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  1. Chrysler orders 93 rare early Vipers to the crusher
  2. Massachusetts bravely upholds the citizen's right to take candid "upskirt" photos
  3. Anyone else love theme restaurants?
  4. Mom Drives Kids into the Ocean (Guess Where?!)
  5. Photoshop request: Lord Farquaad
  6. Tucson, AZ trip (plus Grand Canyon questions)
  7. Can you make money with panty vending machines?
  8. Teenage Daughter Suing her Parents
  9. How 'bout a ride, Mister?
  10. El Casco — The $495 (plus tax) pencil sharpener
  11. So I was away for a month. What did I miss? (+ bonus life update)
  12. Do you feel guilty for taking off work?
  13. Little Kid Buys A Soldier Lunch, Breaks People's Hearts
  14. Teen's Facebook Post Costs Father $80K Legal Settlement
  15. Hair Talk 2014 — How much do you pay?
  16. Home Security System-Do you use the stickers/signs?
  17. Adventures of kids sports league parents
  18. CA Appeals Court Rules Reading Maps On Cellphone Legal
  19. Return of the Jerky Boys. Seriously were these guys ever funny?
  20. What time do you go to bed on an average week night?
  21. Elio: 68/49 mph, American made...only $6,800
  22. Does humanity have an expiration date?
  23. New Mexico nuclear leak
  24. Chicago cop says there were too many black people at a bar
  25. What's a good basic bicycle?
  26. Attractive women should not include a photo with a job applications
  27. Freezer question
  28. Reebok "Underdog" Commercial
  29. Ever call a 1-900 number?
  30. Custom Painting Pictures site?
  31. Just got this email.
  32. Ex-TV anchor Bree Walker, arrested on DUI, refused Breathalyzer
  33. Mind in the Eyes test
  34. Mom, shows how displeased she is with store display by buying up all inventory!
  35. Inheritance Question/Problem
  36. Find the Sniper
  37. How many phone numbers do you know?
  38. Favorite "silly" words
  39. What is the Funniest Thing You've Ever Read on This Forum
  40. Does anyone have good tips for Nevada? Say Las Vegas buffets and other state stuff?
  41. Vegas in a few weeks. Buffet worth eating and things I shouldn't miss?
  42. Slumlord Chronicles - Winter is here!
  43. Nickdawgy's New Landlord. Struggling To Get By Or Too Lazy To Fix Things?
  44. Mass murderer Anders Breivik to hunger strike for better video games.
  45. YEAT international buyer purchases electrical item
  46. "Online trolls really ARE horrible people"
  47. Study shows sex and alcohol make adults happier than kids
  48. So let's talk about the last surviving dinosaur
  49. I need new jeans
  50. Anyone had their Facebook account hacked?
  51. Why do people care so much when a celebrity passes?
  52. Halp! I seek the power of Otter (Valentine's Day)
  53. Sinkhole opens up at National Corvette Museum
  54. Trying to locate an 80's Anti-drug Advert.
  55. Best. Instructor. Ever.
  56. Samuel L. Jackson goes off on TV anchor
  57. Dumb Starbucks - Ingenious Get Rich Quick Scheme or Lame Comedy Bit?
  58. Copenhagen Zoo slaughters baby and feeds it to lions in front of spectators
  59. Lonely
  60. The Great Language Game — Can you ID languages on sound alone?
  61. My slumlord chronicles - paging kvrdave!
  62. Florida man steals tons of cat food to sell to friend with 300 cats
  63. teacher suspended for assigning Lil Wayne lyrics as homework (guess where)
