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  1. The Reasons to Make You Feel Good About Your "Problems" Thread
  2. Have you ever sampled hard drugs?
  3. If you die without ever sampling hard drugs, do you think you will regret it ?
  4. Friends of Joe Heck post here
  5. Recommend me a good non-sticking pan?
  6. The ghost of Brian Peppers is haunting me, please send help!
  7. Show me your lunch box!
  8. Meet Brianna and Jaelin
  9. Does Facebook really know you?
  10. How do you discover Stand Up Comedians ?
  11. Acorns - Spare change investing app?
  12. Farthest you've ever traveled back for something you forgot?
  13. Parents, it's 2016: How much allowance do you give your spawn?
  14. Seriosuly, does anyone enjoy dating?
  15. 7-11 Holds 2nd 'Bring Your Own Cup Day' Celebrating Frozen Drink's 50th Birthday
  16. Since this is DVDTalk, figured this video should be shared here.
  17. Help me pick a charity...
  18. SimpliSafe security system...anyone have/know about it?
  19. Renters- do you really earn 3 times or more your monthly rent?
  20. Any good resume template websites?
  21. Car stereo
  22. Cigarette Laws
  23. Car Buying Scam or Legal? Need Advice For A Friend
  24. Wearing Pants - Over Belly or Under Belly?
  25. Confused about booking a hotel across international date line
  26. Would you want to know the day you are going to die?
  27. What is this?
  28. HIPAA-Bustin' Humorous Tale of the Emergency Room
  29. So, is Duff Beer a Pilsner?
  30. Best "Keynote" type speakers you've seen?
  31. Are women the source of humanity's problems (repost)
  32. Intelligent people tend to messy, stay awake longer, and swear more
  33. Olympic Officials Apologize For Using Knock-Off Chinese Flags In Medal Ceremony
  34. GoFundMe question
  35. Say Hello to Gags - The Green Bay Clown
  36. Porn star gets nose job in Iran, confusion and hilarity ensues.
  37. How much do you use Air Condition at Home?
  38. Longest period of time you were unemployed or didn't have stable work?
  39. Just brushing up on my Evil Deeds...
  40. Woman claims sexual assault by toy (NOT Florida)
  41. Weird ant problem in my house, anyone know what's going on?
  42. Stride Gum Presents Heaven Sent: A Mad Intense Jump
  43. Elephant Fights Off 14 Lions (video attached))
  44. Girl dies, hit by stone thrown by elephant.
  45. Tips for a weekend trip to Sydney
  46. Best underarm deodorant?
  47. Totaling out a car: experience? (and a My Life Sucks, How Is Yours? rant)
  48. When was the last time you heard the phrase 'information superhighway'?
  49. Woman mauled to death by tiger in China animal park
  50. L.A. (and surrounding area) Otter
  51. The Disneyland/California Adventure Thread
  52. Any child actor ever grow up to actually look like the intended older counterpart?
  53. Florida sheriff arrests two paramedics for degrading selfies
  54. Going to London, where to stay, what to see?
  55. Kias (recent models): yay or nay?
  56. House renting scams
  57. Happy Moon Landing Anniversary Day!
  58. "Sleep No More" -interactive play in NYC, anyone been?
  59. Gigi Hadid
  60. New ban on the sale of ivory
  61. Show of hands, please, PCH Sweepstakes
  62. Bulls behaving badly, or chalk one up for the good guys?
  63. Christie Brinkley hoses down woman who peed on her rocks
  64. Gmail ads in Promotions section.
  65. Photoshop request- Love Birds in California
  66. The Home Owner Thread
  67. Anyone inherit a property with a free loading tenant
  68. Help me troubleshoot my lawn mower.. Thanks!!
  69. 'Racist' Pool Safety Poster Brings Red Cross Apology.
  70. Need some cool gift ideas for my four year old nephew...
  71. I'm planning on having hip replacement surgery in 2016
  72. question about health insurance coverage
  73. 30-ish hours in Chicago in late September - What to do / where to eat?
  74. Brain-Eating Bacteria Kills Ohio Teen in North Carolina
  75. Car insurance - how to file a claim question
  76. Anyone use a smart thermostat to control ac/heat?
  77. OK, I got enough excitement last 4 days.
  78. U.S.: Happy Father's Day!
  79. Mom saves 5 y/o son from mountain lion (aka more bad parenting!)
  80. Any docs here? Question RE Osteomyelitis
  81. Anyone subscribe to OnStar?
  82. The "Monty Hall Problem" brain teaser - add yours
  83. Reckless Driver 2: Electric Boogaloo
  84. Alligator Grabs Child From Parent Without Asking For Permission
  85. "No Soliciting" signs..
