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  1. Pennies may soon be a thing of the past
  2. Throwing up without being sick?
  3. Question for Otter lawyers
  4. Anyone play Go?
  5. Buffalo wings, let's see your recipes
  6. Budget thread v 10K how much money do you have left over each month after bills
  7. The History of Food: (If you don't know, make it up...)
  8. thought you would find these funny :O)
  9. how much does unlimited text messaging on Sprint cost?
  10. So, how much have you spent via Paypal?
  11. Happy Canada Day!
  12. Going back to work this fall
  13. Discovery launch - 7/1/06
  14. Relationship Knoweldge: Then vs. Now
  15. question for sprint uses re: data usage charges
  16. Other than resting, how can I get my voice back?
  17. What time is family dinner?
  18. So... a weekend in San Francisco ... school me.
  19. Does anyone own any real estate in other countries?
  20. Tell me about Orlando Fl
  21. Yet another question about working out
  22. The new version of Bidpay
  23. Going To New York....What To Do?
  24. Latest iPod Accessory.... The iCrucifix!
  25. Help me inspect the damage (pic)
  26. Is it okay to let your kid have a taste of wine or beer?
  27. God and homosexuals.
  28. Whats the fascination with a Sidekick??
  29. Know any good Dream Interpretation & Body Language websites?
  30. Some schools ban tag, touch football, and soccer, because they're "dangerous."
  31. Do those car reflectors that block the sun/heat crack the windshield?
  32. Title Insurance Help
  33. Please grow up
  34. School me about the Stratosphere
  35. What temperature do you keep your house at in the summer?
  36. Is Navigation Worth It?
  37. leaving before BB comes around = bad etiquette?
  38. Verizon Wireless to ease up on early termination fees
  39. Bless You for the Cough
  40. Well I proposed my dissertation today...
  41. Selling prints. Any sites that will handle the dirty work for me?
  42. Another DisneyWorld Death: 06-29-06 edition
  43. Can you appreciate this romantic commercial?
  44. Mercury in Dental Fillings Safe for School-Age Children
  45. Plumbing question....
  46. Would you give google your credit card number?
  47. 7 card stud tournament assistance
  48. road trip to chicago today. where to park for best 1 day "lil bit of everything"
