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  1. Photochop request...
  2. Anyone know anything about Retail Data Collection?
  3. Pre-made Pizza Crust?
  4. Couple income tax questions
  5. Is Facebook a tool for the government to keep tabs on you?
  6. Someone in food marketing is on acid.
  7. Bad nose to blame when man fails to smell wifes decomposing body in house.
  8. So my wife wants a Chinchilla. Anyone have one?
  9. Kitchen sink hookup: DIY or plumber?
  10. Anti-smoking Ads Encourage Teen Use
  11. I'm steaming and ready for some cleaning...
  12. Holy crap. I just bought a house
  13. Girls, sex, and money
  14. Fun little online game site...
  15. "The Root of All Evil". Poweful documentary on the subject of religion
  16. Travel To Europe- AC Power Q.
  17. Quick Perscription Sunglasses question
  18. Need date advice ASAP - No reservations
  19. At least two dead in news helicopter crash in Phoenix
  20. What does this tattoo say? Chinese?
  21. Credit Score Question
  22. How many Stamps do I need to mail something to England (UK)?
  23. Burger Con!
  24. anyone use simon gift cards online?
  25. Is there a way to find local city sites and classifieds?
  26. Study: Want to be good at science? Take lots of math
  27. 1/only stock market thread (was: So no thread on the big stock market tank?)
  28. Man Burns Down Trailer in Online Feud
  29. Tic Tac Bold Fruit = Catbox in mouth.....
  30. Optimizing your benefits of shower urination
  31. Plumbing Problem
  32. Something I've noticed about TV commercials....
  33. Survey: U.S. workers waste about 20 percent of their working day
  34. Sandals Church
  35. Why do we care so much about others' misfortune?
  36. Did anyone take the MBE yesterday?
  37. Need to book a limo for that special day?
  38. Hell Readies A Room: Therapist gets 45 years for molesting disabled children
  39. What did/do you get away with?
  40. Tournament: Would you make this deal?
  41. High Stakes Poker on GSN
  42. MJ's Thriller, Remade by 1500+ Philippino Prisoners (YouTube)
  43. Do you have a foolproof way of telling when someone's lying?
  44. Do you have any odd quirks or rituals when it comes to poker?
  45. Oscar the Cat Predicts Patients' Deaths
  46. Photochop request
  47. So I know someone who drinks & drives...
  48. Sinusitis - Does anyone here have it or know others who have it?
  49. How come no one's mentioned Lindsey Lohan being arrested?!??!
  50. Lindsay Lohan got arrested for DUI and Cocaine Possession again?
  51. Walk it out...
  52. Preserving T-Shirts
  53. Anyone have a swimspa?
  54. Drunk guy kills internets
  55. What happened in this otter story? (friend living w/ stripper.....)
  56. What do you do when all your friends are out of town?
  57. Question for any lawyers on the otter
  58. Tiny dog saves baby...
  59. Naturalization fees go up by $275 July 30th
  60. Strange financial (stocks) question
  61. The Official New Smilies Thread: VOTE!
  62. Firecrotch Arrested! Will go to jail!
  63. http://www.officialpokerrankings.com/
  64. Play 3rd World Farmer
  65. Is there any sort of career advisor online?
  66. Georgia processor expands meat recall .. which is the most disgusting part?
  67. whatever happened to Smores N Grahams cereal?
  68. Yikes, happened to Mindy McCready?
  69. Mitsubishi Exec Claims Firing was Based on Large Organ Size ("Hung Out to Dry")
  70. Going to New Orleans/Lafayette tomorrow, advice?
  71. SCHOLASTIC AT HOME. Scam? Anyone familiar or been charged?
  72. Can't sleep damn it...
  73. Filipino Prison 'Thriller' Remake
  74. Whats wrong with my friend's crotch?
  75. A monkey and a cat being frengs
  76. Why Do So Many People Suck at FWBs?
  77. My upstairs neighbor got into an domestic this morning
  78. Have you ever moved and rented out your house?
  79. Tammy Faye Messner (Bakker), dead at 65
  80. What's With Beckham's Ghetto Arm Tattoo?
  81. High quality interior paint?
  82. Model falls down, news anchors ROTFL!
  83. I found someone with more gamma than Slayer2005!!!
  84. Haha, drunk Jaime Kennedy...you've been X'd
  85. What machines around you may be prototypes for ROBOTS OF DOOM!!!?
  86. Pure White Trash......(pic)
  87. Hiking to the Hollywood Sign
  88. What's the craziest thing you'll admit to having done?
  89. 12.21.12...are we all going to die? Or total BS?
