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  1. Cape buffalo are seriously tough... (nature video)
  2. Guy sings amazing grace.
  3. Any YouTube Filmmakers Out There?
  4. Are women like the #1 most patient creatures on the earth or what?
  5. Motorcycle repair turns into nightmare...
  6. When is too much drinking too much?
  7. Carjacking victim's wife rejects pleas by attacker who's scared to be in jail
  8. Summertime, and the living's, uh... sleevesless-ey?
  9. In Praise of... English Muffins
  10. Ah, children ...
  11. Looking for a house (real estate question)
  12. I Got The Job!!!!!!!
  13. I'm 18 do I have potential (Photoshopped)
  14. Photochop Batman's note
  15. How to make your own Nanoputian!
  16. Cop pulls over porn star
  17. Holy Crap
  18. I lost my cell phone
  19. pork tenderloin storage?
  20. Dental veneers: Looking for pros/cons...
  21. looks like a comet killed off the wooly mammoth
  22. do people still fall for these get rick schemes?
  23. Caption This ("Over the river and through the woods" Edition)
  24. Do you get reimbursed?
  25. This is breathtaking - Alexander the Great mosaic
  26. I love waitresses. I mean, I really love them.
  27. You know what defeat is?
  28. Moving to Egypt.
  29. Most Embarrassing Poop Confessions
  30. George Bush buttplug rumpus [NSFW, just text no pics]
  31. Boy dies of cancer after family ends chemotherapy
  32. first they take away the transfats, now NYC is pushing hybrid taxi cabs
  33. Japanese greeting/traditions.
  34. FUH2.com
  35. if you won a PORCHE 911 Carrera S Cabriolet - would you keep it or sell it?
  36. So I gave my 2 weeks yesterday...
  37. I love Christina Aguilera
  38. Anti-cell phone politician uses cell phone, causes crash, and hurts innocent person.
  39. Atlantans... smell the smoke?
  40. what do you do with your IRA?
  41. How Do You Decide Who To Marry?
  42. Identify Theft Fears? Here is one more thing to worry about.
  43. Who has vacationed on the Outer Banks?
  44. Anybody gotten the spam email where they want $50,000 to not kill you?
  45. What's your bowling average?
  46. YEAT - Negative or Neutral?
  47. Who else subscribes to "The Week" magazine?
  48. Selling a home and not buying, where to put the equity for a year?
  49. Hey you losers thinking of starting a thread about a chick
  50. Taco Bell does not hire the best and brightest
  51. Video of TLC's Lisa 'Left Eye' Lopes car crash
  52. Anyone able to identify someone (maybe) famous?
  53. How far (miles) is your daily commute to work?
  54. New car talk: Cadillac
  55. Discovered a new aid for allergy sufferers
  56. No one will ever know which man (2 twins) fathered this baby.
  57. The "I'm An Idiot" Thread
  58. Econ question
  59. Staying at the Tropicana... tips, tricks?
  60. Overseas travel - when to use adapter vs converter?
  61. Well...A German just wants to say hello!
  62. What's the sneeze deal?
  63. Why is there not more outrage over school buses?
  64. Mind Control, Power of Suggestion, Subconscious Word Planting: Derren Brown
  65. It's my birthday today
  66. The Clock Spider
  67. I have a job interview in less about 30 hrs. and have lost my voice!! HELP!!!
  68. How Difficult is it to get a Work Permit in a Foreign Country?
  69. Do you regularly swallow your gum when you're done with it?
  70. Paypal Credit Card & Issue With False Credit Information.
  71. coworker needs help in breaking up with her boyfriend/fiance
  72. 18 year-old woman becomes youngest to climb the "7 summits" (Bonus: she's kinda hot)
  73. Explain your user name
  74. Group B rally video
  75. Websites where Haircuts (male) can be seen; to either print out or show barber?
  76. A Chinese dance called the "Thousand-Hand Guanyin" (Video)
  77. What are good websites for really cool t-shirts?
  78. In terms of median salary alone, what is the best degree out there today?
  79. corduroy pants/jeans?
