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  1. Almost 1 year later
  2. I'm Officially a "Card Snob" (KEM)
  3. The Male Privilege Checklist?
  4. Fav animal? (other than house pets)
  5. What do you know about....property in Costa Rica?
  6. The Howard/Sirius Thread Part 2
  7. what is vegas like on the weekdays?
  8. Jenny Craig Being Bought Out...by Nestle
  9. Problem with fence neighbors are building
  10. What do you know about hybrid vehicles?
  11. Armed robber sues victim.
  12. I want this iPod accessory!
  13. Vin Diesel when he was younger...
  14. My cousin's pregnant wife got hit by a drunk driver yesterday...
  15. Yellowstone tourist dies in 500-foot fall
  16. Real Estate - The practice of "lowballing?"
  17. Got another question for dvdtalk to settle. What is seafood?
  18. I earned 6 Man Experience Points this weekend by installing a GFCI!
  19. Florida Real Estate License/ Market
  20. Dads
  21. Help, any sites for widescreen/16x9 wallpapers?
  22. How do you clean your Shox?
  23. Yikes!!!! I just remembered my wedding anniversary was two days ago.
  24. Behind The Vail: Pictures of N. Korea
  25. Best place to watch NYC fireworks on July 4?
  26. ebay advice...
  27. What do you know about... what do you know about?
  28. A fascinating look at a place most never see: North Korea
  29. Help me figure out what's wrong with my gas grill
  30. go to google.com and type bandoman then click I'm feeling lucky
  31. Woman pummles breeder over head with dead Chihahua
  32. Driving from Alabama to Boston: Advice?
  33. potential job advice
  34. Niagara Falls ON. Bird Aviary. Pics
  35. my annoying new tick
  36. So, I need a new furnace...
  37. Creepy Thing... Somebody Died In Front Of My House A Couple Hours Ago
  38. I'm all alone this weekend. What should I do? (just stayed up until 6 AM)
  39. Any good cheap/free home remodel & landscape Software?
  40. Man rule for sweat socks?
  41. what's this growing in my shower???
