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  1. NYC hit by tornado
  2. Questions to ask before you get married (from CNN/Oprah)
  3. Escrow Shortage Question
  4. Anyone else find this advice odd?
  5. The headlight-flash cop warning...do you do it?
  6. Endeavour is in space!!
  7. Testicle Surgery Mystifies Police
  8. Giant lego man pulled from the sea
  9. Wanted to share a pretty feel good story that resulted from a death in our family
  10. Hitler's Music Collection Turns Up in Dead Russian Soldier's Attic
  11. Did George from QED Laser die?
  12. Transferring Auto Registration in Mass?
  13. Anyone Have Baseboard Draining Systems in Their Basements?
  14. Edmund Fitzgerald life ring found
  15. Help me Other, you're my only hope! aka How to safely remove baby rabbits from yard
  16. Microwave popcorn, is there a difference?
  17. Do you think it is easier to chase someone down or run away from someone?
  18. In the words of the Clash "Should i stay or should i go?"
  19. World Clock
  20. Station offers cheaper gas if you pay with cash
  21. Being unhealthy could cost you fines from your paycheck
  22. I love VPN
  23. the Heimlich Maneuver actually works
  24. Come to a cuddle party
  25. If I were a serial killer....
  26. What is it with FEMALE ROOMATE ONLY room/apt rent ads?
  27. "Battle at Kruger" - lions v. buffalo v. gators
  28. Comedian Doug Stanhope
  29. What to do wtih vacation rental gone bad?
  30. Can anyone sign in to their Bank of America online checking?
  31. Minesweeper: The Movie
  32. Do you chain your grill and/or patio furniture?
  33. Gift ideas wanted for professional who has done pro bono work
  34. New generation doesn't blink at interracial relationships
  35. Speeding Ticket Rant
  36. Stop Means Stop! Man Arrested For Sex With Street Signs
  37. Ancient microbes revived - Fear for your life
  38. Dragon*Con 2007
  39. Need Scripture recommendations for a wedding
  40. Do the Electric Shave!
  41. Cardio- Before or After Weight Lifting
  42. RIP - Weekly World News
  43. My poor beloved kitten Sammy passed away
  44. Buying Jewelry
  45. Bad Thai Cops to Endure 'Hello Kitty' Punishment
  46. RIP - Hal Fishman
  47. RIP Tourette's Guy
  48. Frames for playing cards?
  49. Apartment dwellers...I got a few questions
  50. Culinary Arts school - a few questions for those in the know.
  51. Lovin' it: McBranding hooks preschoolers, study finds
  52. Why can't people spell "moron(s)"?
  53. Bad Thai cops have to wear Hello Kitty...
  54. So Cal gas price lowering?
  55. Does Volvo= old man/family car?
  56. Been to Russia? (Moscow/St Pete?) Tips?
  57. How stupid are people who work at Taco Bell? or any Fast Food?
  58. what happens after traffic school?
  59. What generic items won't you buy? (merged)
  60. Do you believe in Leprachauns?
  61. "Distracted while driving, Not me!", Says local morans.
  62. Question for any electricians
  63. Vasectomy Question...
  64. Prosecutors suggest 'Punishers' rumors might be true
  65. Any HVAC Experts in the House?? I Got me a BIG Problem!
  66. most embarrissing pee confessions
  67. Using Images / Video Of A Celeb In a Commercial
  68. Film and Airport X-Ray
  69. Looking to buy mid-size SUV. Looking for recomendations to start.
  70. Excise tax questions (and a picture of a squirrel!)
  71. Carnies get teen girls drunk and get some - the HORROR!
  72. Anybody Play Traditional/European Style Boardgames?
  73. Why Do Some People Butcher The Word 'Ask' ?
  74. Woman Arrested In Stolen Fudge Case
  75. Need Help: I Have A Dead Beaver
  76. Space Bag (Vacuum Sealed Storage) - Options / Recommendations?
  77. Man Killed in Dog Attack at Marsellus Wallace's Home
  78. flying to HK from NYC - Continental vs CathayPacific
  79. Visiting Seattle. Need advice from locals.
  80. Anyone here familiar with computer forensics/job advice?
  81. Tell me how mad to be about these money-losing situations
  82. Parents: how do you endure work when all you want to do is see your kids?
  83. What would be the One Way you would Eat Ice Cream for the Rest of your Life?
  84. Have you ever been hoisted by your own petard...
  85. career change: how do i become a PE teacher?
