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  1. Skittles. Satanism?
  2. When there's been no toilet paper around......
  3. Housewife Convicted of Frying Husband
  4. looking for all in one electronic encyclopedia and dictionary
  5. What are the best flash games?
  6. Do you get drunk by yourself?
  7. Does buying a (RED) t-shirt really fight AIDS?
  8. Yogurt: Drain the top liquid layer or stir it back in?
  9. Grocery Store Etiquette: Who is responsible for placing divider between groceries?
  10. Injunction Against Vonage: Gettin' Serious
  11. For anybody that like fast cars and.....urm, gas?
  12. Anyone own or try the GT EXPRESS 101 (infomercial)?
  13. Check out this newly created clear flexible polymer based rechargeable battery!
  14. In defense of homemaking
  15. Police Chase Saftey
  16. So a woman covered in blood comes to my door holding a fire extinguisher.
  17. Harry Houdini Hospitalized (Update -- DEAD!)
  18. YACPT:Yet another crazy person thread
  19. Benefits of being a powerseller?
  20. Do you boil DEAD CHICKENS?
  21. THE ESCAPE GAME - Escape the Bomb
  22. Grammar Nazis Unite!
  23. RIP: Hollywood Christmas (Santa Claus Lane) Parade - 75 years old
  24. Anyone see 'Company' on Broadway?
  25. For Some Subprime Borrowers, Few Good Choices
  26. OMG Hit Lists!!!1
  27. Werewolf question
  28. Carmen Electra and Joan Jett making out backstage?
  29. Pick a number from 1 to 10. Say it out loud before you click on this thread.
  30. How to break up with your girlfriend
  31. South park avatar
  32. Deer Sex
  33. Is StubHub the best way of getting rid of concert tix?
  34. Chinese Food: You Shouldn't be Hungry a Half Hour Later
  35. Just how many cowbells are we gonna need here?
  36. 14 year old Texas girl gets 7 years in prison for shoving Hall Monitor
  37. Travelling from London To Italy By Train?
  38. Why math is dumb (4 yrs to crack math puzzle)
  39. Should I keep my Police tickets?
  40. Update on another thread?
  41. Furnace is out- replace or repair
  42. Write Your Own Completely Honest Personal Ad
  43. What keeps you up at night?
  44. Is religion necessary for morality?
  45. Another Mortgage Question (LTV)
  46. help me redecorate
  47. Swollen lymph nodes but no sore throat: is that strep?
  48. I'll never understand animal rights activists (knut the cute little baby polar bear)
  49. Interview tips..
  50. Dunkin' Donuts: Free Iced Coffee on 3/21/2007
  51. is this woman interested in me?
  52. Any bars in vegas show ppv events?
  53. Orange Juice $7.69/gallon!
  54. What is a sewer buy down fee?
  55. Which magic show to see in Vegas?
  56. Moving to NYC Next Year, General Advice Needed
  57. Are all ServPros sleazy, or just mine?
  58. YAET: Ebayer sells stroke-impaired aunt's belongings without permission
  59. Make your own comic strip.
  60. What's there to do in Dayton, OH?
  61. YEAT: Excessive shipping costs/incorrect shipping methods
  62. Have you ever given/received those fake lotto scratchers?
  63. A girl I work with used the word "like" 47 times in 60 seconds.
  64. Help! How to find roommate?
  65. Anyone homebrew?
  66. Dog, Cat Food Recalled After Pet Deaths
  67. I just got Promoted and was granted Tenure!
  68. Following directions
  69. Kitty's first eBay thread!
  70. Traveling to Pittsburgh
  71. A mnemonic for stress?
  72. Is it possible to have a life worth living without romance or friends?
  73. The Guttenbergenator
  74. Is there a plumber in the house?
  75. Who should pay for this one
  76. How old were you when you had your first cigarette?
  77. Well-wishes for a friend
  78. Automatic Card Shufflers......
  79. when i flush the toilet, my kitchen sink 15 ft away gurgles! fix?