  49. Quick question about pacemakers and if they can blow you up.
  50. To all cardio buffs....
  51. I'm going to be induced in less than two hours...
  52. Quick photoshop needed
  53. Ya ever feel you've hurt someone's feelings here at DVD Talk but never meant to?
  54. Police taser naked golfer
  55. Is San Diego considered Southern California?
  56. Does anyone else feel that restaurant prices have drastically increased recently?
  57. Nice shiner on this burglar!
  58. French Judge masturbates with Penis pump enlarger during open court
  59. Where Can I Find Good Sounds Of Babies Crying??
  60. Did you excel in Shop class? Help me figure this out!
  61. Okay...should I fire my Real Estate Agent?
  62. Vet people...is it possible to "de-crow" a rooster?
  63. What guy shot himseld on TV in the 80's?
  64. My dog died today. Damn.
  65. God told me to build an ark.
  66. I'm too fat to diet
  67. gay talk
  68. What would you rather be..........?
  69. Can Specific Locations Give You Gas?
  70. Images Of Exercise Machine Diagrams?
  71. Chicken / Pork Sushi: When was the last time you had some?
  72. Home loan question
  73. Have you ever returned food to the grocery store (would you?)?
  74. I look like a drug dealer
  75. A handy image to explain everything!
  76. Beat the crap out of K-Fed!!!
  77. I had a HORRIBLE Flat Tire Incident this morning! (Was it from Spike Strips?)
  78. How difficult is it to put in a new car stereo/cd player?
  79. Chicagoans... need your help with driving directions
  80. The smokers ARE out to kill you
  81. How do you rewind DVDs?????
  82. Calling all otters, I need help
  83. Another "cool optical illusion" thread
  84. What exactly is this party game?
  85. Study : Sexual orientation of men determined before birth (merged)
  86. Jon is going crazy
  87. Caption Me: The easiest edition ever
  88. Tell us about your day in headline form!
  89. Experience on selling Kaplan test prep course materials?
  90. How is the weather in Miami, Fl like in late December early January?
  91. Really great Folgers commercial
  92. Legal advice - my friend's apt. was flooded. Can she get compensation?
  93. Just rescued a 2md dog. And I'm freaking out...
  94. Ever spew out a sexual innuendo in public...BY ACCIDENT???
  95. So, my cat has diabetes...
  96. Pickle Phobia!
  97. Dumbest tourney format ever
  98. Anyone a member of any groups or clubs?
  99. need kid advice daughter is kicking my newborns ass
  100. Help me choose a new REFRIGERATOR
  101. Anyone here ever had a meat beard?
  102. Experiences with teeth whiteners?
  103. Basement is flooding: What do I do?
  104. The hat sells the sandwich?? What does it mean?
  105. Clipart help?
  106. Moments
  107. My cat just hissed at me!
  108. The Birds is real!
  109. Help me stop being so cheap
  110. Mother of slain JonBenet Ramsey dies
  111. Oldest animal (tortoise) in the world dies at 176, studied by Charles Darwin
  112. Popsicle X": Your Favorite Kind Of Frozen Confection Lusciousness
  113. Question about gas mileage
  114. Do you take naps?
  115. let's talk washington, DC, area traffic.
  116. I just bought an expired box of condoms at Goodwill for $1. Think they're any good?
  117. Peter Crouch, a man of many talents
  118. Prepaying tuition for you kids....WOW
  119. Any truth to breaking in an engine when you buy a new car?
  120. What would you say to THE ALIEN AMBASSADOR? (first contact)
  121. whats happening to Rachael Ray....
  122. Reuters: Americans' circle of close friends shrinking
  123. Is there a name for this? (Exercise related)
  124. do you have a preference among yellow or white american cheese?
  125. Have you had a boner for a decade? You could win $400,000
  126. Vodka & Tonic &.......a Shower?
  127. can you enter canada from us with an expired green card?
  128. Caption This: The Diet Edition
  129. Need Transit Help In Nyc
  130. New Car: Down to 3 Choices...Help!
  131. This is just plain wrong...
  132. Thinking about trying rock climbing
  133. I would like to nominate my dog for.....
  134. Can anyone recommend a good tailor in Charlotte, NC?
  135. Bedside Surprise
  136. Fuel pump kicks off too soon
  137. What is it with Women and Saved By the Bell Trivia?
  138. Using your vehicle as a generator? Possible?
  139. How have i ever lived without this?!?!?!
  140. I love this game!!!!!
  141. Any advice on renting my timeshare?
  142. After a year, I'm back on line! Gimme some youtubes.com, pretty please.
  143. So what are YOU doing for you summer vacation?
  144. How do i keep my vision from deteriorating
  145. TMI Corner: Ever used a Pee Bottle and really liked it?
  146. Spelunker's 41-year-old remains to surface
  147. My gas/electric bill for the month is $0!
  148. When's the last time you saw a snake outdoors?
  149. Tipping at an All-Inclusive resort???
  150. If an Actor gets $15 Mill for a movie - how much does he keep?
  151. Question about receiving automatic monthly electronic check payments
  152. How to make lifting weights fun?
  153. Newsweek rates high schools... um... yeah.
  154. Blatant Nosepicking
  155. Earthquake expected to destroy Los Angeles at "any moment"
  156. Question about traffic stops (lawyers or the law-obsessed)
  157. A Lot of Birds
  158. what would you guess is the most valuable autograph or document in private hands?