  80. Dog Plays Wii
  81. teacher at my work.....metro or gay?
  82. Any car experts? Brake question
  83. Who's afraid of bugs?
  84. lawnmower advice should I buy a new one
  85. Hey Vibiana.. do you want two watercolor cat pictures?
  86. Even more fun with zero tolerance
  87. Work Problem
  88. So, am I a frickin' idiot?? (eBay related)
  89. Anyone else a reefer?
  90. What do you believe in?
  91. Disposing of neighbor's gift?
  92. Weight Training / Personal Training software?
  93. teach me about FHA Title I loans
  94. When you get close to people in public do you say Hi or Hello or something like that?
  95. Quick: I need Yard Sale advice
  96. How do you say bye on your calls at work?
  97. Help my wife wants to buy me a dumb statue!
  98. Leaving for Greece today
  99. The Great Gas Prediction Thread, Part 2
  100. The Federal Witness Protection Program - overrated?
  101. It's been 17 years... Revenge if the Cicada!!
  102. Moving away from home after college...
  103. "Let me ask you a question..."
  104. Does experience count against you when looking for a job? - vent
  105. I won a raffle!!!
  106. Indecent marriage proposal
  107. Check out these adorable Kittens
  108. Fast Food: Ads vs. Reality
  109. Do you eat 'on time' or whenever you're hungry?
  110. Otter request: Finding a wooden slab for homemade desktop?
  111. YEAT on Shoe Sizes (Difference between Med./Wide?)
  112. Ebay's new 5 star feedback system
  113. Would you go to PRISON for 30 Days for 30 Grand?
  114. Sunglasses?
  115. Do you "fix" things, or just replace them?
  116. Basic Electical wiring question
  117. $10,000 from $0 (Ferguson)
  118. What was the last thing you stayed home sick with?
  119. when did saran wrap become acceptable attire for federal agents?
  120. It's my 40th birthday today & I'm not excited!
  121. Would you pay $73m for this?????
  122. Union hires non-union workers to protest Wal-Mart for not allowing Unions.
  123. Question for Cat people
  124. What Is Your Favorite Flavor Of Diet Coke (Part II)?
  125. Since when is Under Armour acceptable clothing?
  126. To add to 10 (quirky flash game)
  127. Angelenos: How safe is the neighborhood surrounding LACC?
  128. any fellow MARINES out there?
  129. Any dermatologists out there? (soap/skin related)
  130. Some Venting
  131. R. Kelly: "I'm the Martin Luther King..."
  132. Do you have a work spouse?
  133. Looking for date advice: am I too picky?
  134. I just passed my final NYS Certification Test!
  135. Did anyone see that little kid get booted by breakdancer?
  136. My wife was wolfwhistled AND catcalled! Should I be upset?
  137. Antarctica Is Melting: Who Owns The Land?
  138. YAKMIIT: Is it so wrong?
  139. Project Denny's!
  140. Is this work invite in bad taste?
  141. Online girl advice
  142. Has anybody ever used an online "person finder"?
  143. We're having a baby girl!
  144. Hey, i'm new.
  145. Have you ever had a crush on a parent of a friend?
  146. waiting on a date _ number 3
  147. Is there any way to change your luck?
  148. Miami Motorists STILL Rudest
  149. how can i tell if a company i want to work for is legit?