  80. Most disgusting thing you have seen an attractive female do in public...
  81. Will banks waive the fee for a bounced check?
  82. How do you throw someone under the bus without it getting back to you.
  83. I think I need a fire safe.
  84. My son is getting the shaft at work - how to handle?
  85. Something you can do with your Neteller balance...
  86. What the heck is wrong with Canada's mail system?
  87. Husband of teacher charged with killing student love interest
  88. Are you a homebody?
  89. CAT(holics) The victual ritual
  90. Where’s the love for Alcoholics?
  91. Talk about kinky sex...
  92. Is this legal? (job related)
  93. I guess I'll start drinking...
  94. YAWYTMWTMT. Please
  95. Come out of the closet (escape game)
  96. YAET: For sale: One life
  97. YAPYGT. GIFs revisited.
  98. Nick Danger needs to cut out the DWIs(ok not really Nick)
  99. Cat attacks reporter
  100. Caption these pets
  101. Car Escape (game)
  102. waiting for my blind date
  103. YABPT: Father stabs 11-mo. old baby with knife, tosses from car window.
  104. How much will real estate/interest rate change this summer?
  105. Is that teriyaki authentic? Japan will let you know.
  106. Is Angie Jolie the new Mia Farrow?
  107. The just put an R2D2 mailbox outside my apartment...
  108. Another DIY thread - Ikea Pax Closet Storage
  109. Police handcuff, arrest 7-year-old boy in Baltimore
  110. Let's Talk ACL Injuries
  111. So, I HATE public parking
  112. Young Chess Prodigy (15) Runs Away, Lives With Stripper
  113. A Cat Puked On My Porch
  114. Is This The Latest Scam?
  115. How can someone be so idiotic? MIllionaire
  116. What do you know about me? (A game... ?)
  117. Foreclosures...
  118. Missionary encounters bizarre skin condition in Eastern Europe
  119. Does anyone else use Gmail to save phone #s, addresses, etc?
  120. The Stardust goes out in grand Vegas style
  121. Woman Accused of Throwing Acid on Neighbors Speaks Out
  122. Quick legal help needed please
  123. oldest US State Capital
  124. need dog advice (neighbor's dog)
  125. YARET: Zillow vs list price
  126. Girl unwraps box to find her dog's head
  127. Doctor visit stuf: physical stuff?
  128. Timekiller: De-Animator
  129. Where is sfsdfd?
  130. Trapped a skunk last night but forgot to let him go....
  131. online poker playing..yay or nay?
  132. Slacker - A new satellite radio service?
  133. 13-Year-Old Charged With Over 100 Felonies
  134. No beer on Sunday, but strip naked all ya want!
  135. What your regular unleaded gas prices be now?
  136. The Random Fact Thread.....
  137. Sphere. (Another installment in the escape-a-room game genre)
  138. J.R. Ewing Vs Sonny Corleone
  139. Who Knew?? -- Photocopiers are ID Theft Risk
  140. Say something unpopular
  141. Calling On Otter Power: Looking For A HARD TO FIND T-Shirt design
  142. Russian man grows penis on his arm...
  143. No job inflation? New chemical engineer made 50-55 in 1991, same as today?
  144. Got an idiot DC travel question
  145. Judge or arbitrator?
  146. Another Darwin Award nominee -- Update: REJECTED, didn't meet requirements
  147. Shooting a sitcom pilot...
  148. real estate FSBO questios/ suggestions
  149. Where do you have your knives sharpened?
  150. OMG it's true! Frogs are evil!
  151. YEAT: 9 years, and my dumbest customer yet...
  152. Stallone Caught With Steroids, Hormones, Etc. - Should We Be Shocked?
  153. Do you work late at your job?
  154. Forum busts hit-and-run driver
  155. So, really... have you been naked in public?
  156. Best Way to Shrink a Dress Shirt
  157. YAHPT: People who deserve the most horrible, torture filled death.
  158. Help with tile (kitchen, entry, bath)
  159. The comedy of Sinbad
  160. What to do with Kitchen Cabinets?
  161. Explain mutual fund expense ratios
  162. My cat has a lump on her back
  163. would you take a better job now for less job security?
