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  1. Sam Adams to introduce alcoholic ginger ale
  2. need advice from our CA otters on vacation..
  3. To what would you change your birth name & ever adjust your cargo while driving?
  4. If you can get back ONE thing from your past that you've lost, what would it be?
  5. Bears Eat Monkey in Front of Zoo Visitors
  6. Any local B&M stores that convert VHS to DVD?
  7. So I had a hissy fit last night
  8. My dog can fly! (proof inside)
  9. So.... What toothpaste do you use?
  10. How do YOU choose a Doctor?
  11. Which MAYO would you rather have?
  12. Young male comedian nails Denzel Washington!
  13. jury duty, we just let a criminal go free
  14. Paypal question
  15. I need some help getting a prepaid SIM card for my vacation to France.
  16. Bill Cosby "They know how to send their sperm cells out and then walk away"
  17. mllefoo's 42nd plethora of reptile pics thread!
  18. Woman, 104, takes man, 33, as husband No. 21
  19. Helip with a wedding gift for fiance
  20. Have you seen my mailbox key?
  21. Favorite city-restaurant-meal?
  22. Major character in THE AMITYVILLE HORROR francise dead
  23. Any otters have what it takes to be a SEAL?
  24. Burger out of thin air?
  25. Another one to add to the Bad Parent Files: Baby's Hand Severed at Chocolate Factory
  26. NationStates, anyone? (Web-based political game)
  27. Report: 48 Million Refuse to Buckle Up
  28. Friend fwds you a missing girl email that's a hoax. Reply all-make her look foolish?
  29. Product boycotts?
  30. Washington D.C. National Zoo - Suggestions and/or Advice?
  31. More Yogurt News: Lil' Animals Prevent Sickness
  32. I saw a guy driving with a DVD player on his dashboard :eek:
  33. Ever show up at a restaurant or store and it was closed?
  34. EWWWWWW....2 charged with rape of newborn
  35. Guy in a car on a computer...
  36. Income Tax Question Re: reimbursement of salary?
  37. Any otter lawyers around who might be able to answer a pool warranty question for me?
  38. Is your mother still living?
  39. Google trends
  40. English cabbie becomes famous after interview
  41. I have the day off, but will probably not be in the forum today
  42. Inflation Rate Tops 1,000% For First Time in Zimbabwe
  43. Local alternative paper pranks Buffalo and Ottawa mayors. MP3s
  44. Suggestions needed for a new electric range
  45. What do you do for Mother's Day?
  46. What's your favorite season
  47. If you owed a burrito shop, how would you choose? (customer situation).
  48. Something for you moms
  49. Phillips body groomer...for guys
  50. Is there a scientific definition of "Torrential Downpour"?
  51. 2008 Skyline GT-R...will be sold in the US
  52. What do people born blind see?
  53. In 1976 blind taste test, French wine experts preferred American wine.
  54. eBay: New Zealand not for sale
  55. a question about painting over red
  56. buying a new car - Auto or Manual Transmission?