  90. Favorite planet (or moon, asteroid, etc.) name-real or fictional
  91. Best casino in the Chicago area?
  92. Stupid Ways Harry Potter Characters Could Die?
  93. Michigan may be 1st to make wood ethanol
  94. Found a baby rabbit
  95. Police find used anti-aircraft rocket in flight path of Newark Airport
  96. I'm lucky my boss has a sense of humor
  97. Family Searches Feces of Cash-Eating Dog
  98. Electric Bill Woes.... Something Ain't Right Here..
  99. Unbeatable checkers automaton My guess? Only months until Skynet awakens
  100. So I'm Getting Married...
  101. YAATT: Boy's Turtle Tortured
  102. Vehicle plows into sandwich shop
  103. Flight tomorrow: Questions on what's allowed on!
  104. Who Would You Get The Ghey For?
  105. I want to look like this guy.
  106. hey people
  107. South Beach Miami
  108. Question about construction loans...
  109. More Simpsons stuff available for consumption
  110. Teenage Girls Burn Pussy (PIC)
  111. Anyone like bugs? Caterpillar question (pic inside)
  112. Daily Chicken Little - Eating beef ' is less green than driving'
  113. Patio canopy/gazebo: Yes or no?
  114. Huge freaking explosion in NYC
  115. How many shoes do you own?
  116. Is there a reverse directory for the UK online?
  117. Man Convicted of Leaving Child to Be Eaten by Alligators
  118. stuff to do on a long flight
  119. Joe Rogan-Pothead
  120. my ceiling light exploded!
  121. Anyone got a Pontiac Solstice?
  122. Wal-Mart To Test Bible Action Figures In 425 Stores
  123. Teen Claims Spiders Alerted Her to Fire
  124. Boy, 6, Suffocates During Game Of Hide-And-Seek
  125. My kitty is sick. :(
  126. Virginia Tech Families Want 9/11-Type Fund for Compensation
  127. Any Chrysler employees here willing to give me their "EC" discount?
  128. I smell like garlic, but at least I don't have to worry about most vampires!
  129. No luck on snopes. Calling Power of Otter
  130. ouch, that had to hurt!
  131. Car stereo wiring solder or butt connectors?
  132. What to do in Vegas during the day?
  133. Why Do Some People Talk So Darn Loud In Public?
  134. Tap water = 49 cents a year. Bottled = $1400 (plus plastic waste)
  135. Friends who tell tall tales (injecting alcohol)
  136. Icy Hot Stuntaz's Hummer Gets Jacked
  137. 130-Year-Old Outhouses Yield Treasures
  138. Convicted felon loose near my home, what would you do?
  139. The Intarweb Reposted!
  140. VA traffic civil fines petition
  141. Japanese bitch slapping game. No seriously.
  142. Educate me on Dog's... Which one?
  143. Would adding soap to a soaking mac and cheese bowl help it clean off easier?
  144. WSOP Main Event Final Table Feed Here - 7/17 12PM PST
  145. Average Utility Costs - Trying to come up with a budget!
  146. Long Overdue - Jon Lovitz Beats Up Andy Dick
  147. Non-Urgent Medical Question: Orthopedic Edition
  148. Sunrocket is DEAD. 200,000 people need new phones.
  149. what determines cost of living in a particular region/city?
  150. How many dates before you date exclusively?
  151. Can someone explain re-aging?
  152. Borat at the Tour De France
  153. How do I switch into Teaching?
  154. WWYD: "Borrowers"
  155. Cleaning Up The Smilies
  156. How do dads deal with having hot daughters?
  157. Thank GOD -- my best friend is telling Johnny Jailbird to hit the bricks
  158. honeymoon places?
