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  1. My car was stolen!
  2. Any recourse if FedEx doesn't deliver?
  3. Uncomfortable Questions: Was the Death Star Attack an Inside Job?
  4. Time Magazine: Top 25 Crimes of the Century
  5. Quiz: 50 states in 10 minutes
  6. Ready... Set... Go! (All Fifty in Under 10 Minutes?)
  7. "NO SOLICITING" sign, where to buy?
  8. Smellitzers at Disneyland?
  9. Passport problems - any help?
  10. Is there an easy way to spoof your phone number?
  11. Man Tries to Cash Check from the Big Man Upstairs
  12. Consumer Reports says all 10 of the 10 best automobiles are Japanese.
  13. 13 yr old girls by the pool
  14. At work, how do you let your manager know how busy you are?
  15. Meet John Acerra, your local meth dealer / middle-school principal
  16. hot water tank/furnace question
  17. Historian Arthur Schlesinger dies
  18. Weirdest places you've peed?
  19. The Worst Job you ever had?
  20. How long are your ex's off limits to friends/family?
  21. I'm going to Australia. Any must sees?
  22. Where can I buy Shoe Goo?
  23. Going to Tahoe...any recommendations??
  24. Another teacher arrested on sexual misconduct with students.
  25. stupid game to waste time
  26. From the Corny Corner: Ever notice how 'some people' NEVER post in yer threads?
  27. Ever go to a Roller Derby?
  28. Anyone got a yummy crockpot recipe?
  29. Do you ever push the time ahead on your clock so you won't be later to wherever?
  30. Baby used as down payment for a Dodge Intrepid
  31. What is the antonym of "retrofit"?
  32. How long can you hold in your toot or toots?
  33. Girl Scout Cookie Time!!!
  34. Air Force officer found guilty of raping 4 men
  35. Teen girls rob bank (pics) -- update: they've been caught
  36. How many people have the same name as you?
  37. The Way Back Machine
  38. Florida city manager to possibly lose job over sex change
  39. Do you wear clothes more than once before washing them?
  40. Is this common with ALL diswashers?
  41. Man using laptop drives Toyota across center line, crashes head on into Hummer.
  42. Do you encourage and complement folks?
  43. Cool car skidding and screeching out of control sound made easy!
  44. Child support for step child?
  45. New Office Depot Jingle
  46. Man who feigned mental retardation pleads guilty to fraud
  47. Anyone own a set of Miracle Blade III knives?
  48. Ever seen a 12 oz can of water?
  49. Those who sleep on beds: Memory Foam "Topper" for your mattress?
  50. How does your company calculate your PTO?
  51. Which sitcom produced the most stars?
  52. Engineers playing with volcanoes
  53. Do you think that overly 'obese' children should be taken away from their parents?
  54. Postal regulators want 2-cent stamp hike - new 'forever stamp' plan
  55. I can relate with those in Jericho now.
  56. A reference thread: International Postage
  57. Is there a structural weight limit in apartments?
  58. We're Buying a House!
  59. Help! Reverse Phone Numbers (Perplexing credit harassment calls)
  60. is ticketmaster a monopoly?
  61. Stupid things you've heard people say
  62. Did you win your Oscar pool?
  63. Looking online to book hotels in Asia
  64. More Strange Sea Creatures Found In Antartica!
  65. Every continent, or several weeks in Europe?
  66. So...David Copperfield found the Fountain Of Youth?
  67. Sorority kicks out all fat girls
  68. Group of senior citizen tourists kill mugger
  69. Hollywood's Greatest Drinkers
  70. Walt Disney, Tom and Jerry, and the international Jewish conspiracy
  71. is it coincidence when 2 similar movies/tv shows come out at the same time (merged)