  86. When did peanut butter get so "runny"?
  87. Finding interesting stuff you forgot you owned
  88. Have you ever had a dream about a fellow dvdtalker?
  89. Renters Insurance questions
  90. What's the coolest vacation you were on that you don't remember?
  91. 40 Tiger Cubs In Freezer In Thai-ger-land
  92. Thanking about moving to Portland, OR
  93. Observations after returning to school at age 42
  94. Girls right to go Bra Less
  95. Husband facing assault charges for beating would-be rapist to death with tire iron
  96. Suggestions on a good pair of Steel Toe Boots?
  97. Pizza-topped pizza in a box made of pizza
  98. Has Anyone Been to Holiday World in Santa Claus, IN?
  99. Lawsuit Alleges McDonald's Drive-Thru Policy Discriminates Against Blind Customers
  100. Please remove the last item from the bagging area...
  101. I need some lawnmower recommendations
  102. "Misbehaving" boy disappears in forest after parents abandon him (Update: found)
  103. Cincinnati Zoo Kills 4-Year-Old Boy Who Fell Into Enclosure to Save Gorilla
  104. Thief at the Post Office
  105. You have a weekend alone and a free flight anywhere in the US; where do you go?
  106. Kitten Rescue Story
  107. Anyone have seborrheic dermatitis?
  108. What are you spending your time on? (iOS edition)
  109. East-West road trip the "scenic route".
  110. Mexican Supermarket Question
  111. Moving out of state
  112. What is the name of the music that plays when London, England is shown?
  113. How often do you mow your lawn?
  114. Contact Lens Talk
  115. Real Estate Question
  116. Woman who looks like a boy
  117. Anyone have experience with Range Rover?
  118. Hawaii Big Island vacation
  119. Co-eds Turning To ‘Sugar Daddies’ To Pay For Tuition
  120. Florida Man Says He Killed Wife Because of Her Poor Health, Drug Costs
  121. Denmark Travel in 2016
  122. Would you get a penis transplant? (1st successful in US)
  123. Sinead O'Connor not Missing [UPDATE: MISSING]
  124. Soon to be living in car temporarily. Anyone have experience or advice?
  125. Is It Okay to Use a 0% Credit Card to Re-build a Credit Score?
  126. Sardines. Who likes 'em?
  127. A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush... need some DVDTalk Advice
  128. YAET - Can you beat scammers these days?
  129. Oakland PD rocked by sex with underage girl
  130. The 6, 12, 18, 24 Challenge
  131. Condo HOA special assessments
  132. New thermostat woes (help me?)
  133. 2 yr old left in car...mom "forgot"
  134. Hi
  135. Budweiser Renames Its Beer "America"
  136. Photoshop request- Friend at the Grand Canyon
  137. Woman Arrested For In-Flight Molestation
  138. Wikiposts Are Coming
  139. School Calls Cops on Student Who Paid for Chicken Tenders With Two-Dollar Bill
  140. How Do You Personally Cope with Depression? (a resource thread)
  141. Photoshop or make a cartoon of my friend's kid? Please!
  142. Have you ever posted a photo of food on social media? If yes, WHY?
  143. Expressions or Cliched remarks that you hate/annoy you
  144. Woman Sues Starbucks for $5M Over Too Much Ice
  145. Amy Schumer bans fans from taking selfies with her
  146. I'd like to introduce you to my favorite author, Lovey Banh
  147. London Travel: Question about Oyster Cards, Transportation, etc.
  148. I've lost 60 - 80 pounds in the last 6 months
  149. Which president farted the most times in the oval office (per term)?
  150. Converse slip-on question
  151. 70 question quiz: Can We Guess Your Highest Education Level?
  152. Car buying advice...
  153. Burglar sues homeowner who shot him
  154. PA school bus driver has 11 year old kid remove live power line from road
  155. slop101's Official Soda / Cola Thread!
  156. Car batteries?
  157. What do you call residents of your fair city?
  158. Are you supposed to walk or stand still on a moving walkway at the airport?
  159. Artist Prince has died
  160. Vans Shoes
  161. What are you craving to eat/drink RIGHT NOW?
  162. Burger King employees smash windows and stop building from exploding!
  163. School me on crossing the border!
  164. It's been awhile... Photoshop this!
  165. Anyone know 401k accounts well?
  166. Woman Kills Boyfriend For Cheating On Her In A Dream (Not Florida)
  167. Sunday Beer Bust!!
  168. what on-line high(er) interest saving account company are you using?
