviews and comments of peers. the whole point is that i have gotten rid of about 30 + dvd's basically keeping only ones i would watch again
Old 01-26-04, 12:13 AM   #9
DVD Talk Limited Edition
madcougar's Avatar
Join Date: Feb 2001
Location: Houston
Posts: 6,657
Originally posted by Matthew Zolton
And I'm just wondering Madcougar - What are you doing at the movies that it would cost you up to $40 to go to one? You said if you buy a $10 DVD instead of going to the movies you are saving $20-30. So what exactally do you buy at the movies?

Ok, two tickets are going to run you about $18. A popcorn and soda another $7. And about $15 for a babysitter. That's $40. Even with a matinee it's about $30.
"Never underestimate stupid." Madcougar, 2002
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Old 01-26-04, 02:04 AM   #10
Join Date: Jan 2004
Location: Gelsenkirchen, Germany
Posts: 137
i've over 320 discs right now and i've seen every single one of them. i don't know what my rewatch percentage is exactly, but it's very high - 1x the movie, 1x audio commentary, etc. but often i can only afford the time to watch the movie, so i've many unseen commentaries. i've watched about 10% of my dvds more than 4 times and about 30% once.
i started buying dvds because of the better picture quality in comparison to vhs (i owned only 2 vhs) - i didn't own a standalone dvd-player in the beginning and my first discs were only german releases. now i own a cool dd5.1/dts system and it rocks :-) and i don't buy many german releases right now besides from bargain sales. if i buy the us-dvds i can see the movie often before it's in the theatres over here (finding nemo and underworld are the latest examples). finding nemo was available on us-dvd 1month before it entered theatres in germany, underworld is just starting later this week. the best thing of buying us-dvds is they are often cheaper than the later released german discs. then i'm interested in asian movies. yes, some of them get released on german dvds, but only months and years after they were released in asia. besides that, most german dvds of asian movies have a higher price and lack of quality.
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Old 01-26-04, 06:27 AM   #11
nemein's Avatar
Join Date: Sep 1999
Location: 1bit away from total disaster
Posts: 33,919
W/ almost 900 in my collection and a constant stream of new material coming in thanks to Netflix it's really really low. Doesn't bug me though since I know anytime I want to see a particular movie I like I already have it one hand
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Old 01-26-04, 07:53 AM   #12
DVD Talk Limited Edition
Join Date: Dec 2001
Location: Ferndale, MI
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I'm inching toward the 300 mark and I've rewatched all of my titles at least twice. Every year (usually in the summer when I have more free time) I go through and watch everything in an effort to weed out titles I don't want anymore.
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Old 01-26-04, 10:58 AM   #13
Matthew Zolton
Senior Member
Join Date: Nov 1999
Location: Lawrence, KS
Posts: 532

Ah... the babysitter, don't have to deal with that yet, so I thought you were crazy thinking that it would cost that much. Of course, I don't buy food at the movies.
Old 01-26-04, 11:02 AM   #14
DVD Talk Ultimate Edition
Join Date: Sep 2002
Location: on a river in a kayak..where else?
Posts: 4,949
I've never broken it down to a %. I do rotate many of my titles on a regular basis, especially the early I can check for delamination.
My DVD/Film Library....(I'll update when I feel like it..tired of listing everything, everyday.....600+ purchased but not yet listed-now at 3,200+ titles)...and a buttload of kayaks/canoes
Old 01-26-04, 03:39 PM   #15
DVD Talk Special Edition
Join Date: Oct 1999
Location: Pittsburgh, PA
Posts: 1,975
I have about 400 titles. I'd say 200 I've never even watched. Of the 200 I have watched, I'd say only about 10 I've watched more than once. My conclusion: I waste a lot of money on DVDs. I'd watch a lot more except I can barely keep up with Netflix, let alone watching stuff I own.
Old 01-26-04, 03:57 PM   #16
Join Date: Jan 2002
Location: Woodbridge, Virginia
Posts: 1,212
I have 592 in my collection. I only have 11 unwatched, and they are my latest purchases. I have no idea how many times I have watched my collection. I would venture that 50% have been watched at least twice and that 10% have been watched three or more times. That being said, I don't buy DVD's because I expect to actually rewatch all of them. I buy them because I may want to do so.
Old 01-26-04, 04:20 PM   #17
DVD Talk Special Edition
Join Date: Feb 2003
Location: Bluegrass State
Posts: 1,271
Originally posted by madcougar
Ok, two tickets are going to run you about $18. A popcorn and soda another $7. And about $15 for a babysitter. That's $40. Even with a matinee it's about $30.