  159. Going to the Carribean in August --- now, where?
  160. What's the biggest prank that's ever been pulled on you?
  161. Caption This: Jeep Trail Rated Edition
  162. Things you are surprised don't exist online yet
  163. Bungee-like amusement ride Death
  164. Please recommend some good restaurants on the Outer Banks
  165. Q: How many forum posters does it take to change a lightbulb?
  166. Toby's New Trick !!
  167. How much internal bodily damage is too much?
  168. Out of town... Asked a local girl out...
  169. Builders that are buying homes of the people looking to move?
  170. Cleaning Eyeglasses -- any tips?
  171. File (music) Sharing stuff
  172. A/C in my car just stopped working...help?
  173. NYC's Unforgettable '77 Summer
  174. Myrtle Beach hotels
  175. On Friday the 13th it all went to hell.
  176. Speedo Stories
  177. New family member
  178. YACT aka recommend me a used car.
  179. Have you ever called in sick to work when you weren't?
  180. Kitchen Remodel
  181. Oh, the fun in Pamplona, failing to win a Darwin Award.
  182. My new neighbor's a Stripper
  183. What's going on? Is this a Canadian invasion?
  184. What things can you disclose in a Job Interview?
  185. Bionic Legs Help Man to Walk Again
  186. WHEW! I was THAT close to recycling.
  187. The OFFICIAL Otterville Presidential Avatar Nomination Thread!!
  188. Smoking may protect against Parkinson's
  189. Thinking is Weird
  190. What things have happened to you that have been very lucky?
  191. Paypal Question
  192. Would-be robber decides to hug it out and drink wine with potential victims
  193. ok...... so my Calf Muscle locked up this morning
  194. Oh Yes You Did...
  195. Mom says she, toddler kicked off plane
  196. Do you find it difficult to make friends as you get older?
  197. Need help regarding new car insurance.
  198. Can you be fired for warning others about a layoff coming?
  199. People are stupid when they don't listen to me.
  200. What's the lowest point you've ever been in life?
  201. random legal question (paternity-related)
  202. Experts conclude: everything was better when you were twelve
  203. Kansas Woman Hits $12.9M Lottery Jackpot
  204. Hot cardboard rolls. Just like mom used to make.
  205. Deck Building Question - Installing Floor Boards...
  206. What the World Eats
  207. Currently having the worst time in my life!!
  208. Get a Catfro for your pet!
  209. If you won the lottery would you REALLY help out family & friends?
  210. So I was a Spectator at the WSOP
  211. Over/Under On Length of Forthcoming Charlie Sheen Marriage?
  212. How do Wishes work?
  213. Annoy an enemy online?
  214. Have You Ever Deleted Threads?
  215. Dog sexually assualts 2 year old kid
  216. It's a bargain!
  217. Make your own pictap
  218. Am I the only one that hates panhandlers?
  219. Lightning Strikes Reported by IPod Users
  220. Jurassic Park about to come true.
  221. Automatic Toilet Tissue Dispenser Ready
  222. Who Wants to Marry a Bin Laden kid?
  223. Whats an "Edip's complex"?
  224. The End of The Pizza Deliveryman Case
  225. Week-long rates at hotels, will this work?
  226. Whoops! -- Fake cop pulls over real cop
  227. More giant squid news.. and other undersea goodness.
  228. Food Talk: Sundried Tomato & Basil Wheat Thins
  229. Are you more likely to post a positive or negative review...for something online?
  230. What's a polite way to tell your boss that he takes too much time off?
  231. Anyone seen 'Xanadu' on Broadway?
  232. Question about hair color
  233. best cheap hotels in vegas?
  234. What's The True Secret Behind Man's Love For Their Dog?
  235. Oakley sunglasses, okay for us old guys?
  236. Human Tetris!
  237. What's the oldest active thread on DVDTalk?
  238. Saw My Cat Take A Dump And She Made Me Feel Dirty And Vile
  239. Pick your favorite eggs at the store
  240. Woman in Brown Lawn Case Wants to Move
  241. Joke Comprehension May Decrease With Age
  242. Texas Investigators Looking for Child from Ecstasy Video
  243. Jury Duty Excuses Could Bring Charges
  244. 105 balloons put lawn chair pilot in air
  245. I'm ugly. Nobody loves me. Give me some money.
  246. Airplane Crashes into Orlando, Florida Suburbs
  247. YACT: Need to connect winch cable to solenoid
  248. New Technology helps ensure men wash hands after using the toilet
  249. It's gonna get HOT in Portland! 102+
  250. Family Vacation spots?