  64. the tax thread ( filed in 2014) edition
  65. CVS to stop selling tobacco products
  66. Allow me to ruin any productivity you had planned for today...
  67. Arizona woman accused of using feces in attempt to kill husband
  68. Man pulls gun on girl scout selling cookies door to door
  69. The age of communication too much
  70. Cars to Talk to Each Other
  71. Fundraising Rant
  72. Happy Groundhog Day 2014
  73. Philip Seymour Hoffman dead of apparent drug overdose
  74. Ignore No More
  75. Cox is raising prices, changing, recommendations?
  76. What is the greatest trick DVDTalk ever played on you?
  77. Yavwt
  78. Bruce Jenner turning into a woman?
  79. Happy Happy Happy Meals at some McDonald's restaurants?
  80. Is the free online TurboTax sufficient for a basic return? Better ideas?
  81. Lunches seized from kids in debt at Salt Lake City elementary
  82. Robbery Attempt Gone Awry (ahhh nuts)
  83. Colorado High School Student Sets Self on Fire in Cafeteria
  84. 14 yr old stabs 11yr old sister 40 times
  85. ??? about tolls in Orlando
  86. A Act of Generosity or Pity?
  87. Have you gotten pickier about anything as you've aged?
  88. Sean Penn + Robin Wright = Dylan Penn
  89. Anybody have a Ninja Professional Blender?
  90. Has anyone heard of VitalyZDtv or LAHWF?
  91. Dead Forum?
  92. Reupp v2
  93. isanyoneup.com owner Hunter Moore arrested on federal charges
  94. Justine Bieber arrested for DUI in drag, racing in Miami!
  95. YEAT: Am I being too picky or do I have a legitimate beef?
  96. Do you like the city/state/province you live in?
  97. 42nd Random Pic Thread to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything
  98. How many times have you called the cops?
  99. When Do You Call the Cops on an Insane Neighbor
  100. Is anyone else getting more and more calls from suspected scammers?
  101. Woman Tracks Down & Calls Up Teacher Who Raped Her When She Was 12
  102. Do you have to go to work on Monday, or does your employer not hate black people?
  103. Do you like cheese?
  104. What gives you the biggest high?
  105. What are some new Must See/Do things in Vegas?
  106. Totally car, about to submit my counter offer, but I have a question
  107. Does anyone have a wikipedia account? I do
  108. Fighting a McDonald’s in Queens for the Right to Sit. And Sit. And Sit.
  109. Pregnant Mother of 20 kids Assaulted in Motel Room
  110. Best Tasting Coffee For Someone Who Doesn't Like The Taste of Coffee?
  111. School me on tires PLEASE
  112. World's dirtiest man hasn't had bath in 60 years
  113. what are people using for on-line banking these days?
  114. who in your life still solely owns an old school CRT television?
