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  1. Lance Bass is gay, and no one is surprised
  2. Segway Polo (or: Steve Wozniak's not just a nerd, he's an egotistical prick as well)
  3. Help me smile
  4. Mini reviews of two So. Cal poker rooms....
  5. So, what hours do you work?
  6. Are you a Weekend Warrior?
  7. My hatred of emoticons
  8. How Much Vacation Time Do You Get?
  9. How long have you worked at your present job?
  10. Odd "Titanic" facts I just discovered today
  11. Ken Jennings blasts Jeopardy
  12. Ship with 5000 cars onboard sinks into waters off Alaska
  13. A Children's Television SCANDAL!!!!
  14. do you wash your fruits and veggies?
  15. New York City's finest -- Pit Bull Swiss Cheese
  16. DFW Otters: Cool road traffic site
  17. Teach me about Switzerland
  18. Anyone good with window air conditioners?
  19. A 2 year old Breakdancer?
  20. Do you believe in the paranormal / supernatural?
  21. The Official 2006 OTTERVILLE Election Thread: Final Four
  22. Otter docs and pain experts, please help!
  23. What's your favorite word / phrase?
  24. What's your favorite color?
  25. New Party Game! Light your friends on fire...
  26. My prank call CD from when I was in the 10th grade....
  27. caption this: iguana screws an iguana screws an iguana screws an iguana edition.
  28. Cooling a Large Room - Fan facing open window or facing away from it?
  29. When will this heatwave end? I've had to bathe 4 days in a row. Help us, W!!!!!!!
  30. George Michael caught in another sex scandal.
  31. Jon Stewart on Internet Gambling & Net Neutrality
  32. Head On....
  33. Do lemon laws apply to TVs?
  34. Illinois Condo Assn question
  35. Monkey to Play in WSOP Main Event
  36. Good Place for Live Jazz in NYC
  37. My new car :(
  38. Scientists discover an Immunity to Cancer?
  39. Sniper fire on the interstate - Indiana
  40. The Official 2006 OTTERVILLE Election Thread: Primary Run-Off
  41. I got pulled over in Southern CA...
  42. My coworker turned into a gorilla tonight...(yeah, that weird)
  43. Teaching English overseas?
  44. Tell me about North Carolina
  45. Ever screwed around on the job and get promoted?
  46. Better/Favorite Watch?
  47. Wish Me Luck - Taking California Bar on Tuesday
  48. Refresh... Refresh... Refresh... Refresh...!!!!
  49. fog free shower mirrors?
  50. How many of you live in a house that costs LESS than this bottle of tequila?
  51. How do I force my cat to drink more water?
  52. 2 Girls Found Starving; Loving Mommy Questioned
  53. So who's in the Maryland and DC area?
  54. Official 2006 OTTERVILLE Election: Town Hall Meeting
  55. YEAT: My eBay account was hijacked!!!
  56. Caption This: Don't Lose Your Head
  57. Churchtastic!
  58. Insurance problem....need some help!!
  59. someone shoot me, working my life away is sending toward the nut house
  60. AIM on cellphones....help
  61. Tell me about these locations in Michigan...
  62. I hate fedex
  63. where to find a good satellite?
  64. I need a new car (need advice)
  65. Anyone ever dump their cell phone service entirely?
  66. Anyone ever participate in Car Wraps?
  67. Leaving to China!!!
  68. I am finally on vacation for 3 whole days!!!
  69. Official 2006 OTTERVILLE Election: Snap Poll # 1
  70. "My Girlfriend was a Feral Child"
  71. So my girlfriend figured out what she wants to do for a career...
  72. The Official 2006 OTTERVILLE Election Thread: Campaign for the Run-Off
  73. Garage door remote triggers man's erection.
  74. Why are Grape Nuts called Grape Nuts?
  75. Dog bite question for otter lawyers
  76. My First Break-Up Thread
  77. Would-be robber beaten up by family
  78. The US Mail-sucks
  79. HELP: Blue inflate-ring pool (Chlorine Q)
  80. Need help on a new Range/Stove/Oven
  81. My First Dating Thread
  82. Ok Math Geniuses--Any Explanation?
  83. i bet this dude freaks people out at the pool!