  57. The Evolution of dance
  58. British Man Invents 8,000 Mile Per Gallon Car
  59. Criterion is on myspace
  60. The "Questions from scott1598" Compendium Thread
  61. Man poses on Myspace as 16-year old girl to lure 14-year old boy into forced sex
  62. Question about using unlocked cell phones when traveling
  63. Internet Down
  64. I'll be gone next week
  65. How much does it cost to build a garage?
  66. Anyone else cut the tags out of their shirts?
  67. Teacher says Blacks are inferior to Whites...
  68. British child of 11 about to give birth
  69. Frequent big swings; solution?
  70. Guy shoots himself in police interview room
  71. Which hold 'em poker books should I read?
  72. Help me waste tequila (in some sort of easily consumable shooter form)
  73. How to handle leftover spaghetti?
  74. School runs criminal background checks on Prom dates and bans 6 from Senior Prom!
  75. Why Men Report More Sex Partners than Women
  76. "Paralyzed" woman gets up, runs from police
  77. MSNBC-High school romances untangled-Relationships linked in surprisingly long chains
  78. It only took me 6 years, 2 months and 11 days (and 1 chinese guy)
  79. Vegas Internet Access
  80. As freedom shrinks, teens seek MySpace to hang out
  81. Help me pick a hotel: Atlantic City Edition
  82. NJ Turnpike on Memorial Day Weekend..Yay or Nay?
  83. Guidance in buying land
  84. Ebay: Am I screwed?
  85. Dreams: ever have one start great and go horribly wrong?
  86. The Superimportant Hair Poll Thread
  87. President at all-deaf university "not deaf enough"
  88. my PC clock says its Sept 11/06
  89. Hippo eats midget!
  90. George Lutz, Amityville house owner, has died.
  91. Ice cream:cookie dough, brownie batter, cake mix, etc. Yea or nay?
  92. Lake Placid Bed &Breakfast recommendations?
  93. Heroin sucks
  94. AT&T Plans to Kill Cingular Brand
  95. Caption This
  96. Who here owns their own business?
  97. Are you a man (or woman) of your word?
  98. How angry should i be? (People coming in late to work)
  99. Mmm you smell good--is that Whale Barf?
  100. Isn't it Ionic? Air Purifiers Make Smog
  101. Is it too early? Kanye for President!
  102. Plugging my holes doesn't give me the spark it used to
  103. 12 Boys, Ages 6 to 8, Accused in Sexual Assault of Girl, 8
  104. Mom Said to Help Girls Bake Ex-Lax Cookies for Teacher
  105. How do you view cocaine addiction?
  106. AXE body spray: which one do you use?
  107. $$ was deposited into my savings that isn't mine...what do I do?
  108. Death as a protest - over a MOVIE ????
  109. CPA exam
  110. Eurail - Anyone done it?
  111. another what to do in paris thread
  112. Dave Ramsey
  113. Addictive Helicopter game
  114. Florida restaurant recommendations needed!!!
  115. TASMANIA: Miners walk free after 14 days underground
  116. Is this swastika building real?
  117. Mother's Day reminder thread - Sunday May 14th
  118. Need advice from you car people
  119. Why is the original Mars candy bar so hard to get in the US?
  120. Heavenly Images
  122. Bah, there are too many of you to keep track of
  123. just received a $300 MasterCard "gift card" in the mail - what scam is this?
  124. 10 yr Anniversary.....What to do??
  125. need help finding an inground pool liner
  126. Softball jerseys & hats?
  127. Spider-man, boy genius
  128. Coming to San Fran in October, recommendations?
  129. this week's viral video
  130. How to become a Fireman?
  131. Greenville / Spartanburg SC - Need Suggestions
  132. Can't close my trunk ('01 Honda Civic)
  133. Is your kitchen sink sanitary?
  134. Need some weight-loss advice!
  135. Get out of here! You don't eat enough!
  136. Tennessee ninja torches porn shop in the name of God
  137. Funny Headline
  138. Fare from Las Vegas airport to the Palms
  139. Pittsburgh Otters - what to do?
  140. How old do chipmunks get?
  141. Secret British Study Says "No UFOs"
  142. Here's your pizza, now can you remove your dog's teeth from my leg?
  143. Anyone here from or ever been to Alpharetta?
  144. Anyone ever wake themselves up when in a dream?
  145. need help finding inground pool liner
  146. I've officially gone off the deep end, no more time for work
  147. $5000 cash to spend on a good pool table - where to begin?