  72. Caruso one-liners
  73. Church/cult members get 666 tattoos
  74. French Riviera and Paris - Would like to know some hotel and location tips
  75. Bank fraud on a car deal
  76. No Big Bang? A New Theory of an Endless Universe
  77. Christ's coffin found?
  78. Man stabbed after wrestling with mum
  79. Mortgage question: How do points work?
  80. Do you believe in evolution?
  81. American Eagle Campus Comedy Challenge : Help me win?
  82. Man Mistakes Porn for Rape
  83. You know you're old when...
  84. Earthquake around SF?
  85. Millions of taxpayers fail to claim easy phone-tax refund, IRS says
  86. From the Walls of Mucus Manor: "The Colors of Phlegm"!
  87. What to do when you sell an item online and its DOA?
  88. IMDb Redesign - What Do You Think?
  89. Too many sad threads, let's have some happy!
  90. Rats run wild in KFC-Taco Bell in N.Y.
  91. N.Y. cops find stomach-churning squalor
  92. Beaver spotted in New York City for first time in 200 years
  93. Interesting Thread on Highland Park, MI - Anyone Ever Been There?
  94. Parrot's oratory skills stuns scientists
  95. AdultSheepFinder.com
  96. Calling all lawyers - legal advice needed
  97. I guess that they really do last forever
  98. What's the first complex noun that pops into your head?
  99. Do you eat ice?
  100. Cop writes ticket for expired tags while girl is beaten
  101. What our posts say about us... featuring Empirical Proof™!
  102. Dyson Airblade (hand dryer)
  103. What to do: Salt Lake City
  104. Weird USB Devices
  105. Anyone know some good card tricks?
  106. Cathedral Mass Disrupted By Audio Porn.....
  107. New Beastie
  108. The worst holiday ever
  109. How do you clear your throat without making that 'clearing your throat' noise?
  110. Nothing like losing $67,000 after being a 499-1 favorite
  111. Jump Starting a Vehicle - I Never Knew This....
  112. Chimpanzees 'hunt using spears'
  113. Does this really work? Lowering interest rates
  114. New Zealand fishermen catch rare squid
  115. Do you have a car dealer 'ad' on your car?
  116. At work, the elevators have screens with Today's News...the weirdest thing popped up
  117. If you Cloned your S.O. and slept with them is it cheating?
  118. Going to murder my television.
  119. Fashion don't when wearing a suit?
  120. Drug dealer leaning into car window gets bisected when customer drives away
  121. Where to buy dart board mounting bracket?
  122. Help Me Name My Guinea Pig
  123. Whats your favorite snack?
  124. Caption these guys in wine.
  125. The tragedy of tragedies
  126. Running: Trio raced 4,000 miles across the Sahara
  127. HELP - Floorplan Software for Basement
  128. What's the greatest lesson or lessons your Mom or Dad taught you?
  129. youtube
  130. iTunes fingers musical fraud
  131. Man, that guy really hates clowns...
  132. What's your favorite cocktail?
  133. Do you recycle?
  134. San Fran Man Finds Cat Sitter Dead
  135. Porn DVD screams prompt sword 'rescue'
  136. Are you in an open marriage? Would you consider it?
  137. Is There A Doctor In The House??
  138. Math trick...
  139. Unauthorized Charges on my Credit Card?
  140. Going To Price Is Right and Need TShirt Ideas
  141. Know anyone born on February 29th?
  142. am i making a mistake playing $40 NL?
  143. Photoshop help for a presentation....need a fish or fisherman
  144. Ever returned to a former long distance carrier?
  145. Ever returned to a former lover?
  146. So, Bumphery Bogart and Slammy Davis Jr. move in downstairs...
  147. Why Aren't Restaurants Required To Publicly Post Health Code Violations?
  148. Ever returned to a former employer?
  149. any coin collectors out there?
  150. How do you know when something's over?
  151. Is 10:30 at night too late to ask a neighbor for a favor if their lights are on?
  152. Let's talk about COOKING
  153. What To Do About Crazy Neighbor in Building?!?!
  154. Power steering and repair shop troubles
  155. Credit question
  156. Who do they think I am, Ricky Henderson? (Quasi-illeism)
  157. Go back in time and meet yourself when you was six-years old
  158. Just when you thought the litterbox was safe...
  159. Tell me about Travel Insurance/Trip Insurance.
  160. Why do mustaches make people look like kid touchers or 70s porn stars?
  161. Do you negotiate prices well?
  162. Exercise question--running vs. walking...
  163. Any Japanese Readers out there? Need help ordering a jacket
  164. Consumer research on MP3 players and iPods, etc?
  165. Shortstory: A Piece of Wood - Homework in English, need help!
  166. Need advice: Aerobic excercise w/o using legs?
  167. I wanna sell my iPod
  168. President's Day - who's working?
  169. Booking a block of rooms in Vegas?
  170. Chanel (no. 5) spay surgery has been moved UP!
  171. more merger news, GM and Chrysler may merge
  172. Salary talk: armored truck agencies
  173. best way to learn a language?