  42. Calling all otters who are accountants on the side
  43. I thought Austin, TX, was supposed to be WEIRD? (Art teacher fired over nude photos)
  44. Advice on ebay situation with seller...
  45. What type of people post here on DVDTALK?
  46. Ever hear yourself making noises when your asleep?
  47. Number stations are real?
  48. Star Trek in the house!
  49. Open Neutral Outlet (Electrical Question)
  50. PETA says that Beyonce is too gorgeous for fur
  51. Colo. Court Sets 15 (Female) as a Marrying Age (He's 38)
  52. Teacher allegedly gave drugs to kids
  53. Phone # was Abused. What can I do?
  54. Overtime
  55. Fact or Fiction: Vitamin C and Bird Flu
  56. Jay-Z leads Cristal champagne boycott
  57. Man transporting wife's severed head crashes, kills 2
  58. Help me stay alive while kayaking
  59. Employment possibility quandary. Slightly long
  60. Rollin with Saget!
  61. Going to Phoenix AZ - what to do during the day?
  62. Photoshop My Co-Worker
  63. Is chocolate really bad for cats?
  64. What to do in St. Louis?
  65. Merged - Bill Gates to step back from Microsoft, Warren Buffet Donates $37 Billion
  66. Ear wax is the devil - gross
  67. Customer service numbers
  68. So hey, how do those "Windshield Repair in 10 Minutes!!" parking lot setups work?
  69. Someone! Please hold me! My privates lack follicle warmth!
  70. Longest you've gone without a date?
  71. Bank Robber Leaves Birth Certificate Behind
  72. OUCH!!!!! My Separated AC Joint Thread
  73. Revenge on Fred Phelps
  74. Help me spell my new daughter's name!
  75. Need help buying a new Messenger/Laptop bag
  76. Fairly recent inventions that you can't live without?
  77. When two worlds collide - hating your new inlaws.
  78. Ever been to a World's Fair?
  79. David Attenborough: The Lyrebird
  80. Marine says music video about killing Iraqi families was a joke
  81. Man quits Job, Sends Tarantula to work
  82. Remodeling My Kitchen - Got Some Questions..
  83. I'm a Daddy!
  84. Strange creature encountered in Illinois
  85. ATTN HR People: Interview Questions
  86. Nanny arrested in baby-shaking case sues hidden camera maker
  87. Houses off-limits to sexual predators.....
  88. Here comes the salt police
  89. Anyone driven to Montreal recently?
  90. NYC Otters: art event tonight featuring yours truly
  91. Help Screech save his house!!!!!
  92. To have children or not?
  93. School me on buying a car
  94. Could coffee protect your liver against alcohol?
  95. Three currently popular word usages I'm sick of hearing
  96. Mother in law + Car problem = Headache.....
  97. Plumbing question: shower/sink water pressure
  98. YAET: Can you view eBay from your work?
  99. Breaking News : Jerry Lewis suffers 'mild' heart attack
  100. Lady punches other lady in mouth and I can't quit watching
  101. So I made a bed for my kid last weekend...
  102. The $80 Tee Shirt
  103. The great property tax assessment crusade....
  104. Someone explain "running it twice"
  105. Stupid crap you actually learned in school that was useful?
  106. Irresponsible parenting? Protest and bombs
  107. Help identify these corporate logos!
  108. Just moved to Charlotte.
  109. Stephen Hawking Says Humans Must Go Into Space to Survive
  110. Seth McFarlane addresses Harvard, complete with voices!
  111. The Greatest Amazon Review of All-Time?
  112. Another dumb lawsuit - People vs. KFC
  113. After not firing a gun for over 20 years, I fired around 1000 rounds this weekend...
  114. What do you call a picture that all of it is in b&w except for a certain area?
  115. I need kitten advice....
  116. I sense treachery afoot!
  117. Tasted my first habanero pepper
  118. Cell phone contracts
  119. We've made it into Something Awful
  120. Students find ring tone adults can't hear
  121. Please help me find this Anti Chain letter
  122. UPS Ground Shipment 21 Days And Counting...
  123. Yepee! I just got a new car!!!!
  124. Picard is a Pervert???
  125. False/duped caller ID phone scam: Are you or do you know any victims?
  126. 'Mummy' Accused of Robbing Miss. Bank
  127. What is an 'emo'?
  128. Interesting play that I made
  129. Half your age plus seven?
  130. Help me with a stripped screw problem!!
  131. Who's the most famous person born on your birthday?
  132. Chiropractic admits that his profession is a fraud.
  133. crazy pain in leg wakes me during sleep. what could it be?
  134. whats up with stubhub fees?
  135. Foul smell from fridge, can't locate it...
  136. Another Teacher Arrested for Sex - But With 18-year old Student!
  137. Yet another talker at a public performance
  138. What do you think truly happens after you die?
  139. Bug Bites....
  140. How Many Otters Have Been Or Go Camping???
  141. Woooohoooooo!!!
  142. Ever really been told "you can't get there from here"?
  143. Take the Color Blindness Test
  144. Teen plays Russian roulette.... gun wins
  145. Ever have the bed bugs bite? Mrs. Pusser just did (pics)
  146. Going to Russia: Need help with phone situation....
  147. Woman attacks dog breeder with dead Chihuahua
  148. Ok so I'm bored..give me some ideas
  149. Pit Bulls Chase Students Into School
  150. Gardening ?? - 20 CC gas weed-wacker ok for casual gardener
  151. Hypothetical ethical/moral question for Christians.
  152. How do I block a number on TMobile?
  153. what is the best Sprint cell phone available?
  154. Which GPS unit is better?
  155. Jack the cat chases black bear up tree
  156. Brangelina's baby, SHILOH, who should she end up with?
  157. What to get the In-Laws for 30th Anniversary
  158. Man Kills Friend While Acting a Rap Song
  159. what would we do without the urban dictionary?
  160. wanna be in a kevin smith movie?