  86. Kevin Smith likes anal
  87. Cat Discovered With Eyes Spray-Painted Shut
  88. A good, "genuine" messenger bag?
  89. One night in Memphis with the family...need suggestions
  90. Help-Cell Phone Won't Stop Ringing
  91. Duggar Family Have Their 17th(!!) Child [now on 20]
  92. Come see my new Baby... (puppy pics)
  93. My landlord died and we've not been contacted by anyone. What can I do?
  94. Celebrity Justice : A Huge Win for Lane Garrison
  95. Is it really that weird to have multiple Gods?
  96. best place to get euros?
  97. Chris Farley is back!
  98. Cowboys, cars, and LA in 1909
  99. Relocation advice requested...
  100. Crank Dat Soulja Boy
  101. A warning to KVRDAVE: dog shoots owner in the back
  102. Old Spinster Yentas Telling Me To Turn Off My Phone At The Pool
  103. How much should it cost to reglaze a bathtub?
  104. Anyone else have too many email accounts syndrome?
  105. Ridiculous Choreography
  106. Do you turn your cell phone off?
  107. "Geoff" Mitch Yost Needs To Get Back in The Game
  108. STUDY:Why people have sex
  109. Interstate Bridge collapse in Minneapolis
  110. Sperm and laptops
  111. I signed a contract and offered cash, they refused
  112. I've heard of a yard sale before, but huh?
  113. Facing prison, armless driver says he is at the end of the road
  114. Music piracy crackdown nets college kids who must pay $3,000 as fine
  115. Device wakes man with severe brain injuries
  116. Road Resurfacing - Worst Idea Ever
  117. Don't Press That Print Button, It May Kill You
  118. Question about the Karate Kid
  119. Parking for store shoppers only. Enforceable?
  120. hot dog - what's with the name?
  121. Have You Become Less Tolerant As You Get Older?
  122. Sign up for invitations!
  123. Need Engagement Ring Help!
  124. Ceiling Fan Question - Not Spinning as Fast as Others?
  125. Things to do in Wilmington, NC?
  126. Diet Pepsi Max
  127. Worst celebrity interviewer ever...
  128. Batteries for di-lithium crystal powered spaceships - paging kvrdave!
  129. My shoe is a decepticon
  130. How to Piss off Robert De Niro in 30 secs...
  131. 1-year old mauled by 5 dogs
  132. Job Application ? (Is it okay to omit jobs - will they find out?)
  133. Elope v Wedding: What are the reception rules?
  134. Advice please: Resale value of used mattress...
  135. How long will Interim Pope Benedict live?
  136. Car maintainance advice please.
  137. 3D Email?
  138. Ever used an inversion table?
  139. Most Detailed Pictures of Earth Ever Seen
  140. Car Problem, help me figure this out please
  141. The most obvious story ever: Star Jones: I had gastric-bypass surgery
  142. Costa del Mar Sunglasses?
  143. Please explain "once removed" to me
  144. Did an alien puke on my lawn?
  145. Electric wiring question
  146. How to build arm mass and muscle?
  147. Here's a crap deal.....now who is to blame?
  148. Travelling to Switzerland to buy Jaeger Le Coulture Watch - Recommendations?
  149. Rant: My bank "misplaced" $900
  150. the last BEATLE standing
  151. Tom Snyder dead at 71
  152. Need advice on getting an agent for some screenplays i have written.
  153. Does Everyone's School District Have This Many Vacation Breaks?
  154. More Paris Hilton news- loses inheritance
  155. Man survives lightning strike 27 years to the day after being hit first time.
  156. Did people ever REALLY wear wood barrels when they didnt have clothes?
  157. Do you belong?
  158. Don't mess with our chocolate!
  159. I need help finding a picture...
  160. Does anyone use in-canal earphones while working out?
  161. "After 3pm the dozen is half price" sign at bagel shop. what is the meaning?
