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Old 12-12-16, 04:00 PM   #26
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Re: new OPPO UDP203 player

Only $549.00!! And fifty watts per channel babycakes!
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Perhaps he did.
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Old 12-13-16, 01:46 PM   #27
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Re: new OPPO UDP203 player

And it still has to be modded to be region free for BD/DVDs.
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Old 12-17-16, 03:56 AM   #28
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Re: new OPPO UDP203 player

That's probably how they get around any legal problems, but it's nice that they at least make it so easy. UHD discs don't have region coding at all, but I still wouldn't make anything region-locked my main player.
Tell LG Electronics not to kill home 3D!

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Old 05-12-17, 09:09 PM   #29
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Re: new OPPO UDP203 player

So it looks like the audiophile 205 version is out, and is getting very good reviews so far.

It's also already available, with region free hardware mod, from the place I got my 103 from- and it's $100 cheaper than what they were charging for the 105.

I was thinking about maybe getting one near the end of the year, if my gigs go well- but I'd also like to let this be out in the field for a good bit and thoroughly debugged first.
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Old 05-15-17, 11:02 AM   #30
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Re: new OPPO UDP203 player

The recent Oppo players can be modded quick and easy using a kit found on Ebay.
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