  84. A sign of things to come?
  85. Hawai'i wood talk: Koa wood
  86. Recommend me a power generator (and generator questions)
  87. Viral Marketing -- What is Emily selling?
  88. Dog training question
  89. Car got towed away...
  90. Who needs marriage? You can lease a wife. Re: Misyar Marriages
  91. Nancy Grace & Elizabeth Smart
  92. Stranded On A Dessert Island: What Would You Bring?
  93. Attacked by Leeches!
  94. Chad Vader - Day Shift Manager
  95. Amazing Chase.
  96. Help Locating a HST Picture
  97. Urgent!
  98. Alternative to gyne-lotrimin
  99. Portable air conditioners?
  100. Anyone do one of the ATV tours in Vegas?
  101. Game ON!
  102. School me on cruise
  103. Make $100,000 nabbing child molestors...
  104. The vending machine is giving away its stuff!
  105. Couple Arrested For "abetting second-degree murder in the death of a 10-year-old"
  106. Myspace page for matricidal teen
  107. Can I fix my broken electric range?
  108. Help Me Design a Bachelor Party T-shirt and Pick Which Movie Quotes
  109. Tell me about Atlanta.
  110. Anyone from San Diego? Looking for In-N-Out near Convention Center
  111. What do you think: Alcoholic 'Energy Drinks'?
  112. Ever Drop Anything In The Toilet.....And Use It Again?
  113. Dr. Scholl's inserts...really help?
  114. The Official 2006 OTTERVILLE Election Thread: Nominations
  115. For all you travelers: a question about electricity-converting devices (US vs Europe)
  116. Who doesn't think the yodeling girl is cute?
  117. Driving (ten miles after servicing) and car overheats. No coolant!
  118. BBQ : charcoal or propane?
  119. I need some craigslist advice...
  120. Pam Anderson to wed Kid Rock
  121. Vibrate Yourself to a New Body - No Exercise Required
  122. The official "Abs Diet" thread: Info, tips, recipes, etc.
  123. Portable Washer/Dryer Units?
  124. Question about Mystere (Cirque Solei)
  125. Questions about consuming illigal substances in a country where legal
  126. The official 2006 World Series of Poker televised event coverage thread
  127. How easy it is to steal a bike in NYC
  128. Dolce Syrup - Anyone know where this can be bought?
  129. Too bad the RMS OLYMPIC was scrapped
  130. Do you Wikipedia?
  131. you want fresh poultry, store plans to kill it's own chickens
  132. Are toys getting too fancy?
  133. Would you eat from this bag of Doritos?
  134. Virginia proposes floating Porta-Potties to flush away pollution.
  135. Carmen Electra is single again
  136. Just got laid off work
  137. Arguing with women, pull the trump card
  138. How much do cats suck?
  139. NTTITPOO: Looking for US HIV/AIDS Map
  140. Anybody see an Abortionno truck?
  141. Severe weather, sirens, I just came from my crawl space!
  142. how valuable is some peoples time?!