Well, if we get a babysitter and get out (which is rare) then my wife also wants dinner! So buying a DVD saves me like $50-60. Wow, I should be buying more DVDs!?!?!? ha ha ha
Old 01-26-04, 05:08 PM   #18
DVD Talk Legend
JimRochester's Avatar
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Location: Rochester, NY. USA
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Not sure of the exact breakdown. My highest percentage of movies I will watch repeatedly is Sci-Fi and Action/Adventure. Comedies need some time in between viewing. Most dramas have little rewatch value to me. I have maybe 20 or so dramas out of 550 discs.
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Old 01-26-04, 05:13 PM   #19
DVD Talk Ultimate Edition
Join Date: Jun 2001
Location: Pearland, TX
Posts: 4,043
I have over 500 DVDs.

I've watched all of them at least once. There is no reason to buy them and not watch them.

For about 50%, I've watched more than once.

For about 10%, I've watched several times.
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Old 01-26-04, 05:18 PM   #20
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Looking over my collection, I've watched all of them at least twice with about 20^30% of them watched many times.
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Old 01-26-04, 05:49 PM   #21
DVD Talk Special Edition
Join Date: Jan 2003
Posts: 1,687
With about 170 DVD's in my collection, I have about 25-30 DVD's that I haven't watched yet, so very few DVD's were watched more than once. Once I watch all, I'm sure I start 'rewatching' most of them, or at least my favorites.
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Old 01-26-04, 07:16 PM   #22
DVD Talk Special Edition
danwiz's Avatar
Join Date: Dec 2000
Location: Mitaka, Tokyo, Japan
Posts: 1,766
About 270 DVDs in my collection. ALL WATCHED at least once, most watched twice, some watched up to 6 times. I don't have this in a spreadsheet, but I do have my list of movies watched and the dates watched since November 1993 in an MS-Word document. I am trying to visualize how you came up with such specific stats regarding your percentages. Tell us how you keep those kind of percentages please.

I keep a list of titles and watched dates using the "NOTES" section of DVD Profiler and I created a report which prints out the title and the "Notes", so when I'm trying to decide which DVD to watch I look at the list and pick a movie which I am in the mood for and which hasn't been watched in about a year. I make a new printout about every 6 months.
Old 01-26-04, 07:45 PM   #23
Join Date: Jan 2000
Location: Indiana,USA
Posts: 218
Well to be honest, I guessed.
I went into dvd profiler and went down the list.I can be pretty sure of the ones I have watched twice or more.The difference between twice or more was from memory.I am positive I have watched the 61 i stated atleast 3 times ,most 6 or more.Those are my favorites (usually comedies or action).Some of the 2x movies may have been more, but I wasn't sure.Also, some of the once movies, may have been twice, but it would have been only a few one way or the other.I keep all my unwatched dvds seperate from the others, so I know that number is correct.

Have done this math, I am pretty satisfied with my collection.I think my rewatch percentage is low, but alot of my dvds are only a year old or 2.I think that I will rewatch more as time passes from each original viewing.The only ones that I won't are my girlfriends "Lifetime" themed DVDs and Ghost Dad.

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Old 01-26-04, 08:44 PM   #24
DVD Talk Special Edition
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I've got a Netflix type service so my rewatch percentage is quite low, and thanks to the same service my collection has also stopped doubling yearly, which is nice because it takes up a lot of space, using the same format here are my stats:

Total DVDs =720
not watched =10-12
watched 1x =708-710
watched 2x =45-50
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Old 01-26-04, 09:28 PM   #25
DVD Talk Special Edition
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Coincidentally enought, I finally hooked up a tape deck to my computer. What does this have to do with rewatching DVDs, you ask? Well, I did that so I could make mp3s of music I have on cassette tape, music I haven't listened to in several years. But just because I haven't listened to it in years doesn't make it less enjoyable, in fact, it's great rediscovering it.

I've only been collecting DVDs for a couple of years. None of us have been at it for more than a few years, unless you want to count video collecting as a whole, regardless of format. But if it's two or three years between viewing a particular movie, it doesn't mean that movie isn't appreciated.

While rewatchablility is something to keep in mind, it's okay if it doesn't happen right away.
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