  169. Do you have social media friends who measure every social cause against "the troops"?
  170. The last 6 girls I dated each went on to marry the guy they dated after me.
  171. I Just Sent a Man to Prison for Life (Adventures in Jury Duty)
  172. Last stage show you attended?
  173. So my student loan company wants me to pay about $550 per month now....?!
  174. Running out of places to go to ? (spin off thread)
  175. Good eats, in Dallas
  176. eBay question
  177. Question Re GFI Outlets
  178. Woman arrested after videos of her with a dog
  179. 3 LBs Tannerite + Lawn Mower + Bullet = One less leg
  180. Kiera Knightly - Not Black or Asian
  181. Summer 2016 -- Any travel plans?
  182. Local teacher was doing nude webcams
  183. Dating Advice Needed- Part Three- The Quest For Love
  184. Microsoft's AI chatter-bot turns into a racist troll within hours of launch
  185. Man arrested after 14 years for not returning VHS rental (not FL, not Alan Smithee)
  186. What kind of underwear do you wear?
  187. Going to Austin on Thursday: Where to eat?
  188. Facebook question.
  189. RRS Boaty McBoatface
  190. Could you fall in love with this robot?
  191. Soyuz Launch - LIve
  192. Slurpee Bring Your Own Cup Day! - 3/18-3/19
  193. Most Canadian Crime Ever?
  194. Madonna commits sexual assault: law expert
  195. 2015 Tax Return Questions
  196. Kellogg’s says cereal was peed on, sold, and probably eaten
  197. Cheating on your dentist? Different dentist than your regular for procedure
  198. Forum Maintenance and "Some Changes" Discussion Thread
  199. Stabbing victim pulls knife out of own neck, kills terrorist
  200. Lung clots
  201. Introducing the Wachowski sisters. 2nd brother comes out as transgender.
  202. Man chews off fingertips to avoid being ID'd at traffic stop(Don't Ask)
  203. How long till you hear back from a job/ Do you inform your current employer ?
  204. Woman Trapped In Elevator Starves To Death
  205. Leap Day Babies
  206. YACT: Windshield Shades, or: Why is Texas So Hot???
  207. Google self driving car crashes into bus
  208. Happy Leap Day
  209. Otterville the Aging Community
  210. So I just moved to Seattle
  211. What is your favorite ethnic cuisines?
  212. Adolf Hitler: Historians Say Leader of Nazi Party Had Genital Abnormalities
  213. Anyone ever have idiopathic adhesive capsulitis, aka frozen shoulder?
  214. Walmart Got Trojan Horsed
  215. I have Jury Duty!
  216. What's good @ Texas Roadhouse?
  217. Aziz Ansari vs Kumail Nanjiani?
  218. Shia LaBeouf LIVE* in elevator
  219. AP Investigation: Olympic teams to swim, boat in Rio's filth
  220. I am obsessed with browsing FIVERR.COM
  221. Need car advice
  222. Anybody eat out for every meal?
  223. The professionalization of kids' sports: a rant
  224. Where to eat in Atlanta for Easter
  225. Would you ride on the new Titanic II?
  226. UBISOFT makes it cold outside
  227. Explain asian children to me
  228. The Fearless Flyer: Who Reads This Thing? And Other Tales of Trader Joe's
  229. Things that will become complete obsolete in our lifetimes: Chalkboards
  230. Man Throws Alligator Into Wendy's Drive-Thru (Don't Ask)
  231. Photoshop request- My uncle at the dentist
  232. Lilly Singh Youtube Superstar
  233. What's the highest temperature you've ever had?
  234. Italian Actor Suffers Real Brain Death in Stage Hanging
  235. Has anyone purchased a HVAC system online?
  236. Woman Crashes Own Funeral; Confronts Husband Who Hired To Have Her Killed
  237. Hide your sandwiches! Time travel confirmed!
  238. What will you eat while you watch Super Bowl 50?
  239. Dave Mirra BMX Legend Dead at 41
  240. IT cyber security jobs
  241. Photo of Potato sells for $1.5m
  242. Happy Groundhog Day 2015, er, 2016. It's 2016, right?
  243. Passenger's rancid forces 747 to land
  244. So ... this ZIKA virus
  245. Fine Bro's Youtuber's Attempting To License 'Reaction' Videos
  246. Do you have to be smart to be a comedian?
  247. Would you retire from dvdtalk if you won the lottery?
  248. Tony the Tiger begs Furries to Stop Tweeting him Porn
  249. HVAC Plumbing question.. Help needed
  250. Well, I guess he died doing what he loved...

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