  143. Human Space Invaders!
  144. Phone scam via Craigslist...new to me!
  145. need advice on buying bike
  146. Can I save my bamboo?
  147. BRINKS OR ADT: Which one is better?
  148. What do you think of the "Die Broke" philosophy of personal finance?
  149. Darth Vader IS James Earl Jones
  150. US Dollar to Euro Best place to get a good exchange rate?
  151. Cute little critter
  152. Hooters chairman found dead at home
  153. Has anyone gotten rich from playing the stock market
  154. So if Lotrimin is for athlete's foot, is Gyne-Lotrimin for....
  155. What Medicines are you taking (Rx)
  156. Change of tax status?
  157. Slobbering dog: do you walk barefoot through the drool?
  158. Stern Fans - whatever happened to his lawyer?
  159. Plane Crashes into Hillsboro Neighborhood
  160. Perhaps the Worst (And Funniest) MySpace Page
  161. When you hear "turn of the century", do you think of 1900 or 2000?
  162. Crazy woman verbally assaults telemarketer
  163. The man who killed 10,000 dogs
  164. A crazy ex is bad but a crazy ex with crazy friends....
  165. verizon dumb question
  166. Smoking accounts for health gap (between rich and poor)
  167. Would you donate a dollar to these people?
  168. My lunchmeat tastes like metal.
  169. I need a good guacamole recipe.
  170. Puppy Socialization
  171. Beer baron Coors loses license for DUI
  172. Hospital patient wearing oxygen mask tries to light cigarette. Heh heh heh.
  173. So my cat coughed up a hairball, now what?
  174. Relationship name ideas?
  175. Paging all Real Estate gurus, need help planning to buy
  176. looking for a song to read at a funeral service
  177. This cop has been watching too many action movies
  178. I'm talking to the guy in the mirror
  179. Break it and you bought it, apply to groceries?
  180. So, Rapidshare is not for the color blind. (Help with Turing test?)
  181. Bush/Baby photshop opportunity
  182. "When The Husband Takes Viagra; The Wife Takes Ambien"
  183. Paintball Event in Boston's Gillette Stadium July 21st-23rd
  184. Suggestions for Toronto?
  185. 10 cent horse race Superfecta paid near $22,000.
  186. You guys wanna see something gross?
  187. Man wearing oxygen mask lights one up!
  188. What's the deal with all the burning loins on myspace?
  189. Thrift Store Dilemma
  190. Tell me to break my leg
  191. Woman calls 911 to find out cute cops name
  192. An open letter to those who put Candy out on thier desks in the office
  193. Sub-subcontracting question
  194. Is there a minimum time that billing companies *have* to give you?
  195. What to do about porno newsletter that keeps being mailed to me at my parents house?
  196. Photochop my friend.. Postal Addition..
  197. Show me your Blue Steel
  198. Snakes In A Car - for real 20 of 'em!
  199. How do you find out what you should do with [the rest of] your life?
  200. Bed risers? (I need more storage room.)
  201. Snake Knowing People... HELP! We have a visitor!
  202. Out of Stock! Inventory management rant
  203. Mother of Triplets Gives Birth to Quadruplets - and lives in 1Br Apartment!
  204. Daughter sues parents after slipping on their driveway
  205. "How to listen to Women" another tip for the guys
  206. Two-Faced Kitten Born in Oregon
  207. Cash to stop drug babies
  208. Do you know any movie theaters that sell GUM?
  209. Vegas Trip Report
  210. Wal Mart is giving away free DVDs.
  211. Good scratch remover for car?
  212. How do you get Pepper Spray stains out?
  213. Spit or swallow?
  214. Looking for George Castanzas VoiceMail Msg
  215. Confusing bathroom odor
  216. Suspicious behaviour in my neighbourhood.
  217. Air conditioner in home works, but does not blow cold air...what's the prob?
  218. Got a call from somebody to make money from your home
  219. Car rear-ended me at red light and drove off ... advice needed
  220. if i max out my ROTH IRA, how much should i end up with?
  221. Inflatable Spacecraft Launched
  222. Do you remember you very first DVDtalk post/visit?
  223. David Bach..Millionaire
  224. A Real live invisible animal Check it out
  225. Indiana convicts sue over nudie mag ban.
  226. Anyone do web site usability as a job?
  227. Payment via USPS?
  228. Tell Me About Savannah, GA
  229. Where's the 2006 Otterville election?
  230. Stopping payment on check? (blacktop scam)
  231. How can you make a larger shoe a better fit?
  232. Photochop me
  233. how to make sure a dishwasher will fit?
  234. Autographs and memorabilia
  235. Is Vonage THIS retarded???
  236. Breyers new A&W Root Beer Float ice cream is super delicious!
  237. help me find a pic of Buscemi in Big Lebowski
  238. Fear on webpage as posters await mrpayroll's next New Alert
  239. MBA advice sought from those who attended Business School
  240. Credit Cards
  241. The Right Car?
  242. Anyone ever have a neuroma on their foot?
  243. What Jackie Chan?
  244. Fear in Phoenix as residents await next attack by 3 gunmen
  245. MySpace gains top ranking of US Web sites
  246. The Onion fools a Pro-Lifer.
  247. Holy crap! Almost $3K for repairs on a car with 150K miles?
  248. Vegas sidewalk gambling scam - One of the sketchiest things I've ever seen.
  249. Boy gets 26 years for murdering playmate
  250. "Get over yourself!" I hate that phrase!