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Old 02-21-17, 08:07 AM   #176
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Re: Big Lots Part 11 - List your FINDS here (NO trades)

Originally Posted by MooMooMooMoo View Post
I believe I've mentioned this before, but if anyone still wonders what happened to Big Lots great selection of $3 dvd's (especially classic Warner):

I get the bi-weekly emails. All the same cool titles BL used to get at $3 are now at oldies from $4-$12. This has been the case for quite awhile.

I wish I could have gotten those prices when I was a dvd retailer. I have no clue how Oldies does it.
M4, it's very simple to explain how Oldies does it....people are stupid!
I see it on ebay all the time...and I bet you did to...
I'll find some old film, say...Dames (1934) and I AM making these numbers up, but I have seen this with older WB titles...I go to completed items to see the average prices to see what might be a good starting price...I see Dames at 3.99, 2.99, 4.99...and not it's not even worth me putting it up, stick it aside to check back again in 6 months or a year. Then, scrolling down the listings, I see that the very same film, DVD release, etc. sold for $19.99! I look at who is selling it, and it's fill in the blank megastore with 100,000 + titles up at any one time...they are a real store to many folks, someone that's safe to buy from ( I mentioned years ago selling on ebay to a nurse in her 50's, and she basically thought most everything on ebay was stolen merchandise!!!!) and bookmarked said seller years ago....
I am guessing the same thing with oldies, people have bought from them for years, or find them via the web...and people feel better paying full price, or damn near it, than from someone that sells "stolen" stuff on ebay

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Old 03-08-17, 03:19 PM   #177
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Re: Big Lots Part 11 - List your FINDS here (NO trades)

I don't know if this means anything in the scheme of things.........

The city I live in has had 3 Big Lots for a decade.

Recently, the Bridgeport store closed.

The Pearl Street store is temporally closed, while they're moving into a larger location, 2 doors down (They're taking over the space of a full sized grocery store). As of a few days ago, there was no reopening date posted, though reconstruction has definitely began on the new location.

The 72nd store (basically in the ghetto) is currently the only BL open here.
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Old 03-08-17, 09:36 PM   #178
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Re: Big Lots Part 11 - List your FINDS here (NO trades)


Read earlier that Target is having serious money woes.
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Old 03-09-17, 03:45 PM   #179
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Re: Big Lots Part 11 - List your FINDS here (NO trades)

Many Wall Street analysts believe Big Lots over expanded the past decade. Larger retail chains these days are more willing to pull the plug on a slow location because commercial real estate is relatively cheap with all the empty retail space laying around.
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Old 03-09-17, 05:49 PM   #180
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Re: Big Lots Part 11 - List your FINDS here (NO trades)

We lost at least 3 Big Lots stores in the past few years.
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Old 03-10-17, 03:06 AM   #181
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Re: Big Lots Part 11 - List your FINDS here (NO trades)

The other odd thing is I'm on very good terms with the manager at the BL they're expanding. 2 years ago, it was very close to shutting down permanently. That's a pretty major change of corporate attitude!
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Old 03-15-17, 11:53 PM   #182
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Re: Big Lots Part 11 - List your FINDS here (NO trades)

Got a new one coming near where I work- Wilson Mills Rd. in Mayfield, Ohio. A former Dick's, should be a good location for them.
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