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  1. Jay-Z in a Plane Crash??
  2. Microsoft eyeing deal to buy Yahoo: reports
  3. The Bible on YouTube
  4. What will be by the next century - the 22nd Century?
  5. What's your all-time favorite photograph....?
  6. Vegan Couple in Georgia convicted of starving their baby to death
  7. Medical question: For my father who just won't go to the doc. Leg cramps
  8. Happy Quatro de Mayo
  9. No Gas...On May 15th (an email from my mom)
  10. What do you have hanging from your rear-view mirror in your car?
  11. Rearing Children: A Psychological Ninja VS Pirate Over View (poll)
  12. What exactly is a "Massage Therapist"?
  13. Food days at the office
  14. When is it time to say good-bye?
  15. Window A/C BTUs: what's appropriate for this layout?
  16. Fake Chinese Disneyland
  17. $65 million pants...
  18. Yaetaacpbg!!!!!!!!!!
  19. Judge sues cleaner for $65M over pants (update: Judge loses job)
  20. Finally!! My job unblocked dvdtalk
  21. Spanish speakers: what does this idiom mean?
  22. Jr. Sr. The Second, Third or Mr. Skip?
  23. YAHPT: Woman Drowns Baby, Dumps Corpse, to Hide Pregnancy from Sterile Hubby.
  24. 84-year-old man to marry 22-year-old woman
  25. Heads Up
  26. What's the worst injury you've ever had?
  27. Anyone here form an LLC?
  28. Rollerblades: still "in"?
  29. Porno on the Disney channel
  30. Wandering Dog Spray-Painted 'Go Home'
  31. Resignation: last day on Memorial Day
  32. City of Los Angeles' population climbs over 4 million
  33. Need some advice
  34. Do you iTune?
  35. Best odds when gambling?
  36. Couple finds dead woman's body during Janesville home tour
  37. Time for new toothpaste, what should I get?
  38. For some men masturbation like smoking
  39. Nextel/etc walkie talkie/PTT phone users = inconsiderate idiots?
  40. Is our cat going crazy?
  41. Finance - Car Loan/New Car Purchase Question
  42. wheres the line between being smart with money and being cheap?
  43. Property/Legal experts: can a new landlord kick us out of our apartment?
  44. Insurance claim. how long before a check?
  45. What happens at an Unemployment Insurance Eligibility Review Interview?
  46. Rediculous name thread
  47. Am I strong? Listen bud. I just donated a pint of blood.
  48. Know any Family Video Managers? Should I try and become one?
  49. I'd like to start a garden
  50. I want to give you $100 (question about fairness)
  51. A request to non-business travelers
  52. Crown King and Queen of Otter
  53. Saying bye with a kiss on the lips
  54. Memphis, TN!
  55. The end is Nigh - Honey bees facing extinction
  56. Is it possible to have a rational discussion?
  57. Buying a car--dealership question
  58. What's the longest you've ever had to hold it?
  59. Baby Update
  60. YAET: Funny Feedback...
  61. All lost or discarded coins transfer into your bank account
  62. Weddingstravaganza: A question trifecta
  63. Do you consider sluttiness more an issue of number (of partners) or of other factors?
  64. Help with clothes logo
  65. Knee injury question for you runners (and medical people
  66. Lemon Trees. Is there some sort of small lemon fruit bearing tree available?
  67. Stupid question about cattle from a city slicker
  68. Getting used to CPAP mask ... do you stop wanting to kill something?
  69. What is the prescription dosage of ibuprofen?
  70. Time travel confirmed. Paris Hilton returns from 2047
  71. Help! I Think I Adopted a Pit Bull.
  72. Anyone know who this guy is?
  73. Anyone involved in marketing?
  74. The "What's Wrong With My Car?" Thread
  75. Funniest bumper sticker I've seen for a long time.
  76. Does anyone else find this commercial homoerotic?
  77. DIY wills: Notary?
  78. Section of Bay Area Freeway Collapses in Tanker Fire (merged)
  79. Bathfitters vs Rebath vs neither?
  80. The Obesity Epidemic...
  81. In romantic relationships...what does it mean to be a "project"?
  82. "Scottie" finally beamed up...sort of ;)