  115. J.C. Penney closing 33 stores laying off 2,000 employees
  116. When did the "n" word become popular slang?
  117. Who read "The Game" about pickup artists...
  118. Should i go out with this asian milf?
  119. What's The Best Way To Cut Chicken Thighs?
  120. Father pays outstanding child support, still gets jail time
  121. Shooting at Tampa-area movie theater leaves 1 dead, 1 injured.
  122. Sturgis Motorcycle gathering
  123. Most Expensive Product In A Catalog?
  124. Collage vs. Montage?
  125. Anyone use e-cigarettes?
  126. Mr. Cool Ice Now
  127. Brazen theft from PA medical center heroically stopped
  128. Lunch lady rapes 15 year old on sloppy joe cart
  129. DVDTalker's Where do you Volunteer?
  130. YEAT: Unresponsive user (buying crypto currency)
  131. Aitzaz Hasan - Hero
  132. Foods that instantly say "trash"?
  133. Atomic Wedgie of death
  134. Cheesepocalypse!! A Shortage of Velveeta -- Oh, the Humanity!
  135. More than 100 NYC police and firefighters indicted in 9/11 PTSD scam.
  136. Heating and Air question
  137. New battery-cold weather?
  138. Green Bay, Wisconsin - Does this town have anything going for it besides the Packers?
  139. Florida man attacks girlfriend with banana (guess the state: HINT...it's FLORIDA!)
  140. Chicago rapper kills mother for insurance money
  141. So Someone Dinged My Car... What Should I Do?
  142. Biggest Loser 2014 Health and Fitness thread
  143. Happy New Year! 2014
  144. Bullet bounces off robbery victim’s face and shoots mugger dead
  145. New Year's Eve Plans 2013?
  146. Learning martial arts at an older age?
  147. rate your 2013
  148. Lawsuit demands city eliminate stink (from animal poop) on rocks at La Jolla Cove
  149. Legit way to get banned
  150. How is Your Grammar?
  151. Pay It Forward: Starbucks Style
  152. 40 Best Beer Bars in America
  153. This is why we need to ban Tyler Perry Medea movies (FLORIDA)
  154. School me on used Jeep Wranglers!
  155. Piranha ...not just a movie anymore.
  156. Who's working day after Christmas?
  157. Please explain these things to me
  158. The 25 Best (and Worst) Fast Food Items in 2013
  159. The I'm sick with pneumonia thread
  160. UK Travel Plans for March/April 2014
  161. Xmas Loot?
  162. Red Lobster may be sold or spun off
  163. X-Mas Bonus 2013
  164. Remember the gal that sued McDonald's over the hot coffee? She did deserve the money!
  165. Woman who went for smoke outside found dead on porch
  166. Bringing your girlfriend home over the holidays
  167. Festivus 2013 - Air your grievances
  168. Is this why Walmart & fast food workers don't derserve $15/hour
  169. Plastic-eating fungi found in Amazon may solve landfill problems
  170. Saving a street parking spot that you shoveled out. Yay or Nay?
  171. Need Advice On A New TV And A New Refrigerator
  172. Moving Company Suggestions?
  173. Your collection(s) ...how much have you spent?
  174. Anyone have a "tankless" water heater?
  175. A Santa Portrait company is using our Santa pictures in their Ads
  176. FLORIDA: Walmart employees dispute about Employee of the Month, guns come out
  177. Car Insurance question
  178. Lovelorn mans quest to find women he met last year backfires. Horribly backfires.
  179. If you could revive one dead celebrity, who would it be, and why?
  180. Megyn Kelly of Fox wants you to know Santa is white...
  181. Why isn't enough being done to fight the dreaded disease known as Affluenza?
  182. Six-year-old suspended for sexual harassment
  183. Would you buy a comb that costs $45?
  184. Does 'Made in the USA' matter much to you?
  185. Under Cabinet Lighting - Remote Control?
  186. Texas college student shot & killed by university’s police
  187. Christmas Tree Pics
  188. 8,000,000!
  189. Japanese dinosaur prank may be best thing ever
  190. Man rescued after 3 days in sunken vessel
  191. Stress-buster: Microsoft bra battles emotional overeating
  192. Pawn shop or eBay?
  193. Stuff Your Kids Ruined (or You Ruined as a Kid)
  194. Amazon Prime Air - 30 Minute Delivery Using Drones!
  195. What An Amazing Dam. Wait… What’s That? Are Those…? No Way!
  196. Black Friday Shopping 2013: What did you buy?
  197. So what the hell are you doing today on Thanksgiving?
  198. What are you thankful for this year (2013)?
  199. School me on car starters
  200. Pizza Hut manager refuses to work Thanksgiving - Now doesn't have to work at all
  201. Florida School Forces Student to Cut Hair or Face Expulsion
  202. How dare you shoot my son for no reason when he's robbing people!
  203. Sacramento-bound! Where are some good places to eat?
  204. Manitoba mom rebuked for sending kids to school with lunch that lacked Ritz Crackers
  205. Kim Kardashian is keeping 90% of Philippines charity auction profits
  206. Looking for some camera buying advice!
  207. Here is Practical Explanation about Next Life, Purpose of Human Life -
  208. Jonah Hill's brother marries Clint Eastwood's daughter...
  209. “Pothead Princess” Tweets '2 Drunk 2 Care' Before Killing Two Women in Car Accident
  210. Down payment requirements for investment properties?
  211. Bracelet and rings translate sign language
  212. Street reporter asks guy out on air, NBC gets complaints...
  213. North Texas Drivers Stopped at Roadblock Asked for Saliva, Blood
  214. How do you wipe (yes, that kind of wipe)?
  215. If your significant other had an injury or illness that required handicapped plates
  216. What A Man Did With This Tree Trunk Will Blow Your Mind
  217. Lawsuit Paid In Full: Samsung pays Apple $1 Billion sending 30 trucks full of 5 cent
  218. Anyone an LG smart tv? [Big Brother news]
  219. Best credit cards for getting airline miles?
  220. Sock-puppets everywhere! grundle gets out-grundled
  221. Sylvia Browne died yo
  222. Ashton Kutcher, Walmart Face Off
  223. Renting A House Questions
  224. 79 Year old mass-murdering psycho Charlie Manson marrying a 25 year old babe
  225. Man rips part of GFs intestine out ... through her anus.
  226. New world's tallest waterslide to open in 2014...would you?
  227. Knockout - Deadly 'game'
  228. DD Marine and former waitress claims denied tip for lesbian 'lifestyle'.
  229. ASRock releases motherboards designed to mine Bitcoins, generate internet moolah
  230. Batkid. Makeawish foundation
  231. What would be the most surprising name on your "Freebie List"
  232. The Pizza War: New York vs. Chicago
  233. We Come from the Land of Ice and Snow — The 2013–14 Winter Blizzard/etc Thread
  234. The joy of norovirus!
  235. White Supremacist Told He's 14% Black...
  236. Wedding reception dinner roll
  237. Kraft v Starbucks arbitration
  238. Pittsburgh PA!
  239. How to trick people into thinking you have giant eyeballs
  240. Sacha Baron Cohen Kills Award Presenter at 2013 Britannia Awards
  241. No, This is Not an Okay Tip to Leave
  242. YAET: General Delivery... is it a scam?
  243. Unarmed teen shot by Zimm- oh wait
  244. School me on Coffee
  245. Wal-Mart website glitch gives shoppers super bargains
  246. If your car is leaking enough oil, is there any point in getting an oil change?
  247. Even the legitimate emailers are selling s*x aids now?
  248. Swedish cinemas take aim at gender bias with Bechdel test rating
  249. I HATE technology! Bombed a quiz from computer error
  250. Men's Haircut ...how much do you tip?

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