  174. Why Are Accents Such A Turn On??
  175. Why don't alcoholic beverages have nutritional information labels?
  176. Go before you're 50! (Playboy Playmates)
  177. When Wild Horses ATTACK!!!
  178. Weddings: A Different Perspective
  179. Japanese Whaling Ship On Fire -- Might Be The End Of Whaling...
  180. How long does bottled beer last in a fridge?
  181. You have $100k, what do you do?
  182. The Bad Beats thread part II...
  183. Replacing Lost Cell Phone?
  184. Happy new year! (chinese)
  185. Maxwell House:The Worst National Commercial So Far?
  186. My house got egg and balogne sandwiched
  187. so,......i injured my penis today......
  188. Do you wear a wrist watch?
  189. Need a photoshop
  190. Question on a stores return policy???
  191. Old man drops ... (watch your language in thread titles!)
  192. S, M, L, XL, XXL is nonsense
  193. 35mm Negatives to CD-R Service Recommendations?
  194. Credit Repair Question
  195. Where (if you care) should Anna Nicole be buried?
  196. Starbucks Question
  197. Tax Filing Questions
  198. questions for people in Baltimore and St. Louis
  199. Britney is the new Sinead O' Connor
  200. Robert Adler dead at 93
  201. MYspace question??
  202. What is your effective tax rate for 2006?
  203. Buying a house! What do I need to put in it?
  204. My dad will be 70
  205. Best Place To Buy A Used Car In NY Area?
  206. kvrdave question
  207. Woman, 84, pleads guilty to sex with boy, 11.
  208. Implied phrases or sayings
  209. Car Purchace?
  210. YACT: frozen windshield wipers
  211. Legal question about rent/resigning lease at an Apt.
  212. YIKES!! I may have eaten Sallmonella peanut butter!!
  213. Credit Report Help/question
  214. carpet cleaning
  215. When Feral Kittens ATTACK!!!
  216. 84-yr old Woman Rapes 11-yr old Boy
  217. So my power's out...
  218. Engagement Ring: Which of the C's are more important than Carat?
  219. Funny laws from around the world
  220. How much time has to pass before dead celebrities can be made fun of?
  221. Caught a feral cat
  222. Traditional RPG humor (non video)
  223. SEP IRAs and what to do :(
  224. Stupid reporter kills mans dream.
  225. YAET: The powerfullest ring.
  226. I Do Not Allow My Children To Burp & Fart For Fun..
  227. U.S. Mint launches first presidential $1 coin
  228. Why are all watches set to 10:10 in pictures?
  229. What can you do when cold medicine doesn't work?
  230. Hold 'em tourney - blinds when a player goes out
  231. To those in the Northeast...be safe and warm!
  232. Anyone know about 5th Wheel RV trailer hitches?
  233. Liiivin' room! Bedrooms. Dinettes. Oh yeah! (It's just like a mini mall)
  234. Big Damn Winter Storm in the East and Midwest...Baby boom?
  235. Extreme weirdness. Indian IT college has a project I worked on in their archives
  236. Trash filled car causes accident
  237. child porn and the lie detector....
  238. Check out google.com: they spelled google wrong
  239. Weird writing question
  240. The Official I'm snowed in and didn't go to work thread
  241. Happy Valentine's Day!
  242. How many families out there can live on ONE SALARY?
  243. My furnace just went out!
  244. I think I got out of a parking ticket (wrong license plate)
  245. What type of flooring in the kitchen?
  246. Blizzards suck!
  247. Real estate (condo) sale questions
  248. Best way to sell a giftcard I don't want?
  249. Job interviewing advice sought
  250. Why do ghosts & monsters moan and or groan?