  159. Would you Buy a Car With a Replaced Engine?
  160. Is the Taxi on it's Way?
  161. Learn me some on Islam.
  162. Tax question regaurding moving to another country
  163. You make the call
  164. Fleas!
  165. Work from home: Know any good jobs?
  166. Running on a treadmill questions
  167. Do I look like Aladdin?
  168. Twelve hours in Los Angeles...
  169. Morbidish question for cat owners
  170. Photoshoppers, I need a little girl erased
  171. The "5-Second Rule". Real or imagined?
  172. Im proud of my cooking creation.
  173. Game: Help Pedro catch the flies!
  174. How do worms get into light fixtures??
  175. Slight disturbing thread of the day, but no pics - How much does a poop weigh?
  176. Anyone else having trouble with Yahoo email?
  177. Do you like being alone or doing things by yourself?
  178. Why Does this Never Happen When I'm Around
  179. Vegas winnings tax for Canadians?
  180. Anyone here a franchisee?
  181. Confidence Vs. Looks
  182. (Besides in your sleep) How would you want to die?
  183. Photoshop assistance needed for class reunion
  184. Embryonic stem cell breakthrough? Paralyzed rats walk.
  185. Any truth to this Medical connection?
  186. Summer Slump
  187. question to you lawyers/legal buffs out there...my strange story
  188. Guys would you date a tall girl?/Do you like tall girls?
  189. What's your eBay feedback policy?
  190. Rather Severs Ties with CBS
  191. Caption This: Graduate edition
  192. How Much Privacy Are You Entitled To In A Relationship?
  193. Lunch inquiry.....
  194. What is your favorite font?
  195. Quick - how do I get an ink spot off my pants!
  196. Ebay ?: Where do I find my templates?
  197. Genpets: The Future of Genetically Engineered Pets (eloborate joke or reality?)
  198. WORST restaurant names
  199. Simple directions...
  200. white couple discovers black child isn't theirs, another example of stupid DNA
  201. How does Pepsi get away with this (legal issue)?
  202. Pcdi
  203. How often have you moved in your lifetime?
  204. Almost 1 year later
  205. I'm Officially a "Card Snob" (KEM)
  206. The Male Privilege Checklist?
  207. Fav animal? (other than house pets)
  208. What do you know about....property in Costa Rica?
  209. The Howard/Sirius Thread Part 2
  210. what is vegas like on the weekdays?
  211. Jenny Craig Being Bought Out...by Nestle
  212. Problem with fence neighbors are building
  213. What do you know about hybrid vehicles?
  214. Armed robber sues victim.
  215. I want this iPod accessory!
  216. Vin Diesel when he was younger...
  217. My cousin's pregnant wife got hit by a drunk driver yesterday...
  218. Yellowstone tourist dies in 500-foot fall
  219. Real Estate - The practice of "lowballing?"
  220. Got another question for dvdtalk to settle. What is seafood?
  221. I earned 6 Man Experience Points this weekend by installing a GFCI!
  222. Florida Real Estate License/ Market
  223. Dads
  224. Help, any sites for widescreen/16x9 wallpapers?
  225. How do you clean your Shox?
  226. Yikes!!!! I just remembered my wedding anniversary was two days ago.
  227. Behind The Vail: Pictures of N. Korea
  228. Best place to watch NYC fireworks on July 4?
  229. ebay advice...
  230. What do you know about... what do you know about?
  231. A fascinating look at a place most never see: North Korea
  232. Help me figure out what's wrong with my gas grill
  233. go to google.com and type bandoman then click I'm feeling lucky
  234. Woman pummles breeder over head with dead Chihahua
  235. Driving from Alabama to Boston: Advice?
  236. potential job advice
  237. Niagara Falls ON. Bird Aviary. Pics
  238. my annoying new tick
  239. So, I need a new furnace...
  240. Creepy Thing... Somebody Died In Front Of My House A Couple Hours Ago
  241. I'm all alone this weekend. What should I do? (just stayed up until 6 AM)
  242. Any good cheap/free home remodel & landscape Software?
  243. Man rule for sweat socks?
  244. what's this growing in my shower???
  245. Calling all otters who are accountants on the side
  246. I thought Austin, TX, was supposed to be WEIRD? (Art teacher fired over nude photos)
  247. Advice on ebay situation with seller...
  248. What type of people post here on DVDTALK?
  249. Ever hear yourself making noises when your asleep?
  250. Number stations are real?