  162. Phoenix police stop exorcism.
  163. Fatal Ending to Arizona Exorcism Respon
  164. Restaurant crotch shots and other nast experiences...
  165. Lump sum over my dead body...
  166. Home AC repair question (bad compressor)
  167. Are we (america) okay with the rap/hip-hop culture of today?
  168. Photochop request...
  169. Anyone know anything about Retail Data Collection?
  170. Pre-made Pizza Crust?
  171. Couple income tax questions
  172. Is Facebook a tool for the government to keep tabs on you?
  173. Someone in food marketing is on acid.
  174. Bad nose to blame when man fails to smell wifes decomposing body in house.
  175. So my wife wants a Chinchilla. Anyone have one?
  176. Kitchen sink hookup: DIY or plumber?
  177. Anti-smoking Ads Encourage Teen Use
  178. I'm steaming and ready for some cleaning...
  179. Holy crap. I just bought a house
  180. Girls, sex, and money
  181. Fun little online game site...
  182. "The Root of All Evil". Poweful documentary on the subject of religion
  183. Travel To Europe- AC Power Q.
  184. Quick Perscription Sunglasses question
  185. Need date advice ASAP - No reservations
  186. At least two dead in news helicopter crash in Phoenix
  187. What does this tattoo say? Chinese?
  188. Credit Score Question
  189. How many Stamps do I need to mail something to England (UK)?
  190. Burger Con!
  191. anyone use simon gift cards online?
  192. Is there a way to find local city sites and classifieds?
  193. Study: Want to be good at science? Take lots of math
  194. 1/only stock market thread (was: So no thread on the big stock market tank?)
  195. Man Burns Down Trailer in Online Feud
  196. Tic Tac Bold Fruit = Catbox in mouth.....
  197. Optimizing your benefits of shower urination
  198. Plumbing Problem
  199. Something I've noticed about TV commercials....
  200. Survey: U.S. workers waste about 20 percent of their working day
  201. Sandals Church
  202. Why do we care so much about others' misfortune?
  203. Did anyone take the MBE yesterday?
  204. Need to book a limo for that special day?
  205. Hell Readies A Room: Therapist gets 45 years for molesting disabled children
  206. What did/do you get away with?
  207. Tournament: Would you make this deal?
  208. High Stakes Poker on GSN
  209. MJ's Thriller, Remade by 1500+ Philippino Prisoners (YouTube)
  210. Do you have a foolproof way of telling when someone's lying?
  211. Do you have any odd quirks or rituals when it comes to poker?
  212. Oscar the Cat Predicts Patients' Deaths
  213. Photochop request
  214. So I know someone who drinks & drives...
  215. Sinusitis - Does anyone here have it or know others who have it?
  216. How come no one's mentioned Lindsey Lohan being arrested?!??!
  217. Lindsay Lohan got arrested for DUI and Cocaine Possession again?
  218. Walk it out...
  219. Preserving T-Shirts
  220. Anyone have a swimspa?
  221. Drunk guy kills internets
  222. What happened in this otter story? (friend living w/ stripper.....)
  223. What do you do when all your friends are out of town?
  224. Question for any lawyers on the otter
  225. Tiny dog saves baby...
  226. Naturalization fees go up by $275 July 30th
  227. Strange financial (stocks) question
  228. The Official New Smilies Thread: VOTE!
  229. Firecrotch Arrested! Will go to jail!
  230. http://www.officialpokerrankings.com/
  231. Play 3rd World Farmer
  232. Is there any sort of career advisor online?
  233. Georgia processor expands meat recall .. which is the most disgusting part?
  234. whatever happened to Smores N Grahams cereal?
  235. Yikes, happened to Mindy McCready?
  236. Mitsubishi Exec Claims Firing was Based on Large Organ Size ("Hung Out to Dry")
  237. Going to New Orleans/Lafayette tomorrow, advice?
  238. SCHOLASTIC AT HOME. Scam? Anyone familiar or been charged?
  239. Can't sleep damn it...
  240. Filipino Prison 'Thriller' Remake
  241. Whats wrong with my friend's crotch?
  242. A monkey and a cat being frengs
  243. Why Do So Many People Suck at FWBs?
  244. My upstairs neighbor got into an domestic this morning
  245. Have you ever moved and rented out your house?
  246. Tammy Faye Messner (Bakker), dead at 65
  247. What's With Beckham's Ghetto Arm Tattoo?
  248. High quality interior paint?
  249. Model falls down, news anchors ROTFL!
  250. I found someone with more gamma than Slayer2005!!!