  148. Comedy Routine of the Day
  149. The Bees Knees
  150. Dinner with the neighbors
  151. Celebrity Childhood Photos.
  152. What would you do if you were going to be sent to jail?
  153. Ethical dilemma - please advise
  154. Tom Cruise dancing....
  155. Treadmill or Elliptical?
  156. Wanting to make a spinning wheel
  157. Disability insurance questions
  158. Any songs stuck in your head these days?
  159. Animal Lovers--is this fair?
  160. Attic Fans - good or bad?
  161. Will using my hose now cause trouble later? (pics)
  162. Drink rum - find corpse at the bottom of the barrel.
  163. Korean Scientists Develop Female Android
  164. Scandinavians get drunk, get kicked out of Egypt.
  165. Do you keep your work desk clean or messy?
  166. Serious question about the Creationism Theory of Human Origin.
  167. Has anyone here ever lost their balance when popping their ears?
  168. How many golf rounds a year can you play?
  169. What to get an expecting mother for Mother's Day?
  170. Mexican florists riot!
  171. Religious people are so fruity.
  172. Help me find a Soprano's sound clip
  173. Anybody here see a Jerry Seinfeld performance recently?
  174. Need bicycle buying advice or info on hot deals...
  175. Atkins dieters: Need help with something
  176. Rome tourist pays $1,200 for a beer
  177. Restless Legs Syndrome ?
  178. One Hundred Hairs Make a Man
  179. My parents have $200,000 in credit card debt
  180. Question about Hard Rock Penthouse Suite
  181. Does your Target have 2 Floors?
  182. My knee is making weird noises
  183. Best deals on elliptical machines?
  184. The latest invasion of Paris
  185. Is this image affiliated with anything?
  186. Movement afoot to eliminate key health care benefits?
  187. Have you ever wanted to up anyching before? Secret inside!
  188. has anyone taken on debt to protect your assets?
  189. No weight, twice-a-day workout?
  190. Slang Explanation Needed
  191. Street Musicians
  192. Study: US mothers deserve $134,121 in salary
  193. Latest psycho killer teenager is from... Japan??
  194. It feels good to pay off debt
  195. 8.0 Earthquake in Tonga, Tsunami Could Strike New Zealand, Fiji
  196. Anyone play at Party Poker and have gotten a response from email support?
  197. Another Civil Disobedience Prank
  198. Need 9th Anniversary gift ideas
  199. Woman claims rape. Security camera proves otherwise. Man still goes to jail.
  200. When is the Next San Diego Otter Meet?
  201. The spammers aren't even trying anymore...
  202. Man weighs over 1200 pounds..
  203. Hi guys
  204. So I met someone who's real name is my user name
  205. Tell me about Charlotte
  206. Best mail order BBQ?
  207. Where can I find this CD/DVD binder?
  208. Cops Not Following Traffic Laws
  209. Live: Emergency landing at Bush Airport
  210. New York and Boston Visits
  211. When was the last time your wore a suit?
  212. ebay question (winner wants time to pay.)
  213. backpack talk: where to getem?
  214. Comic Book Literate people please help
  215. India's 4 year old "marathon boy," runs 40 miles in 7 hours & 2 mins, abuse claimed
  216. Luck or Skill? Crazy video
  217. Once again, Americans are geo-clueless
  218. SUGGESTIONS WANTED: Where to take a vacation "on the cheap" for 2 in June
  219. The Oozinator?
  220. Why did people stop wearing hats?
  221. Georgia Guidestones
  222. I'm now a college graduate!
  223. Cat question
  224. Guys this is how NOT to get a date
  225. Best Buy Prank gone Awry
  226. Maria Bartiromo Comment causes Market Drop
  227. And now you know...the rest of the story.
  228. Fun in Chicago?
  229. Help me cool (and heat) my upstairs rooms...
  230. In 1910, did "Miss" mean young and unmarried?
  231. The Pronunciation of Ronald Reagan
  232. Bomb threat consequences?
  233. Anna Nicole Smith wins right to pursue part of late husband's estate
  234. Mild form of avian flu found in New Jersey
  235. Aerosol spray cans - ok to take on transatlantic flights?
  236. Clearly, I am a beer drinker.
  237. Awesome new candy!
  238. Lost little girl - Goose to the rescue
  239. Is it in... Or is it out?
  240. Gifts for Europeans
  241. Anyone been seasick before?
  242. Questions for T-Mobile users
  243. Just in time for the Immigrant walkout - Border Patrol, the Flash Video Game
  244. First impressions..
  245. Jimmy Kimmel Unnecessary Censorship!
  246. Odds question
  247. Anyone still wear a Bathrobe with Pajamas
  248. "Journey To The Disney Vault" (animated skit from SNL)
  249. The golden handcuffs (I'm over employed)!
  250. The Zombie Survival Test