  83. So somebody is dead near my house...
  84. One night stand - Advice needed
  85. Best Pharmacy
  86. YAPCTLTHMFKWACT: Yet another "please click this link to help my friends kid win..."
  87. The people on Match.com don't look a thing like the ads...
  88. DEA raided my neighbor's house
  89. OH NO!!! I smashed the butterfly!
  90. Internet Gambling Regulation and Enforcement Act of 2007
  91. Chesapeake, Virginia ... anyone know about it?
  92. Do Eyeglasses Work Underwater?
  93. Dead Man Travels Unnoticed on Train
  94. Tell me what you know about ACUPUNCTURE...
  95. A Manhunt...in my town...
  96. As you get older, is it depressing knowing you are doing things for the last time?
  97. Lump on cats back
  98. How inappropriate is this?
  99. When going to the dentist for a filling you need...
  100. For Pet owners
  101. Dear kvrdave:
  102. Japanese people conned into thinking lambs were poodles
  103. Need help with a new home offer.
  104. Ugh.. I'm getting glasses
  105. I won't be returning to work afterall
  106. And We Think Alec Baldwin is a Bad Father!
  107. School me on shade trees
  108. 50 Reasons Why Lost In Space is Better Than Star Trek OR Star Wars
  109. Is it safe to FREEZE Batteries?
  110. Pittsburgh is #1 "most livable" city - Places Rated Almanac
  111. How about a DVD Talk Fundraiser?
  112. Questions dealing with odometer & mileage
  113. I have to tell you about Samantha
  114. Drew Barrymore tops People's Most Beautiful
  115. The Big List: Female Teachers with Students
  116. Who here besides me had these Safari Cards in the late 70s/early 80s?
  117. Questions regarding ductless AC split units
  118. Eating after kids touch the food - do you?
  119. Who here has tried Creatine?
  120. waiting for a date...number 2
  121. Roatan?
  122. Fire Official Held in Coffee Mug Attack
  123. Potentially Habitable Planet Found
  124. Florida or Germany: Comic Book Edition
  125. Dogs & Lyme's Disease (Attn Mllefoo)
  126. Is this a valid table declaration?
  127. Job interview questions - how to answer??
  128. YEAT: Yet Another eBay dumbass thread
  129. That's got to hurt....
  130. I wanna know what's the strangest, weirdest, most unusual thing you've ever INHALED?
  131. Kitty Boredom & Depression
  132. Interesting Stuff Corner: WOW!!! How BIG is BIG (& how small is small?)
  133. YACTFMS (Yet another caption thread for my sister)
  134. YAET - Fake Perfume?
  135. What is a good site to find a job?
  136. Hottest thing you've ever eaten? Me? Atomic Wingstop...
  137. I hate Secretaries' Day
  138. What race of people had the slave ships?
  139. Otters!! I need your help with a debate for school!!
  140. 50 Reasons Why Star Wars Is Better Than Star Trek
  141. Sure, I Love FRESH NUTS as much as Richard Simmons, but THIS is RIDICLOUS!!!
  142. I need help with Foreclosures
  143. Birthday presents
  144. You Will Play Pocket 7s
  145. Riot!
  146. Researchers break Internet speed records
  147. Anyone have any experience with Grant writing?
  148. CSU Wide Receiver Collides With 4-Year-Old
  149. YAJSHT: Yet Another Job Search Help Thread
  150. More proof that most people are too stupid to live
  151. If you were a train engineer, and a gang of violent thugs was blocking the track.....
  152. Gap Insurance for a Honda
  153. Hoogie-Boogie Land
  154. platinum question
  155. Quick!! Need help with presentation for Tuesday
  156. How does online bill pay work (behind the scenes)??
  157. Need help finding a video
  158. Is there a way to find out the breed of dog without taking someone's word for it?
  159. Overreaction? Professor fired after pointing marker at students and saying "pow"
  160. Need reccomendations on fixing external foundation crack
  161. I'm a foster mom!
  162. Anyone Here Drink Single Cask Single Malt Scotch (SMWSA Members)
  163. A tenant with a medical marijuana Rx. What to do?
  164. Does Lipton Diet Green Tea make you gain weight?
  165. Convicted Sex Offender Found NOT Guilty of "Dungeon Rapes" in South Carolina
  166. Earth Day!!!
  167. How can I make my pinball machine quieter for my neighbors?
  168. Clowns.....Scary, Creepy Scary, Or Ok?
  169. Someone got a hold of my Debit card...
  170. Best homemade lemoade recipe?
  171. Vegas Hotel Question
  172. How do you express kindness for your friends & the ones you Love?
  173. grammar nerds!! topic number MCMLXVI, how do you pornounce the word aunt?