  164. Pronunciation of the name "Oanh"
  165. English usage question: How would you look this up?
  166. How should I re-secure the drawer pull?
  167. DIY Question: Making Sliding Cabinet Doors
  168. Everyone is a Commentator
  169. Would you vote right now for a congressional recall...
  170. Are you usually drunk the FIRST time you have sex with someone?
  171. Have you ever been naked in public?
  172. what do u do? aka i need a better job in tx
  173. looking for calvin and hobbs snowmen house of horrors
  174. YAET - Password not working, can't change it.
  175. Cow and Chicken, the Untold Story.
  176. HELP Me with Good Examples of WINDOW FROSTING for an Office !
  177. The Daily Puppy
  178. Famster.....the new MySpace?
  179. CRB Ruling: Internet Radio....Dead?
  180. Windy Ridge & Corona Fires (SoCal)
  181. Super Day Here, I Declared Start of Grilling Season
  182. In honor of DST How many clocks do you have at home?
  183. Poker Rates at the Bellagio - Have to play poker for 6hrs?
  184. anyone ever go out to eat, eat, and found you forgot your money?
  185. Richard Jeni dead?
  186. Question about water pressure in a house
  187. Is Kraft chipotle mustard a discontinued product? :(
  188. Considering getting a German Shepherd
  189. What are the biggest Megachurches?
  190. EU switches off our old lightbulbs
  191. On a scale of 1-10, how easy is it being you?
  192. Suicide attempt by circular saw: gotta hand it to 'em
  193. Getting divorced? Need to divide your possessions? Try THIS!
  194. JFK, conspiracy or no?
  195. Ever have somebody knocking at your door in the middle of the night?
  196. Copyright - Songs
  197. Question about the National Do Not Call Registry...
  198. Is Microsoft Money safe?
  199. Hey finance geniuses!
  200. My Shoulder just popped.
  201. How long is the "accepted" wait time?
  202. Know someone who has had sex with Salma Hayek? Put their picture here.
  203. New job opportunity & current bosses
  204. Going to Washington, DC next week. Advice sought
  205. What Has Bitten And/Or Stung You?
  206. Carl's Jr. new interactive website
  207. otters - i need help with physics!
  208. Best website to put pictures on?
  209. Cat sneezing blood
  210. Lassie dies after saving family
  211. Did you learn to drive standard or automatic?
  212. Are you smarter than a 4th grader?
  213. The Edit King?
  214. Forbes 2007: The World's Richest People
  215. So my friend wants to be Jack Sparrow for a day
  216. SoCal residents: Need help regarding spring break plans.
  217. Let's talk Tokyo!
  218. South Carolina: Inmates can get time off for good body(parts)
  219. Let's doodle..!
  220. I want to be a History major...
  221. Nude Middle School Student Pictures Probed
  222. Israel unveils portable hunter-killer robot
  223. Heather Mills Says She Needs $20,000 PER Day to Live
  224. Latest, "Must-Have" Refrigerator Feature: Beer Chucker
  225. Do You Eat the Crust?
  226. DVDTalk Infinity Desk
  227. Yes, another cruise thread...
  228. YADT: Disney World Trip in May any advice needed
  229. Going to Moorea in May
  230. A quandry about my friend's Bachelor Party...
  231. anyone here deal with depression?
  232. Mexico's 'Half-Ton Man' Sheds Nearly 400 Pounds
  233. Calling on the power of the Otters! Help an old classmate?
  234. Is your desk a mess? (pic inside)
  235. Financial Advice needed. Home Equity loan?
  236. I went to a Wat
  237. Where to go to pick fruit in Florida
  238. I'm Guessing This Honeymoon is Over
  239. Rosie is depressed
  240. Eating dog meat gives you protection against juju, says local canine meat merchant.
  241. Do You Fondue?
  242. Apparently Britney Spears is struggling through rehab
  243. Anyone pretty knowledgable on cruises?
  244. Resume Cover Letter Question
  245. Some coins lack 'In God We Trust'
  246. Who here remembers Scoliosis exams in school?
  247. Woman sues doctors after failed abortion
  248. Atkins diet beats out others in study....
  249. Job Interviews in SoCal...Traffic Question :)
  250. I can't find a job