  161. It is apparently wrong to make jokes concerning babies.
  162. Guide to How to get a Contractor to Finish Work He Started....
  163. What are your favorite fast-food sauces?
  164. Star Jones vs. Rosie O'Donnell: Who'd Win in a Mudfight?
  165. Cow vs. 2 Pit Bulls--The result might surprise you
  166. Have a crappy neighbor? Try this....
  167. Do you ever wonder if you are in a coma?
  168. Paypal (ebay) question
  169. Sold item on craigslist - buyer asked for my license
  170. Going to Italy for a month
  171. I just threw up
  172. OMG, They killed Pavarotti!
  173. Another messed up relationship thread
  174. Don't sell a computer on ebay
  175. Looking for store that sells Tee w/ Diet Coke logo
  176. How Much of Your Workday is spent doing actual work and how do you spend the rest?
  177. A little bit of poetry to appreciate:
  178. Can we stop with the celebrity couple 'cute' name abbreviations already?
  179. How to stop overplaying top pair.
  180. Whitney Houston's got some competition for best national anthem singing performance
  181. Photoshop help?
  182. Please raise a glass
  183. How do you get rid of poison ivy?? - AAAGHHH!!!
  184. U2 Video like you've never seen it
  185. Desperately need advice for girlfriend's birthday
  186. What to do about a noisy bird outside?
  187. Help an aquaintence find their dream!!!
  188. eBay seller stiffs me and is blocked from bidding. Wants me to cancel? Would you?
  189. Moving to Madison....
  190. Beating Phobias, vol. 1: Fear of Flying
  191. Hi everyone I want to share this with you
  192. Overrated, or Justified in its success ?
  193. Help me Jersey Shore people
  194. Stereotypes that the groups in question dont mind?
  195. An open note to Sample Scavengers
  196. How not to steal a sidekick
  197. This sex offender looks like such a nice guy. Did he really strangle that girl?
  198. How do you deal with bitchy co-workers?
  199. DON'T caption this!
  200. Man Frees Puupy From Alligator's Jaws
  201. Is there a site that lets you design your own wrapping paper?
  202. Did you know you are loved?
  203. "Life Stupid" and other self-made terms....
  204. Maxim lending name to newly built casino.....
  205. Let's create some animated GIFs: Part II!
  206. Car talk: Toyota Yaris
  207. Does anybody here collect pieces of their body?
  208. The REAL significande of June 6, 2006 (D-Day)
  209. Where to find some great food available online?
  210. Elton John in Vegas
  211. Real body found at Fla. fake crime scene
  212. I need some goatee advice
  213. Man Accused of Killing Boy With Axe
  214. Quick: Which cross-eyed photo should I send to the publication that's interviewing me
  215. Now my sister is mad at me
  216. Cleaning a quilt
  217. So someone pulled a prank on my co-worker
  218. Can you mail a pie?
  219. Question for those who have been in long-term relationships
  220. California Otters, help a brother out! (Anaheim vacation related)
  221. I just switched to daily contacts - any tips?
  222. It's 10:17pm and someone is working on their car and making a racket
  223. Real evidence for evolution? Are we actually seeing speciation?
  224. How to do bicep curls at home?
  225. My fridge is hot!!! How much to fix it?
  226. Relationship Question (Here we go)
  227. Laptop theft exposes Hotels.com customer data
  228. Duck Swallows Alleged Space Alien! :eek:
  229. Any good ideas on how to get rid of ants, spiders, and centipedes?
  230. Cell phone/car accident question
  231. Man Says God Wouldn't Let Lion Kill Him (He was wrong)
  232. How Can Cell Phone Service Be So Expensive?
  233. Why does every grocery store ask you if you want your milk in a bag?
  234. How much do you spend "eating out" each month?
  235. so, a tree fell on my car in the company parking lot...
  236. How hot is too hot?
  237. Bellagio Fountains Recreated with Mentos and Coke...
  238. How many of the 10 commandments have you NEVER broken?
  239. Darwin Wins Again - 2 College Students Found Dead in a Large Helium Balloon
  240. Yo Gabba Gabba
  241. Should virgins who never used illegal drugs be tested for AIDS?
  242. Is it legal for a woman to carry pepper spray?
  243. The amenities at hotels & resorts
  244. Free Speech at the Mall
  245. Anyone ever buy an Airsoft bb gun?
  246. Is there a consensus yet on what this decade is called?
  247. What's a woner?
  248. Comcast drives me nuts
  249. Question on Ironing Clothes
  250. Ashlee Simpson: before and after.