  150. Do they make personal motor boats...
  151. O&A on XM - Part II (not for 30 days they aren't - SUSPENDED!)
  152. Pro poker players aren't really much better than Deftones
  153. What do you think the experience of physical death is like?
  154. Jerry Falwell "gravely serious" condition (updated: DEAD)
  155. Living the low life: Woman wants to marry man who tried to kill her
  156. 91-year old WWII veteran beaten: a/k/a another reason why some people suck
  157. Anyone have cool business cards to show off?
  158. Going to Tacoma Washington on thurs
  159. Going to San Francisco in Late July.
  160. It finally happened..
  161. It's gas crunch time
  162. I really don't want to graduate college
  163. School me on motorcycles and scooters
  164. Reaction time
  165. Why do they make ugly cars?
  166. I think my co-worker is scared of me...or something
  167. OK you other parents, don't lie to me...
  168. Golden Nugget?
  169. Are you a Handyman or Handygal?
  170. need a reason to call a girl
  171. Question for Maryland Otters, preferably ones that drink
  172. Diner Speak
  173. Guys--help me score a point for the team
  174. Claiming Self as Dependent on Taxes
  175. Out of the shower and my ear never popped...now I can't hear
  176. Buying a new (used) truck. Need some advice.
  177. All Stray Cats Must Die.
  178. And the award for idiots of the week
  179. Question about Atlanta's subway system
  180. Fugitive on FBI Top 10 list nabbed in Montreal
  181. What did you get/do for mom today (Mothers Day)?
  182. Need high school graduation advice
  183. Anyone else have to fly to their job every week?
  184. Gruesome plane crash caught on video
  185. Stupid Mothers day...
  186. People You Find Attractive Who Aren't Considered "Hot" v2.0
  187. Christians and atheists start a calmer dialogue
  188. Anonymous text ruins wedding night--and perhaps marriage
  189. This chick is hot
  190. I was just mowing the grass and.............
  191. What would you have done in my situation?
  192. Passport help pleaseeeee... This is an emergency.
  193. Have you ever been in such pain that you vomited?
  194. cubicle decorating contest...need your help!
  195. drop box opened by Japanese hospital, for unwanted babies
  196. Scotty's ashes lost!
  197. Is the old joke about government jobs true?
  198. Buying sold out concert tickets online.
  199. I am 1.9%
  200. Any Otters here in the printing business? I need some bus cards.
  201. Two Noses Better Than One
  202. Wanting to fix my chair
  203. So one of my cats just died...
  204. don't like your employees, pawn them off to the competition
  205. next time you do that special thing with your SO,......
  206. Porn for women
  207. Athletic Shoes That Keep Your Feet Cool?
  208. What the hell kinda moth is this?
  209. Am I the only one who doesn't recognize office romances?
  210. The what do you like to do on 'Rainy days' thread
  211. Anyone seen this Baby Vs. Cobra video?
  212. OK, now I'm looking for help on a room deal!
  213. Ugh, I did something awful.
  214. Catalina Island Fire CA (City of Avalon Threatened)
  215. What the hell is going on with shirt sizes?
  216. Myself and the Playboy Playmate of the Year
  217. Panty-Clad Man Tries Robbery With Lighter
  218. Attention Whore time. Lookit what I did.
  219. What is a good groomsman gift?
  220. Michigan cop gets high on marijuana brownies and thinks he's dead in 911 call
  221. Dead fawn, dressed like baby, left outside Tacoma theater
  222. Is this a suck out?
  223. Ahhh - Now Birthday $ collection for Receptionist
  224. Homeless dude survives being crushed in garbage truck!
  225. Stir and Enjoy
  226. Any experience with leather dye?
  227. Black leather couches - what cleaner/conditioner to use?
  228. Criter on the loose....in my walls!!!
  229. Booking HOTELS Online ?
  230. Help me identify a Hard Rock Café
  231. Question about contact lense power
  232. I feel like doing something great....but what?
  233. Need Ideas On Places To Go In Boston
  234. AGLOCO(the new All Advantage): Anyone join?
  235. Still no tax refund...
  236. This anime picture is pretty complete...
  237. Where is the money to be made in life insurance?
  238. She makes me want to b*tchslap her with an Oxford Dictionary
  239. Was a SPIDER & a SILVERFISH trying to have SEX in my EAR???
  240. I Bet You (Laak & Esfandiari TV Show)
  241. Add this to the huh? folder.....
  242. "Pillow angel" case sparks continued controversy
  243. Bee like insects coming out of ground - how do you get rid of them?
  244. School me on lawnmowers
  245. Restaurateur to O.J. Simpson: "I'm not serving you."
  246. Tanya Tucker sued over dog bite
  247. Yajt
  248. Griffith Park Fire [Los Angeles]
  249. Expedite that passport!
  250. Hey! What's the most change you've saved up & then cashed in?