  174. Spanish language question
  175. Need Advice on an injury and returning to work
  176. Opie & Anthony Traveling Virus 2007
  177. Make your own Superhero...
  178. Do you know Ordinary People Doing Extraordinary Things?
  179. Yale University's response to the VT massacre is to...
  180. Help with Cordless Phone and VOP / wireless network
  181. Sedan.2007 Honda Accord or Toyota Camry
  182. Blue Angels pilot killed at air show in S. Carolina
  183. How Do You Study For Finals?
  184. The Random Picture Post 2: Ice Troll vs Son of the Final Ninja in the Dino-Universe
  185. Anyone around. $4 180 person tourney
  186. Question for photographers about light.
  187. How are you? Good, how are you? And other PLEASANTRIES...
  188. Motorhomes: only in North America?
  189. 25th Anniversary of G.I. JOE VS. COBRA
  190. Pill That Eliminates the Period Gets Mixed Reviews
  191. Car Ins. wont pay full to replace my muffler?
  192. Building at the Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas is evacuated report of gunfire
  193. Caption this!
  194. What is the worst thing you have ever thrown up?
  195. My mom has an aneurysm
  196. Picking A Restaurant: "try something new" or "tried and true"?
  197. 'Beer goggles' effect explained
  198. Is Yahoo! Mail down?
  199. Bay Area Otters-Need a Cat Veterinarian Recommendation (please)
  200. Heinous hate crime committed with...ham steak
  201. Alec Baldwin's angry voicemail to 11-year old daughter
  202. Woman Registers a .47 on Breath Tester
  203. In-Laws/Wife Issue Ultimatum: Work Or Get Out!
  204. Electric Lift Chairs: Advice?
  205. Man sought after making Virginia Tech-type threats
  206. world series of uno
  207. So we broke down and bought some new family members
  208. How's your blood pressure and cholesterol?
  209. Grocery Shopping: Do you have a set day, or do you go on an as-needed basis?
  210. Downtown Chicago restaurant recommendations?
  211. Topical Flea Killer Cat (OK. Dog, Too) Question
  212. Help me pick which job to go with.
  213. Rant: parent of teenager going through nasty breakup
  214. You ironic moment of the day.
  215. Late Night Photochop Challenge...
  216. Las Vegas Moving Advice!!
  217. Your thoughts on a memorial fund?
  218. 30+ dead at Virginia Tech ptII
  219. 4/20/07
  220. Does this sound like a sting operation?
  221. 350lb guy runs Boston Marathon and finishes
  222. Would you want to know if there was an adult photo of you online?
  223. Do you slam doors or gently close them?
  224. Help Me Choose a Design to Paint on My Wall!
  225. Ugly celebrity who wouldn't have gotten the hot gal/guy if they didnt have money?
  226. Co-Workers who dont show up on time.
  227. Where to rent a truck with a hitch...inexpensively
  228. How to catch a seagull...
  229. Need help with Fun Kids questions
  230. Diet Coke Plus
  231. Ticketed for leaving turn lane...
  232. What charity are you playing for?
  233. Friends are getting a divorce, need advice
  234. Help with a Research Study?
  235. Ever suspected someone might potentially be a threat & did you do anything about it?
  236. Black Galaxy Granite Cleaner?
  237. Cooking 101?
  238. Are things still disappearing in the Bermuda Triangle?
  239. Need help in dealing with coworkers that don't get along
  240. 1-800-goog-411
  241. Will Ferrell: THe Landlord
  242. Australia in August?
  243. Angels in hell want ice water!
  244. Is this Mountain Dew Good?
  245. Please help me name my new cat..
  246. Do you have teens who drink energy drinks? Then this is the thread for you!
  247. Tax Day! How bad is it to file an extension 2 years in a row?
  248. Anyone here use Lifelock - (ID theft protection)
  249. YACT: New Dodge Avenger. Anyone own? Looking for feedback
  250. When parking on the street, do you bump into other cars?