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06-30-03, 08:07 AM
I saw this ad for a new "makeover" show on Bravo last night and I think it has the potential to be the funniest show ever.


It starts in July sometime.

06-30-03, 08:19 AM
As a gay man, I feel this show will most likely play into the tired old gay and straight stereotypes: all gay men are fabulous/bitchy fashion queens and all straight guys are hopeless lugs. Yawn.

06-30-03, 10:31 AM
I've actually seen the piolt for this and it was entertaing, my brother in law works for the production company as an editor. From what I saw its a heck of a lot better than the 'What not to wear.'

They have however gotten rid of all the people doing the mackovers except for the one I liked least (the bitchy flamboyant one, he reminds me of the what not to wear guy) the intial run was filmed in NY but produced in the Boston Area, when it was picked up by Bravo they dumped the local crew in favor of a NY based one and several of the producers stayed on and moved to NY.
My problem with the show was I can't see Bravo putting this show out and its now way behind the other simmilar shows out there. I'll watch a few episodes to see how it differs from the piolit but as a straight guy that is married and is dressed by his wife I don't need the show per se....

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